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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, 01/03/2022

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Walking the Line, Alan Davey, Mood and Love, Adora Winquist

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Walking the Line with Alan Davey; and Energy, Mood, and Love with Adora Winquist

Learn from Alan Davey how to forge personal connections with the Bible and understand how the Word of God applies to your everyday life. And Adora Winquist, the modern alchemist, shares how small changes in your workspace can create massive momentum in your life and in your business.

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celebrating our soul a news conference by people of African descent will be August 11th the 14th 2022 at Unity Village Missouri this event will celebrate the contributions people of African descent have made the new thought movement join us as we hear from rev dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Bishop Yvette flunder and rev Dr celebrities in early-bird registration is open now through March 15th midday p a d a n t g. Org for more information. Org the voice of the world<br>Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams<br> welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James<br> hello and welcome to our show on Doctor Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace and I'm super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of peace every day today include it right now piece Define is wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality wow imagine that whatever is going on in your life In This Moment peace is available to you hold complete nothing missing nothing broken totality on this program we talked about the philosophy of everyday peace as a system for us to achieve our next level of greatness<br> we also bring the guest and the topics that highlight opportunities for us to learn for us to grow and yes for us to be entertaining to laugh because that's important so last week we had two amazing guest on our show and we had just a recap for you we had we had one amazing guess we normally have to we have one amazing yes for the entire hour we had Jasmine heart rate Atkins and she was phenomenal a young woman in her last year at the University and she's the head of marketing for Slappy buying them and she talked to his last last week about incorporating life lessons into our purpose while maintaining peace and unity wow and as my mom with my mom would say from the mouths of babes she was incredible if you miss that show that you missed an opportunity to reach inside yourself and touch parts of ourselves that we sometimes gloss over because we're so busy or we're so cute<br> I want to be that vulnerable but we were really blessed by Ron to talk with her and I hope that you will go back to listen to that show or any of our past shows you can do that by subscribing to the Doctor Dre Bond James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google Play and Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website as you know our theme of 2022 is it's time to improve my life I feel like shouting from the rooftops ain't say it with me now it's time to improve my life and that is any portion of your life or your whole entire life you know of course that in the everyday a peaceful Ossipee we use a pyramid approach to life we say that our life is all of our goals dreams and desires or either in a health wealth or relationship category that's a broad<br> so you can choose to improve one or all of those categories if you wish but the time is now for Change and that leads me into our everyday moments in this moment and actually I had something different to talk about today but I had a conversation with someone just moments before getting on this call was led me to think it's the universe saying this is what we need to talk about what we're talkin about approaching hardships in life in our everyday peace moment today and what do you do with those horrid things that really hurt the heart you know whether it be can be Trauma from current relationships or from trauma that maybe you feel that you caused mistakes that you've caused that affected your heart and cause you to feel a sense of sadness or regret or you know unwanted heart emotions what do we do with that well and everyday peaceful OST<br> I truly believe that I teaching at coach and I live my life by the principle of that everything that shows up in my life The Wanted in The Unwanted is there for a purpose and that purpose is to bow down and serve me as I consciously<br> kien kien on the word consciously as I consciously on purpose leverage everything as a stepping stone to my next level of greatness so if something is occurring in your life right now that is causing you you know heart ache will see it that way I challenge you to not do what we normally do not to go in and feel sorry for ourselves not to blame other ones but to go in there and really do some Pro some of the pro working is that is to find something to be grateful for<br> I know it sounds awfully hard and I wish I could say that it wasn't but sometimes it is very difficult to do this work but it is a very important work you will be immensely pleased and blessed by the outcome so what do we do with those things that hurt her heart those areas in our life that cause us to feel like oh my goodness this is where I do not want to be I don't want this pain I don't want to feel this way I don't all those don't don't we don't want to miss the opportunity to dig deep and find something to be grateful for even in the hard times that is our everyday peace moment I'm Doctor Trevon James and this is everyday peace we have a fabulous guess me up to that was just for you lined up for the day I first guess is Alan baby Alan welcome to the show he is author he's a senior pastor we are super excited to have you here today welcome to Everyday piece<br> oh thank you very much talk to you it's great to be here I'm super excited about being busy and everybody is it from the hospital at where I've been working in I