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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, June 8, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Feel Better in Five Minutes, and Foods That Jump-Start Your Metabolism

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Feel Better in Five Minutes, and Foods That Jump-Start Your Metabolism

Amanda Hainline uses her spiritual awakening to become an empowering guide to others who are looking to gain control over their towering emotions. Amanda is an emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, and the author of the upcoming book Feel Better in Five Minutes. Plus, Mareya Ibrahim discusses how to start retraining your taste buds to crave the foods that boost metabolism, build muscle mass, and help you lose weight.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
welcome hello
I'm Doctor Trevon James and this is everyday piece I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace Define is wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality my goodness if you could just join us and just if you could breathe and take a nice healthy breath in fill your lungs up with that whole complete nothing missing nothing broken hold it for just a second and then a complete exhale through the mouth
and know that that definition describes you in this moment no matter what appears to be going on in your external World You Are Holy you are complete that is nothing missing there was nothing broken you represent totality so I want you to know that right here right now and I want to tell you that yes it is possible to have peace every day yes you deserve every day peace and absolutely you can have an experience every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life of Peace everyday so here we are and I'm super excited because last time we were together we had the amazing Jacob Cooper on who shared Lessons Learned From A near-death experience and they were so impactful
that we take for granted that are really opportunities for us to stand in our greatness and so if you missed any part of that show I strongly encourage you to go back and listen you can access all the entire library of shows by subscribing to the doctor dravon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play in Stitcher or you can listen to them on Unity online radio. Org another place to access our content is at our new website which is dr. Dre Bond James., that's Doctor Dr.Dre Von D r a v for victor e o n j a m e s dr. Dre on that website you'll find transcripts from past shows words of wisdom encouragement
excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright contact information you can get access to free courses and free materials there and so if you haven't visited the website I encourage you visit frequently go today not right now after the show and bookmark it so you can go back and see what's happening was changing this great opportunities for learning and developing this huge tribe if you will love everyday peacemakers of which you are a member so thank you for being with us I'm excited about our two guests we have today Mariah Abraham and I hope I said that right Maria Abraham and she's going to talk to us about taste buds how to train your taste buds to Crave food that will stimulate your metabolism I hope I got your attention cuz she got my attention craving the food that will stimulate your metabolism I love it and then we have Amanda hang line who is going to discuss her new book
feel better in 5 minutes we have a great show for you today but first before you get to a show in our in our ballast guess we're going to have our everyday peace moment and I want to share something that I was sharing with a larger audience I have a speaking opportunity and I talked about letting go and living in the flow of life I didn't go and living in the flow of life that I got to tell you if you're anything like me that sounds so wonderful I'm a person who loves to be around water and movement and flow and I love that kind of thing and it sounds wonderful it feels good but then my brain starts thinking and I start getting to the analytical place and I thought start thinking about while letting go of what what is it that she wants you to let go up so if you're asking that question you know I'm seeing letting go over boss believes right that is the key to having the best life experience ever again if you're in
do you like me another question pops up in your mind what false beliefs is she speaking about right because God we could have so many possible he's so I'm talking about the false belief that says to us that we know what anything means that you know something happens to you and you see all this is the worst thing ever like you all we have is the facts of this is what happened for example if you got a flat tire on your way to work the fact is you got a fat tire on your way to work but what we tend to do is we start seeing what those facts mean
this is the worst thing ever I had a meeting know most important meeting of my life at 8 a.m. and I got this flat not going to get there to 10 this is the worst thing ever is ruin my career we start telling yourself these stories as though we know what the flat tire means I could very well mean that we just been spared from a collision where you know they're going to be fatalities we don't know but we can we start telling us telling these stories to put ourself at a heightened state of deer lack of anxiety to letting go of that part of ourselves that wants to be the Storyteller of a tragic story in the middle of a drama all of the time let's let that go so we can live in the flow of Life less the side instead right because we're going to let something go over going to replace it with something else in here is a list the side because we desire excitement our brains are wired that way right drama Titans excitement so let's decide that whatever is happening
we're going to become so curious about and so in tune with how this is going to be the best thing ever and I know that's challenging that is so challenging I have had things happened in my own any wind in these six months of the first of the new year that I can in no way say would be great things happening in my life but what I have said to myself instead of I've let go of the tragedy story and I've said to myself these are the facts this is what happened and now what I'm going to do what I'm free to do is decide that I'm going to become curious about how this thing even though it seems unlikely but how this thing is going to catapult me in the direction of even more happiness in my life so that's what I wanted to share with you all today and everyday to let go of the belief that everything that happens has a tragic end that even though it's isn't desirable that it's going to cause more pain more laughing your life let's
let go of that narrative and tell ourselves that we're just curious about the outcome let's stand like in amazement as though we were children like oh my gosh what's going to happen next so that's that's what we're talkin about today and everyday peace moment stand in amazement of your life
