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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, May 25, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Author Jacob Cooper shares his wisdom from a near-death experience and discusses his book Life After Breath.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Life After Breath

Author Jacob Cooper shares his wisdom from a near-death experience and discusses his book Life After Breath.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
hello and welcome to Everyday piece my name is actor Avon James and a and you are listen to Everyday piece I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace defined as wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality I want you just to take that in because that's you that's your life that's your moment right now no matter what appears to be going on in the external World You Are Holy you are complete there is nothing missing nothing broken you represent totality so just go ahead and inhale that hold it for a minute or two and exhale completely
because I want you to know that yes every day is possible for you to have everyday peace and yes you deserve every day peas and yes you can have every day peace we work together on this show to partner with you to bring you the guest and the topics to help you create your life of Peace so I'm super excited to do that last week we had an amazing show I really enjoy that show because we took a break from our usual format and we spend a whole half of the show talking about fear and if you miss that show I want you to go back and listen to that but it was such a heavy topic with my clients I thought well something's going on we need to talk about it soon as our entire half of the talking about fear and I really appreciate the listeners who called in I appreciate the feedback that I got those of you who reached out to me on my website thank you for that
I also enjoy that type of dialogues will look at doing some more of that type of I'm dialogue in the future but the caller's helped us to take a deep dive into fear that you know that fear we discussed is a powerful emotion that can either help us navigate through danger or fear has also the power to paralyze us and keep us from pursuing our dreams love you missed last week's show I strongly encourage you to go back to listen to even if you did hear go back and share with some of your friends and family and co-workers it will make a big difference in how we live our lives and how we perceive beer so you can access our entire library of shows by subscribing to the doctor dravon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play in Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website another place to ask
our continent is at our new and improved website Dr.Dre Bond the website includes transcripts from past shows words of wisdom and encouragement excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright my contact information thanks to you all who reached out to me via that contact information and you can get my creating Clarity and creating a path to your dream life so if you haven't been on the website please I have encouraged you go to Doctor drayvon James that's d r d r a v for victor e o n go there today in book Market because the site changes frequently
I'm excited about our guest today we have none other than Jacob Cooper is going to discuss the wisdom that he gained from a near-death experience and I got to tell you that I enjoy these type of talks up when you talk to people who had that Glimpse and they're able to share with us we're going to have a great conversation today and there will be lots of things grab a pen and a piece of paper a notebook of Journal would ever jot down the information that you're getting because we are good so we're doing here we are creating a road map to our next level of greatness that's what we do on the show so I want you to have notes and of course you know you can always go back and listen to The Archives so I am excited about this a show but before we get to the show we have to have our everyday peace moment and I want to tell you I was talking with the client this past weekend about the importance of confidence right we all hear about confidence and what a big deal
confidence makes we all know that confidence is an important part of success confidence helps determine how others see us and interact with us I'm going to go to the step further confidence determines how we see ourselves and how we interact with other people right so confident helps provide us with the courage to start new initiatives in our lives and the resilience to overcome obstacles so confidence is a critical component to achieving our next level of greatness knowing this how do we gain more confidence 12 the answer is relatively simple I know you probably already guessed this confidence is a combination of accomplishments and self-awareness the greatest accomplishments the greater than the confidence right so we're using those accomplishments and we can extrapolate that out and we become confident from our account
Schmidt's right we have some positive proof of something in our life so but accomplishments are not enough