hit head of Pharmacy operations and I running here and I feel so blessed to be able to decompress wonderful guests like yourself today were talking about walking the line a new book<br> but you've written amongst many tell us about you and about the book<br> walking the line embracing the imperatives of Jesus is the is the title and you know it's his invitation to think of Christ as a great teacher obviously he's more than that but he's recognized as a great teacher and that's a great teacher he has statements imperative that he gives and commands and the the idea is to really read the scriptures and read Jesus teaching to listen for those kinds of positive powerful statement and then. And then you know directed to yourself okay so Jesus says, come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest and then come to me come to me and I will give you rest to you don't stop and put your own name in there and to receive that word so I think in the book we look at a variety of imperative or command<br> and they are meant to speak to each of us personally in and I think as we do that a kind of sacramental powers the scriptures kind of floods over us and heal a happened so that's kind of where that title is going<br> yeah I love how you say put your own name in there making it personal I think a lot of times that is the missing key ingredient for most of us is to make it personal that this is truly a love letter to to us right this is really this is really for you it is meant to be personal this is for you to take and open up talking about you are the heart places in places in our heart that ate and this is one of you know<br> an opportunity to find peace by artist Kim a wonderful artist unfortunately her life ended early tragically but her art pieces are beautiful and they represent you do the reader that every piece has different their shoes different types of shoes different types of persons and they are meant to 14 chapter to just speak to all of us as individuals you know how much is God say to me is individual and the different shoe kind of represent that you know so I think the art and the book<br> helps to reinforce the invitation that Jesus gives to us that's the idea that you think that so often we missed this key component of this being a personal invitation almost this is really for you well I think you know we we we want to develop a personal Dynamic obviously with God and with his peace for us when he says it'll come to me and I will give you rest<br> then you know we were invited to go damn right and so you know what what does that mean prayer for certain yet for sure is is an invitation so we think of Jesus statement in the sermon of the mount for he tells is just simply to go into your room shut the door and pray and for me going to your room is the discipline of solitude be by yourself shut the door is the discipline of silent and then pray is to sit it to sit in God's presence and just be mindful and to receive those are good things from him so if you don't know there's a certain practice involves writing so I can prayer is part of the practice and often times in our in our distraction and hurry and running around you know where we end up not having that kind of interior time spiritual time that that will help<br> Wonder alive you know<br> what is our practice is a question I guess we can ask herself to just enough away to you know get our thinking going<br> but what is our practice that I just I don't want to leave that for a second because I have to find it<br> they quite funny but not funny and in a haha way but peculiar that in everything there is just what you need and I know that it's Monday for the live airing of the show and of course it'll repeat over and over again and wherever someone is hearing it I know it will be relevant for them at that moment in that time but of course at this time a lot of people are feeling you on Monday they feel overwhelmed they feel the sense of dread even for whatever reason but they feel that since I'm not enough notice right I know that's a bad word but it would understand that you feel like you're inadequate you not up for the for the for the task at hand for whatever reason you're you're behind for number reason and come I will give you rest roast people can relate to that book you said you mentioned a very good thing that what is your practice<br> silence and Solitude those are in a well-known spiritual disciplines if we will actually engage not even a few minutes per day silent Solitude and listen for Jesus wife listening for the spirits who is God's voice we know that Jesus was outright would frequently go off by himself into the into the hills and pray and his disciples would look for I'm saying where are you where are you and he spending time with the Father which is Lord so it's if he needs to do we need to do you know that I heard you know your your mom at your beautiful moment on the prayer moments are for the day the piece moments in the emphasis and gratitude and I think that's another discipline that's really really use that you mentioned to be grateful and one of the things that I I find is if I look for surprise<br> where am I surprised than that can be easily the place I started in terms of looking for my gratitude and surprised by something that's kind of the initial spark to got to pause and think about it and appreciate it and I can lead to the moment of gratitude to spend less to spend time with children especially when were small and they're starting to see things that we've taken for granted that just ordinary and they look at them with all right and it helps you to say oh my God my grass growing in the middle of the sidewalk which I was referring to as a weed that sense of wonderment to ignore most privileged you know you feel like oh my God how Prim as I am to have these things that show of my everyday life that I they're so common that I don't even notice him I don't stop and I'm not I don't have that sense of wonder anymore because guess what<br> I'm getting this blessing so often. It just seems like ordinary so it's a great it's a great way to approach the the world with the