to create confidence we need self-awareness and the appropriate attitude or the critical Catalyst to convert accomplishments into confidence so you need that self-awareness you need an appropriate attitude and that's how you can transform accomplishments into confidence our lives are full of accomplishments everyone listening today right now has had a lot of accomplishments already stay I don't care if you haven't even gotten out the bed you've had accomplished much today and yet many people tend to overlook their accomplishments right we just don't pay any attention to take it for granted and we focus more on our setbacks instead of our, accomplishments we need to change the narrative that's how powerful we are as people we get to change that narrative we get to decide what we're going to focus on so this is what I want to challenge everyone
are listening to do for the next week I'm going to propose one change to your daily routine which is going to change and improve your confidence like beliefs and bounce every morning I want you to do something new this the something new they were going to talk about I want you to do it the same thing as soon as you wake up you going to pick something that you got to do and you got to do the same thing every morning when you wake up so you can either decide to improve your physical emotional or spiritual help with your going to pick one of those categories you going to do it the same thing every every morning not just the weekdays but on the weekends too so 7 days a week I want you to do the same thing every morning and recognized and reflect on the fact that you started your day off with an accomplishment so you get to pick what you want to do
he can be a one of many things you can start your day off with 10-minute meditation or maybe you could do a quick exercise you can do prayer just something it doesn't have to be something that I would do something that resonates with you one of my favorite things however is if you guys know I talked about it and it shows so much my active gratitude cars I keep little index cards in my nightstand doing my eyes pop open in the morning I grabbed an index card in a writing utensil and I write down three things that I'm grateful for you don't have to write them three things I actually write down six three things that I was grateful for the happened yesterday and three things that I'm setting an intention for today that's a great way to do an act of gratitude but you can start small you can write down one thing that you're grateful for and you can make that your change Behavior you do that every day as soon as your eyes pop open I think that's a great one is really easy
to do so no matter what you choose however as long as you do it every morning right when you wake up and you're going to do this for a solid week so I would love it if you guys would continue to interact with me via my new website or call in on the show and say hey drink on guess what I did I did my new thing for 7 days a week great so you going to do it for 7 days and recognized afterwards that you accomplish something but as you go along in your day you can reflect no matter what's going on in your day you can reflect reflect that you started the day off with a win you said no intention of something you were going to do hopefully you set the intention today doing this show jot it down what it is that you're going to do for the next 7 Days first thing in the morning when you wake up and perhaps you will find it as the day goes on I bet you will notice other accomplishments that you have tend to overlook everyday, you're not giving yourself credit for accomplishments that could lead to improved
confident we're not talkin about Eagle we're talkin about self-confidence when you're more self-confidence it improves your performance and improves other people's confidence in you and so it's very very important and so that's how we're going to we're going to deal with confidence I hope that's really helpful for everyone confidence is important and you are important so that is our everyday peace moment and now we're going to go to our first guest Jacob Cooper is a clinical social worker speaker and author his book life after the Explorers
with the wisdom gained after a near-death experience Jacob is so wonderful to have you here with us today
thank you thank you yes and honored to be hearing something about my new book life after breast and it's just so exciting I love what you do and I know that you're about yeah I bet birth you guys excuse me as I was coming in my mouth a great title even more fascinating as I told you before the show about these
you just experienced is that people come back and they bring these incredible messages to us and so I'm I'm delighted to have you with us today and I wanted to start off at the very beginning you know you had this experience what was the experience and how did it lead to this book life after breath
yeah you know that the title leads itself to my near-death experience in a sense that the majority of people when they're about to die usually they're breathing becomes more actively participated and that certainly happened to myself at the age of three and September of 1993 I had highly contagious upper respiratory virus called whooping cough can be determined that is pertussis whooping cough in infants children further than work is it some adults could be fatal but quite serious in terms of its damage so I suffocate it to the whooping cough and I wasn't able to breathe and once I was able to once I've lost my but then I lost everything that's when I get into wearing this stuff but to be determined but I was but I you and everyone else has bestowed in this wasn't breast be on the body