sense of curiosity to be aware right because we have to observe it we have to observe something and see it and then receive it you know to experience grab the food so if I'm crazy rushing around driving into the highways and Toronto here where I am and it on your dick you're going crazy with traffic and getting angry at all difficult with yourself than that keeps you distracted in you and I keep going to miss a lot of things you don't let her<br> are there for us this somebody said there are no perfect days but there are perfect moments in every day and I think that's often the case so true my whole they may not be brilliant writer might not put in that category but there may well have being often are some moments I hate that was that was really a great moment to know and to recognize that do appreciate it than that can help got to fund our our souls and our spirits<br> is where your focus is right where they grow chain goes the life grows right so it's where your focus is and tell us again the name of the book and we are a reader of our listeners can purchase the book<br> yeah walking the line embracing the imperative Jesus and Michael website call Dave dadey and then you know my books my wife also has an Oscar or books there are there their contact information all at going to stop or you can just go to Amazon and get it I'm walking the line and leave you missing so many wonderful things I want to go back to something that I know as you were saying that I didn't want to interrupt you but I was like jumping up and down a little bit. You mentioned something about you know going to and I'm paraphrasing of course going to this quiet place even if it's just for like a minute or two today and waiting for the for the voice of a listing for the voice of Jesus and this is what I hear people are so challenged about and the question is how do you know how do you encourage people to name their ears tuned that their body their self<br> so they have they know that they are hearing the voice of God the voice of Jesus how do they do that so often I hear people say I don't know if this is my own my own thinking of my own how how can they tune in right right well you know I think God is speaking to us wants to reveal himself herself to us I mean the whole creation is the gift from God right that flows from our creator so I think the the bottom line is is that God does want to reveal himself herself and so if we make ourselves I tell my students but you should have 10 do universities and colleges well and I tell them if you show up God shows up if you show up God will show up so if you start creating a space for God<br> God will indeed speak to us it hit the spirit will rest herself upon us in our hearts and our minds that that isn't that will happen and rather than thinking that there's nothing there and you know what the what's the point if we show up. Showed up so if we create that space where there's some Solitude I think take some silence and then if we pray but if we pray simply it terms of may be simply I belong to God something like a simple manttra breeders, your heart, your mind and then the Impressions ultimately will will come to us but it takes us a little bit to get to that point right is at the beginning we're still hearing all the monkeys in our ears traveling away right so it takes it does take a bit of a discipline to<br> to grow into this reality it's a no we're not very skilled as a society in our interior silence you know we pulling up we don't get horses on head right not everybody is listening to two programs like yours which would really help<br> it's so funny because it is you're saying that to I thought about back when I was a kid in grade school we have a moment of silence right after we did the pledge allegiance and you know last year I say I don't want to date myself but I was in school when prayer was in school we had that and then we had a moment of silence when we would just kind of put your head on your desk and you know and so however you feel people feel about that I definitely think that was one of the things that encouraged me to be okay and people in that are in deadly that's cool to be okay with silence going to be okay with Stillness right and it's almost a lost art form as we move into a more technological plugged in at all times available at all times Society you know it's<br> Lost Art I had a guest on the show a couple weeks ago and she gave me a term that I hope I will never forget the art of being able to sit sit and stare and she refers that to that you know that time when you're just having your coffee or your tea and you just sitting sipping and staring and there is beautiful it's just an opportunity just to sit in the silence and you know let let<br> that moment be with you community make yourself available to God still and know that I am God if we're rushing all around it's we're going to have a hard time with that right but if we just sit be still<br> and then we will know we will know we will will fit why because God is always revealing himself herself to I said that that's the the dynamic of the universe is God does reveal so I think I think if we show up he will show up but we have to practice and develop our own practice whatever that might be that will help us you know any Carl barks Gracie a large listen to Mozart everyday and he was started David listening to Mozart because suits of The Quiet Beauty Estetica beauty of Mozart just right so it to the disciplines can be a variety of things<br> Yeah Yeah Yeahs you saying that I'm thinking about you know if you if you have an opportunity and I'll do for a living busy lies with you if you got if you have the opportunity have a job when you get a lunch break and if you do is take a walk in nature you know if it's no mamab cement nature and in the in the middle of a busy City but they're still a sky above you and you don't qualify as nature and beautiful for sure which I think is so important what are your practice's what do you do if a girl right and I think for the book I think one of the practices that I'm suggesting isn't easy to read and to receive these words of Jesus Christ so the four gospels for example Matthew Mark Luke John just to take one into read it and be particularly aware of Jesus<br> words to us right I think if we will allow the scriptures to speak on this interesting every great faith has some sort of scriptures here in a man that everyone so with Jesus the gospels particularly speak his word and if we can read and receive them and allow them to pour into our hearts there's this, I believe the sacramental nature to just hearing the words just let them pour over you and they will start doing the work on a subliminal level you know so that's one of these the practice is that I certainly encourage my students to do to make sure you read the word<br> I love the fact that you offer not only the advice to read the word again we're talking to Alan David his new book walking the line it offers a fresh perspective on the Bible and Christ teachings and I love the fact that you stopped you give where to start start with the gospel song Take me to Matthew Mark Luke I'm start with the gospels start their pick one and we literally every day we'd even have to get the whole chapter and I'm curious about your perspective on this but this is something I've told people again and again when they say you know what I read I don't understand I said that's okay you're under your intellectual understanding is not necessary for it to be powerful in your life perfect perfect that's perfect that's what I would mean by the sacramental dimension of a reading the scriptures is that they speak in them so<br> Sedona main so they they actually do speak through Sacramento meetings they they make us holy right they make as pure they they helped refine us in a very positive way Jesus only wants the best for us only so whenever he's speaking his because he wants to be you to be your best true self you know me I like the Opera song True Colors that's what Jesus wants your true colors to shine and so when we when we read the word whether we understand it all it'll actually that that's that's the second and that's a second line of understanding and thinking about it but they will speak speak some motion Alee speaks to our Spirits there's Disney interior residents I think that will happen<br> agree with your dad<br> I got in this is going to be a heavy question we going to get like a minute left but I got to ask you if you know right now we're coming towards you know where is still in it in the pandemic and there is it a lot of loneliness in our society and in the dark xiety and how can this love compassion and reading the word daily how can this help to bring people out of this the anxiety in the loneliness and well you know that one of the commands imperatives of Jesus gives his you know what do not be anxious do not be anxious for tomorrow sufficient is the day I think a lot of her anxiety happens because we're rolling around in the future somewhere where only run in the past or rolling around in the future and we're not in the moment today where we can be grateful and receive some email powerful moments so I think when Jesus offers<br> take me to just stay in the day stay in the day and you will be able to cope a whole lot better then throwing yourself into all the what is the can happen you know three weeks I hear a theme song again thank you so much to be our special guest and how do you deal with depression and anxiety stay in the day I love it Allen Davis thank you for being our special guest today on everyday piece<br> discover the power within Unity online radio. Org do boys have an Awakening world<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James<br> welcome back on Doctor Dre Bond James and this is everyday peace we have a wonderful guest back and back she's been with us before and when I put the post up I did get a few emails from people saying that they were so happy that she's coming back for thank you so much for that is a door when Quest she is the author and expert in the field of plant and vibrational medicine adore Windcrest is a Visionary in the Nacional price of that wrong Arena of quantum Alchemy and evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery so I am super excited to have you in the show and I know I said this last time you guys know that I've been a pharmacist for over 30 years I love the word alchemy every time I say it I feel like I smile<br> I love that doctor Draymond I could see it over. I think about alchemy I acquit you this big smile on my face welcome to the show I'm super excited to have you with us oh I'm so delighted to be back with you we had such a wonderful synergistic conversation and I especially love your background in Pharmacy and your love for the plants is so beautiful<br> katsu ya you know<br> I think often times that I wanted to Pharmacy you know I didn't know that much about that much of anything but what I would have gone into was naturopathic medicine or something that nature I didn't know those terms but I am fascinated much like you about plans and natural healings and I know your specialty became oils and things that nature but you are so well-versed in this whole line of therapy and holistic approach to life it is just such a delight to have you and your expertise in your energy surrounding me and this Fabolous a guest in our audience so we're talking today about your office space right and just being there and I think that will be so interesting that specially to me being a home office or office office just how you can best me says a lot of energy around it doesn't it<br> it sure does it sure does and I think it's specially right now dr. Dre Von when we are pulled in so many different directions it's not like we were in an office office 20 years ago right now we've got our phone that is actually a mini computer that is always beckoning us right we have all of the social media platform everything vying for our attention so my greater purpose around the idea of setting up your office base in a way to set yourself up for success is about curating your environment and if we can carry our environment we can co-create not only our best to reality our best selves are most successful outcomes and create the opportunity and potential for efficiency for a positive<br> energy which is so important whether we're in an office somewhere out of the hole or definitely in-home let's face it working from home can be incredibly tricky right and anywhere were working we want to stay focused we want to stay energized we want to stay clear and we want to invite in those aspects of Peak Performance right end and so in this current day when were pulled in all of these different direction I think we it's imperative for us to curate our environment write an n and then creating the conditions and what I like to say is the best opportunities for success but really to crush our goals ready to crush them with light and positive energy and I don't know about you but I am very goal-oriented and I constantly have numerous checklist of activities action.