it's the respiratory in the lungs and firm understanding that this was a breakfast we were born into and could never be taken from the we are the spirits of the but you know I think we really started to write the book was it just the parallels with the macro x what was happening this past year and my near-death experience it was just striking you know just highly contagious upper respiratory situation and the people in some ways are not in a feeling out of sorts out of breath and so how do we find something when we feel like we've lost the rug that we were close or near the oxygen has been paid for my life how do we sign Foundation but all that we know looks familiar with is taken from us
yeah and you know it and I know people who suffer from asthma can definitely relate I'm happy not to be one of those people but I did have a choking experience one time and it was
incredible to just go through that whole experience and think about how often we talk can we do I open the show up talking about confidence but how often we take so many things for granted in the simple fact of being able to breathe in and out right and it can really have a sobering experience affect someone's life and really make you take all my goodness I'm taking so many what else am I taking for granted right when we're taking those the fundamental thing of life but you said something that I thought was very interesting you said this is the breakfast the spirit of Eternity
the spirit of but yeah yeah you know I come from the Jewish faith the Jewish tradition and the word that we stay for Spirits is a rule which means really the wind of God I've been up since 4 and so we are all Spirits are all just the windows a Divine or God or the collective whatever you decide to frame it that it's all on the same just different Paths of the mountain but that's something that we are born with and we will never be taken from us regardless of what happens to the body and 55 time I had a firm recollection and direct experience of living proof of that
you talk talk a little bit if you can about the recollection the front of recollection that you had doing that very traumatic experience
yeah well if it's wonderful that you use the word trouble because trauma
you have certainly expect a therapist I could very well be much like anything else you double edged sword for myself in this particular situation positive that the traumatic Suffocation experience allowed me to be able to retain it be on invention of wisdom of memory it's very hard for most people to have intensified trauma that is how I held on to it but you know there's a lot of experience but it was a lot of also on results, Suffocation I was going to park the family friends it's September of 1993 right before the Jewish High holidays of Yom Kippur if they have it told me that they were you're getting yourself ready to make the creator of Health well-being and say you're trying to clean yourself in the son of the future as a meteor crater you do and you want to enter the new year with in Kalispell
and a new Fresh Start in a little did I know I was about to beat the creator of it's just really different than you know it's contrary to the I guess the face that was brought into in many steps micro connection wasn't until you know I was in a park and I went up to a slide with in the park and so I was climbing up each rung of the ladder up on the slide and as I was climbing up the ladder like breathing became even more difficult and I went to the top of the ladder on the slide and
my breathing is totally stopped but literally the other was nothing I was totally suffocated and that was hands-down the scariest moment of my life happen if you hear something or you just go to work Suffocation up the word has has has experience and you know that is not in your body or not it's somewhere else or just this. Of what felt like Eternal suffering in a little bit I know a couple moments later I'm Suffocation you know my body obviously if you can shut down a car's not working if you're driving a car and you're trying to rev up the engine it's not working is it going to get outside of your calls me to call AAA or look no open up the hood and look at the engine but that's what I was doing because my body was no longer working with me is for me
it's not working a lot of people ways that I would it be privileged to have I gone to a top medical school be reminded child of three years old with no understanding of any anatomy of physiology let me stop nature moments later as able to have profound understanding of my brain of a different components structural neurological component to that then I was able to see them my friend do the deprivation of oxygen was beginning to shut down and it's in a couple moments I felt an ounce of crack up in my brain I think the Suffocation and deprivation of oxygen what's my brain cracked in half that's when spirit and God came into this because of thing says that I was Journey upwards to know and we're infinite wasn't this time it was feeling it was awareness it was fences are great as far beyond