<br> for both myself and my team and even my children right because there are all different team when we think about life and success do I think that and I love the home office right I've worked out of the home office but for over 20 years I've had a whole office and so how can we look at creating a really positive environment again when we pulled in so many different directions and I think one of the answers to this is alchemy that we can actually integrate aspects of the natural world and bring them into our office setting and we can even do this if we have an office outside of our home when we're adding a plant are to ride to create not only a beautiful aesthetic but it's creating positive energy and oxygen we can have our essential oils at our fingertips<br> and truly work with the power of inhalation especially essential oils like black pepper that can help us to elicit those beta brain waves that I lent you alertness and Clarity so having bringing some of these natural element element of the Alchemy so to speak can really help to create practical and accept accessible interventions to enhance our productivity<br> oh I love that and I did not know that's at least a beta with Abby is why I was with me to better focus and probably increased productivity right wonderful essential oil to have at the desk whether it's in a single note inhalation that you use or in a product in one of the reasons why they dated this study may be 20 maybe 30 years ago in Japan where they piped lemon essential oil through the ventilation system of an office building and found that the staff had a higher rate of productivity and less of a rate of Errors right so Brett lens or essential oils that can enhance our productivity that can<br> ground Us in moments where we feel stressed or overwhelmed essential oils like Patchouli sound would even spikenard which of course I had to mention because I caught out the last few minutes of your wonderful conversation with your previous guests and spikenard is a Biblical essential oil that is very calming grounding and balancing so I will often have that not only at my work desk but also using it for my intentional practices for meditation and prayer which of course all amounted to balance the all the aspects of our Humanity<br> that's what it is called spikenard or it might be you might have heard it referred to as nard it's a Biblical essential oil that Mary Magdalene used to anoint the feet of Jesus before the Last Supper<br> wow. It has a very unique profile but it's a wonderful aromatic for people that are looking to release heartache from the past it's wonderful for grief work for lost but it's also a very grounding in balancing Essential Oil leave decaying in the fall that kind of warm birthday was put to put it down gently so important right the song apartment I'll be able to move you always give such amazing on tips and I ain't got to say that your knowledge is just Bar None when it comes to these simple remedies that are so profound and I am one of those individuals who<br> loves working from home but I made because the contrast is I work in a very busy Hospital in my office in the hospital if it's 2 minutes about somebody knocking on the door or ring ring on the telephone or you know doing a video chat it's it's nonstop and then I find it home I can control that little bit least you can't knock on the door I know that a lot of people much like myself walking to their office and they feel overwhelmed right because there is this muscle memory at play if you if you will that's reminding you of how do you know how overwhelmed the paces is so overwhelming you have to know your heart rate accelerates and you feel like what can one do in their office space 2<br> hope I know we talked about the black pepper and I think that would be great but just that field acting sometimes that feeling of being overwhelmed is Jack going to just you know and its grounds in the back that are that yeah it's like this if this is real this is really happening but somewhere in there with got to be able to find some kind of space with in between the notes yeah right because the emails are going to keep coming the phone calls are going to keep coming but at our own personal action item list is going to keep growing can we bring a sense of balance and calm to our desk whether it's at home or whether it's out of the home every day so there's a few few accessible that's what I like to do number one at the end of the day I like to just take all of the paper and cut it off my desk<br> and I find that if I can organize that and come come downstairs for me because my office is at home to adjust that's clear it doesn't have too many shots is on its way I have a few crystals to help clear and balance the energy which is a really wonderful way and crystals like black tourmaline Court Helena selenite help to clear the energy especially from the EMS frequencies from all of the Wi-Fi so shungite and black tourmaline a really great for them but taking all of the papers off the desk and just having one organized file before you leave for the day so when you come back in the morning you can not have an immediate anxiety attack when you look at your desk with a new slave and with her a slave of Cam and balance the other thing that I do I have a plan<br> in spray form of essential oils called clear alignment now this is one of my own formulas so this is a Formula you can get on my website or you can make your own spray that has essential oils like white sage like a little bit of Palo Santo like a little bit of lavender which is the essential oil of peacekeeping right conflict resolution and so bringing in essential oils like this and a spray for Matt to spray the air actually help to change the energy in your environment and in addition to we talked about the black pepper and lemon but through the day when you get that email that creates more anxiety or that phone call or you just start to hit overwhelmed having an essential oil a common glad that you can put on your palms of your hands and breathe it in because of the connection between knows the sense of smell and the live<br> center of the brain we can literally shift how we feel in the Moment by inhaling the right essential oil and the more that we can do that the more that we can begin to modulate our emotional experience and our emotional response the more that it creates these positive momentum in our neural Pathways and the essential oils through inhalation having an immediate effect to regulate our nervous system to regulate our emotional response and then also have any essential oil spray for Matt to help clear the energy and I have a funny story about this but it it's absolutely true years ago when I first start my healing practice in my business has an essential oil formulator I worked in front line customer service for cable TV<br> and believe it or not when people come in and their TV didn't work they not everyone but many of them would have a complete meltdown and then they would leave and I worked in a small office and it was remarkable to me that when they left that energy that heaviness that Discord just Harmony was still in the room and it affected myself and my co-workers but your horse wearing it a corporate setting so we're not going to start burning incense so I created an essential oil formula to help shift this energy to create a clear more positive environment and this in the end it became one of the best selling products for many many years and so this is just a testament to how we can modulate not only our emotions but the energy in our home or corporate office Days by using essential oils<br> I love that story is a good one it's a really good one but you know that the Clutter piece is really really important and so even at that the end of every week at the end of Friday I will take everything off my desk I will clear the energy with this the clear alignment spray I was mentioning I'll just everything I'll make sure I don't have too much of you know pictures are personal items and I'll take all of the papers away and you know go through prioritize everything that I want that I didn't get done during the week that I want to add to Monday morning so that when I come back on Monday everything is clear clean and organized and ready to start a new week so I think we have to create the conditions for our own success in that regard<br> yeah that I love that we've got to take ownership of it and I don't mean for those of you who are much like you are very goal-oriented and sometimes when I hear myself take say the phrase take ownership there's a part of my memory that wants to jump into the site control stating that stressful to so I don't mean it like that I'm I'm mean to you know allow herself to gently flow into what feels right for us right and taking taking ownership that way to flow into the air and you know that you feel better when you walk into your office and the desk is clear and you were talking about the scent in you know how has this impact and it is so right if you think about in this is something we could basically when if you if I walk into my home and it smells like I don't know pumpkin pie or something like that instantaneously like I am transported to this safe feeling in my mind and I think that works and that's a very simplistic example but that works in the<br> 2in people leave em energy behind maybe we don't feel like we can smell it like like we camped at the dick the pie but it does have an impact on us which is brings down or energy level has is feeling more lower energies I think it's great that we could change we can literally change our Mood by changing airmatic tell us where we can get some of your fabulous oils that you make your website again thank you. Calm and you can find all of that Sadiq like the clear alignment spray and many other formulas as well as a lot of information about our services we have two beautiful upcoming Retreat one in southern France and September and one and beautiful blue North Carolina in October and these are all going to be<br> about healing and coming to deeper levels of empowerment so these are wonderful events and then I also have a complimentary weekly and monthly medication Circle and I run that are on June so you can wherever you are in the world you can join in and receive some of the good energy higher vibrations and the Crystal healing working with the essential oils and then the guided meditations which can bring such a a state of peace and calm and balance and ground which I think that we are are seeking now more than ever<br> so I love that thank you so on all of the platforms at a door when quizzed on social media even YouTube has a whole host of our meditation library or for those of your listeners that use insight timer meditation there as well and then you can also support my work on patreon now as a subscriber and receive complimentary meditations and formulas and all sorts of wonderful alchemical inspiration or utility vest life this the The Retreat let's talk a little bit about that because I know that we're coming out of covid people are crawling out of their spaces and wanting to re-enter Society we are not entering in the way that we accident that's important to know the world's new the energy is new and so are you so I<br> that a great thing to talk about is it may be engaging in some Retreat so you have one in the south of France oh my goodness