what's the physical state has no capacity limit so how high is the apex apex of you is travels it was what I was experiencing is able to fit in that moment the house before it's understanding and clear understanding of what I could best describe as an encounter with is the climax of the world or of Life as we know it instantly that can be best described as as. I do believe God is another thing but it's in those moments I was vibrating the tire supposed to go I'm just in this endless of ray of light and energy and I just almost as if you're going up to the top of
it's endless half and the best way to describe that is the Eternal Light Of God that I was aware of it so profound and so bright in the right side of my head looks just as beautiful Golden Palace in the world and just this year for Eric Klein Optical with no end during a couple moments later I have the other awareness is that I chronicled life at the bus but really it's most profound awareness is worth a clear understanding of my spiritual guides to look to the right and left side of me and male and female relationship was a wonderful vacation moments later I was greeted by an Endless Sea of angels surrounding my body which was flatlined in the responsive to people's called
it's just a filter you know people think of Heaven as a million miles away and it can't be like that but it's also overlay in the physical reality in Bel Air right above this reality Heaven is really right here and then the hearts of all of us never left them sometimes I forget a lot of other different elements hopefully we can get into those within time but it was just not look at the weather for reunions you know that let itself into awareness of previous lifetimes so purposes reacquainting myself with the spirit family or myself family is so sad you know as well as really just to clear transparency of you know what this lifetime is and how this is a bright that guided life and in charge of Life each one of us not listen to random
so hopefully some of the other final details if I saw things secret and one thing I want to go back to that you said just a moment ago was that you had this you for understanding that infinite MIT more than time
that is to say my heart is his right here on me because
intuitively somewhere inside of me
I know that too but the way that you said it I think it was so beautiful it's feeling is everything is infinite not just time in and to be able to feel that in that moment actually have something because I think that that is that's powerful that's if we actually all felt that it would change really change the way we approach everything in life so when we're talking about the infinite I think that's the best descriptor for that I would say words are limited but internet is infamous on the other side in terms of everything that you encounter has no and no beginning a little and so for ourselves
that is such a diametrically different experience is the majority of Our Lives which is the most of us governed by The Glenn you're not pleased to know it sounds kind of like social media the next thing the next next what's trending and when you're on the other side it's just you at the Stillness is still going
where there is no past present know it's all just one moment then I think it's the greatest feeling that I had it was so used to try to strive to get to that place to give us a penis nothing cabinet for the transactional understand where we had this checklist and future scheduled events is almost you know when we okay or bracing ourselves for a fearful situation of when we could feel Joy but when you're there on the other side it's just that there's nothing to do with look forward to it just in this present but we're all that ever is and if it was if it fits perfect all is well and I think a part of us almost kind of brace and a Gentleman here within our lives to survive and you'll get through the next point and we're running around but when you're there you're not look that for what you do if you're in Brewster
you are witches Park it's kind of like connected to Spirit and it's a God and that part of you which is sacred and holy sometimes we forget that sometimes you think that we have to do something you recognize you really are that you are sacred holy Eternal Grace you just have to remember that unless it looks so you know where the Kerber's going to meet with you as you're talking is that one that's happened to you young in life and and you and I believe and it sounds like you may believe this is well is that when we come into this embodiment of these sort of forget because where we come from who we really are and we attached everything to this flesh suit that we have on call the body and we Define our existence through this body but what I'm hearing you say is that you were able to sort of transcendence that with this near-death experience where
you're able to East you said you use the Strays and I thought was beautiful it is like your cracked open practice half then when you cracked in half and half a brain cracked up yeah after breakfast and it was Jacob Cooper.
create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James
we're here with Jacob Cooper and he is the fascinating author of life after breath
and we are discussing his near-death experience and what he brought back from that near-death experience in one of the questions that I have for you is how are you able to stop in so many years ago and you were so young and I and I have my thoughts about that being a benefit when you're so young but how are you able to remember so much of this today
yeah you know that's a question that I'm posed and I understand you know that Jen and maybe some of the controversy which country is good if it causes people to think a little bit different come to conclusions based off of levels of awareness and Consciousness. Yes that should answer is how could I forget how could we forget how could we forget that we are Beyond this body Beyond this life time we are so much more than what we see ourselves as I put in the ground up it was really trauma like I said before that double edged sword as well as an experience they went far beyond my own production of my body and my brain as I saw and is this was an experience far beyond this Earth in this lifetime and and so I think because of that it really wasn't produced regenerates in this lifetime
it was infinite and so infinite has no end and has no limitation and we're having intimate experiences there's a timelessness to it then it goes beyond logic linear developments in a linear line but I never forgot it enough for my heart at times it would know go in and out of my mind and I try to put that on the beach ball and put it in the water but eventually this experience but always fine they don't always be there on the back of front of my mind and some way they never truly loved and never showed up yet and I think that's beautiful during the break which may have all been aired on and they are I think it's all beneficial I was mentioned to you that I believe in and have always believed this that when we come into this inviting it when we were born here in a weird we are in coated Wheaten yo what up with the journey is supposed to be we know all
but then life's experience this you know and living in this body with the body require so much the flesh require so much we get a switch in our attention at our focus and we take our Focus off of the journey that were meant to have me put it more so on the body that we are babysitting while we're here so I think that you know as I'm listen to your story what occurs to me one exactly what you said time is not linear so that only that linear Journey only exist in the physical mind but also the fact that you were so young when this is happening to you you were closer to that you know new experience of just now being in this body and and you know I'm mindful of the word of God it says that you know we have to be have the mind of a child be like a child and it references that so much in the Bible nothing because they're closer to where they came from you know we're further removed from their adults and we have a Tennessee try to to try to come out of the body come out of experience into the
Your Existence so to me it's it's perfectly reasonable that you would remember all of this and more so I think and correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that the memory would be more inside of you then in your mind is that a part of you almost that you can feel that that's what's funny that you mentioned that because this experience happen within a playground and there's so much allegory in symbology beyond that but it happened in the ladder no on a slide and my name is Jacob much like Jacob's Ladder and the biblical reference when I saw the Angels going up and down the ladder you know night that's just it's just so scary and just it just doesn't see it's it's it's it's too hard to believe and then if this is also within a playground and how we are all God's children are playing here on Earth in this playground it over here temporarily and where should I get along with your do remember each other that we are brothers and sisters keepers
so really you don't so much as experience I don't think happened for me but rather to remind people of this some of these truths extracted from this experience and is it just you just said something that is key right that I'm going to go back to your beginning point which is really it's going to stay with me for life I hope is that you know you said the wind of God spirit and other word is the wind of God that phrase the wind of God and that we each represent the wind of God right and so the wind coming from the north the south east and the West we are all coming together from One Source but we're coming at my from different perspectives and that's what makes it so beautiful but we're all really part of one hole
this is so amazing right that way you know it's one of the journeys I see anyway is that for us to find ourselves or find God even in every person that we meet no matter what no matter what our differences appear to be
we all represent this winter that this think that's this just amazing I did want to go to talk about and we were missing you and I the I guess I want to say symbolism from your experience as it relates to different parts of the Bible and what other things you had mentioned was Jacob's Ladder
we maybe we could discuss a little bit about the the similarities of the correlation there
yeah you know it is depending on which which Faith you are certainly you know the Islamic faith in Jewish could have been different takes on you know the story of Jacob were physically but at least it's in the Old Testament in a Christian do Jo and teachings with filled with in Genesis and then Jacob do you have plead or ran away from his brother East off at the time and he had a profound dream after resting on a bed of rocks and dream of angels going up and down the ladder and ascending up and down the ladder and this was in a place in Israel today that's called Beitel is a house of God and so that's what I did I really think it's in the next book that I'm working on that a lot to give away the full title but it has some of that elements within it you know it's in each and every life.
that we live we're here to ascend different rungs of the ladder over here to also be connected to the infinite steps the incident rungs in the ladder you know to be true no likin to bring that down but that sells to the earth into a body in top of feet firmly planted with our Consciousness very much connected to the Eternal truths and channel wisdom and also that's that's something none wisdom is external fax or changing moment-to-moment Eternal wisdom and Grace and remembering every one of us but it's about implementing an integrating it wasn't it you're not just knowing and understanding if you will sit in it and I think I know the answer to this but from your comments that you believe in in there being a Reincarnation of some sort you know whether you're coming back in this embodiment but you believe that
this is cyclical the Bayou
yeah you know I try not to use the word believe because sometimes you do with their beliefs that
he knows almost kind of religious statement I think when spiritual that you know understanding it's more than going direct experiential differentiation point with with a knowing often time I said you know so this is how I believe they are I know the same thing that you know I said when I talk about annoying I'm asking you the difference between believing and knowing to me is the USA do you believe your name is Jacob or do you know or leave something and I know somewhere alright alright 100% something it it's just that's just it isn't it.