about that one well thank you so much I'm the one in southern France is our second annual and it is a divine feminine Retreat following the footsteps of Mary Magdalene who brought Christianity to France and to Europe and so we have about six days together and we travel through Provence the countryside going to some of the most ancient and sacred sites where Mary Magdalene took these teaching and then everyday I am doing healing ceremonies working with the essential oils doing ceremony and beautiful places like Marie Dillon are at the sea and it's a grotto where Mary Magdalene was<br> putative spent the last twenty or thirty years in this beautiful cave that we hiked up to through an ancient forest and so it's a truly life-changing experience and so I'm. Retreat you can be found on my website as well as join Retreats as well as the one that is Stateside in Boone North Carolina and this one is going to be led by myself and my two colleagues Patsy Pulaski and Karla Perez and so it's a really unique experience to come into the divine feminine and look at everything from our physical health and vibrancy Carly will be teaching on nutrition and yoga and breath work on myself I'll be working with healing our core aspects of trauma down to the DNA level with psycho-spiritual Dynamics and of course my extra cheese and plants inside<br> National medicine and then talk to the lucky with her expertise and Funk shway and how it connects into our help being able to magnetize greater levels of a thunder and Harmony not only in our homes but in our physicality as well so it's going to be a wonderful experience and it's out at the Art of Living retreat center and it is this beautiful Yoga Retreat facility where they make these beautiful Fox 6 Edge attarian meals and with a backdrop of I think 350 Acres on the obvious State there so it's going to be just so wonderful and that's in October at the end of it over and how many days is that one that one is Thursday through Sunday so it's Thursday for three nights and four days<br> okay alright we have an early bird special for that right now to just to mention I think it's all my gosh this is beautiful stuff and I hope that our our listeners are thinking about ways to engage because I think we I know not I think I I know what I feel that we can never have enough time to turn in where all of the answers to everything are right so being able to connect in word and being able to I guess almost like detox from you from the world and everything that's going on they're not that it's a bad place but sometimes we really need to recharge our battery and get away and just read to ground yourself so I highly support on Retreat and I've not been able to go to a lot of them in my lifetime but the times that I have gone to them I've been really really blessed are they that I'm going to<br> finish up here today and get on this website and see what I can participate in because I think I'm excited for this sentence into note also to the learning about working with the oils working with the things that are available to us in nature so very very important it is we're talkin about that and I know we don't have a lot of time to go into it today but you do have this amazing book that's out and I would love to know about more about that detox nourish activate actually plant and vibrational medicine for the art of living and my kitty my notes Here my handwriting so bad when I ask it oh my gosh mood<br> mood mood right it is so very important because I coach men and women are all throughout the week and I cannot tell you how often I like year and it's more not that it happens more with the women but maybe they're just more vulnerable to talk about their mood and how it is impacting their life in ways that they wish it were not so I know true I mean we are at and we also have the power within us and the resources in particular from the natural world end through aspects of diet of exercise of nutrition to actually modulate and rewire Reaper pattern<br> our brain and therefore our mood respond and through the process of healing right and looking at areas of trauma that we carried again we have the ability to transform and completely shift not only are feeling perspective but have more control might be able to harness the power that is within us to create a better mood more consistently and that's one of the aspects that you'll find throughout the book is that in not my co-author dr. Lulu shemeka and I go through these 11 different aspects of alchemical intervention on how you can detox the brain nourish the brain and nervous system of course and activate it as ways to create greater Harmony and a better mood more often in your life and so that<br> 7 different aspects of alchemy or everything from the essential oil to the crystals to nutrition to meditation we're going to have a door back we're going to go through this because I hear you I know and I believe it's time for us to talk about this book so she'll be back shortly to talk about this and activate my James thank you for being part of our everyday family<br> you've been listening to Everyday piece for dr. Avon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that need you to your next level of greatness and I would love to see you and your turn to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Bond James. Calm enrolling my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at Doctor Trayvon purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being and every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you<br> thanks for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world<br> ER so I knew that conference by people of African descent will be August 11th to the 14th 2022 at Unity Village Missouri this event will celebrate the contributions people of African descent have made the new folk movement join us as we hear from Reverend dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Bishop Yvette flunder and rev Dr celebrities in early-bird registration is open now through March 5th with a p a d a n t g. Org for more information<br>

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