any other confirmation is just annoying so we talked about the Jacob's Ladder in there were other references you mentioned and the Twelve Tribes yeah you know basic necessities from just a remembrance of something far greater than any attention Beyond and beyond all the smoke those unified electing point that the spread right that's fine with us sometimes that's lost its in this lifetime and yes you know it was in the Bible it was a reference to Moses you're trying you're having a commitment to get the 12 Spies to look at the land of Israel in to investigate this incident report back on the land and obviously
I wanted a positive you know you wanted to keep it positive but they love the spies love the land that sells overabundance Tumblr intimidate that they could go chill with and Conquer nature or just or just live there and so I almost think that in a way near death experiences are like that and spend a little bit with the Holy wack sensory go to this place and go to the side until we got kids reported the difference is that this place is not monopolized by myself in your experiences it is something that I tried to do to remind up look up in Japan that you you don't you don't bother to awaken to sleep you let them rest and eventually they they come up and be awakened so my job is just to discuss this this kind of matter since the people that resonated something vibrate high enough in the number it will start to not be defined by my story the afterlife but she really lives out of their own memory of the afterlife inches Governor lives on the end
without memory verses the outside in and just kind of forget it you know that part of themselves so basically you're here just to remind people of something they already know and I think that's beautiful and we're all vibrating at these frequencies so he do you know it now or you will know it in one of these and biting its but for those people who are on that Venus then there's no higher key to this is just what it is I'm so either you know it now or you will know it and I love that use your job is just to be just to remind people and it's gone and for those who have it is to wear glasses have an ear to hear will hear and listen and understand so I think that is beautiful there that you were at the end that you have the courage to do so cuz I only can imagine you know there are so many
people who are not in there's no judgement of Shame and condemnation in the statement but there's so many people who are not at that level who would be you know skeptical this and that so does take a lot of courage to step out and I applaud you for that stepping out and saying here's what I know he is what I experienced in this is what I what I want to share in hopes of helping someone else I think that's beautiful we do have a caller on the line I'm going to go ahead and bring them on
hello love being heard this is Greg Cooper today
hi another great shows actor James so I came and sort of Midway through but I heard you all just a discussion I thought was very great and so sent you I think it one point I think you were talking about oh my gosh it's good for my question I had for the Cooper is at do you think that since you experience you had a near-death experience do you think and I don't know if this correlates but do you think that there is such a thing as parallel universes so that you may experience something and then you feel and then later on you felt like I've experienced that already and so I don't know how much that correlates buy it just being that you went through that I was asking wonder if someone who's gone through that believes in that whole concept if they're being parallel universes where we have with what is another
the bus and we made sort of a pass each other
yeah you know I can't get away one of our Consciousness isn't just within this body you know it might be a trickle that the were also very much did Shirley connected to other Realms and stuff like that but I would seriously experience felt like as if I've already seen it and had it that is because we've all lived like canceled all crossover love forever connected to it it's home and it's a place where always connected to evening the physical and so yes we're in this body has been his lifetime but in the doorways ever on heart there's always a there's always a creek and it was an opening that sort of us Love Never Ends Love Never Dies really truly love and connected to loved ones with the side and there's just a symbiotic love between the two of us that can never be broken and so you know I don't necessarily the returns as trim as wasn't it limited but all I could say is we are so much more than just that
it'll in this life kind of think it's so much more connected you next to somebody different elements and I'll be on I always think we are let me know
I have one more question for you do you think that you know we scientists have been trying to develop physical time travel but do you think that mentally we start a time travel like when we if we focus on things in the past and then we try to actually put ourselves in those exact spaces that we were in when we were younger or we try to project what would happen when we're older do you think that mentally we do some sort of like type of time travel
we're out of the letter your minds and then you have the disembodied State and sleep or where you know in a deep and kind of hypnotic State you know where be on time and so we were able to observe and to become more aware it seems like we might be pretty too but living in the full analytical any nearby so I think it away in a linear mind is just a surface be on. It's been a recollection of Thunder experiences there's so much more to be gained from and so I almost look at the linear mind is just the internet station that were true them to let some of that stuff is the internet itself and so Skype instead of China and so we have the ability to release a lot of different channels when we differed Wi-Fi a memory almost kind of become solar I can't say we're experiencing or or not we can become the Observer of a lot of things on my TV.
a lot of my other work as it gets no service oh wonderful wonderful your guess is great. I really like this kind of discussion so thank you for having the Cooper on this awesome oh thank you thank you for being so profound everything you're saying is really resonating with me and obviously our guests as well we are just tuned into one small channel of the internet do you have anything any small token of wisdom that we can put our audience could take away to tune into two different Channel or more project to advance intergate more of this experience
okay the ultimate Channel The Ultimate Ally with their lifetimes is inspiration in love those are the two forms of oxygen that could surpass any form of struggle at times that we're going and I'm inviting you know but everything was lost for me all of my breathing of my Folly functioning in the uttermost moments of your Suffocation and suffering experience behind the shadows of that Remembrance in a recollection and inexperience of Eternal Joy eternal love Eternal wisdom that Timeless experience that can never be taken from me and so in short no matter what you're going through what's around
and the loved ones that are supporting it's infinitely greater than any Challenge and Son otherwise you would not be having that challenge if you weren't meant to grow and expand from I think a lot of it has to do with the highways of the mind that you decide to take if there's a suffering of victim mindset or there's a growth inexpensive monthly which decides to really allow the experience to cover you before you to govern the expenses to learn and grow from The Experience transform experience and every day parades with those that you wrote that never leave us
you know I'm I'm reminded when you talk about that Einstein said that every morning when we awake we have to make a decision whether or not one we live in a hostile world that is out to get us so that means every every challenge that comes up is meant to destroy us to we live in a friendly world that supports us on our journey and I'm pleasing my words and paraphrasing but next to our next level of greatness and when you really take the latter approach this all everything that's happening today the matter how you want to turn it on I don't like to use getting bad but no matter what it feels like it is really for our good it is challenging us to our next level of greatness if we let it do that if we get in there and let you know what yeah I meant to learn something from this even if I don't know what it is I know that I am Connected To Source this is infinite love so what is it and we have about two minutes left what is it in a lot of things happen and you'll have to come back if you are I would love to have you back home because we haven't even seen
it's the surface of your understanding from this near-death experience but what is it that you believe could be one overall message that you were meant to come back and share with us from your near-death experience
what is harvested that we don't die I'm living proof of that not only so many other expenses coming back to you from that you know the place where there was nothing that's it also from losing everything I was able to gain everything and I think some people they fear that they start losing their viewpoints of life and they hold on to that dearly and they Plateau they don't necessarily grow and I think I learned from that was my near-death experience is not a closed-ended experience but an eternal open-ended experience to look at the nature of reality life itself and I knew that is every day is an opportunity we fall supposed to expand in Awareness so that I don't have to wait till I get to come is like them but I could live it right here right now in this moment and I think in light and it's just being thin white and looks like a projector in the movie we are this eternal light and we have to at times allow yourself to take away the Shadows that we are the world such in front of us and kept up their lights Lucifer checked
Hunter the world each and every day as strongly as we can and that light is who we are remembered that fight and to forget to let go of the darkness you have been the light for us today this is everyday peace I'm dr. Dre Von James I absolutely love each and everyone of you tune in next week for more everyday piece
you've been listening to Everyday teeth with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today is it makes the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again foa Dr Graber on enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the back to Cleveland James. Cam purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being at every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thanks for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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