stand with childlike curiosity and watch your entire Journey become more pleasurable so last year together we were talking about you know doing something new in the beginning of the day to give yourself a win and I appreciate those of you who reached out to me and my website and she had some of your wins some of your new activities that you started I'm going to encourage you all of those see you reached out last week and those few who have not reached out this week this week watch your life become the Observer of where you are telling yourself a story about the event this happened in my life and I immediately started telling myself this about it and then when you decide to stop and change the narrative to get into the flow and become curious and share some of those moments with me on my website at dr. dravon I would love to hear from you as we create this amazing community of everyday peacemakers so that is our every
Play Peace moment and now we're going to go to our first guest and our first guest today is I'm going to say this right
Abraham I know I messed it all up. That was pretty darn close so I think we're good thank you for the nice welcome oh I'm so excited for you to be here because this whole pandemic has been a lot of things that we'd like to forget but one thing we looked out of her waistline many of us like we just got our attention were you talking about retraining your taste buds and I think the number one reason I love how you phrase that because we eat what would taste good right and so is it kind of makes is a no-brainer we can train our taste buds but I'm going to let you decide how we do that how do I stop eating potato chips
maybe I want to say 2 years ago really stop eating potato chips and I still crave I'm sometime but I had to really say okay this is not good for me this is not good for me it's very easy way to do that
well it's really quiet rewind that for a second because I think you know you just said something really important is you know really what's good for you and what not good for you and I think inherently as human beings because we're on their boards and we have a lot of choice it's really hard to get to the point where you're just like you know what I know it's good for me and I'm not going with bad for me I mean it is there's a long road from A to B but it does mean that our brain is engaged right so it's not just our taste buds saying well I'm hungry and that looks good and I know it's yummy therefore I'm going to eat it but the brain has to get involved in a really good ways to say okay I'm a smart person I know that if I go down that road I may not going to feel good or be I'm going to be bloated or see I'm going to put on pounds that I don't need right now or ever
or you know Dee I'm just going to feel guilty because I know better so you know part of the retraining of the tastebuds is accepting that we are better than that that knowing our why and what's motivating us on this path of health is more important than our craving in that moment and 1 gauge our brain then there's the rest is like not that difficult it's mostly about what foods to cut and what foods to focus on and then adding The Habit that make that a lifestyle
oh I love how you phrase that too because that phrase I am better than that is that say they're just makes me smile right and then what I know is so cute everything knowing your wife falling in love with your why instead of focusing on your why not right so falling in love with your why this is why I am doing this right I know when I was after I had my children I kept a pair of pants that I really like and I would know if they okay my my why was that I wanted to be able to but in those pants without it being a struggle it just became so I can look closer this week in Lubbock close to next week and it was fun for me I was that I really like those pants and I like to wear them again so I think that's a great way to have a positive Focus towards the direction that you want to be going in the same saying you know folks and what you don't know
I love that and I think that is really important because we're always motivated from a place of positivity I mean most people are not motivated from a place of shame or negative negativity or you know criticism that's not the best way to get the most out of people yet we do that to ourselves constantly so front part of my book eat like you give a fork the real dish on eating a drive is about coming to terms with what your goals are and what your role is in maybe someone else's wife or what your own goals are for your own life you know where do you want to go what do you want to accomplish and then that why that place of positivity and of accomplishment is what will motivate you for the Long Haul
the one I love that time I'm going to see it with just one more time make sure I tell our guests get it eat like you give a fork you cannot forget that and it's so important and who in you you know you do and it goes hand-in-hand with what you said previously I am many you are a good listener that our audience you are better than this whatever this is you bet you know why I got so many bikes is when it comes to things that I'm better than him food and I do have to tell Google ice cream stop being kind of the situation that we put ourselves than you know it's kind of like this if you keep good food in your fridge in your pantry you will eat good food the problem isn't at every turn so if you've got the
Stuffed Oreos on the top shelf and you think you're only going to get to those every once in awhile guess what that's a whole lot of pressure to put on yourself isn't it so much better to just get rid of them and to not even have them there as a Temptation you know the same thing with the chip don't have them there because if you have them there they're going to be your default this thing that we have to do is find alternative other foods that will satisfy you that will be you're craving so to speak but not in a way that is going to send you down the rabbit hole so in the book I help people identify what foods to get rid of you know what the purge when they're retraining their taste buds because the truth is your taste buds change every few weeks so if you're not craving broccoli right now give it a few weeks but you have to try it you have to be open to new things and embraced
idea that the way it was isn't necessarily the best way but there's maybe a better way and you know again we're smart enough to know what's good for us do I go through list of what to get rid of you know you want to get rid of your foods that have refined you know ingredients any sugar and he processed foods that contain artificial ingredients for flavors or additives or colors you want to get rid of every stirring the reset of alcohol we're going to avoid any alcohol during that time is alcohol sugar in your body recognizes it as sugar and we want to cut down on sugar because we want or body to get an RT supposed to get really used to Cravings Umami sour and bitter Foods because those are the best foods to lend to help building muscle burning fat and helping you to be satiated for the law
I love it and you know I always wondered why the things that were really good for us we're better you know they said you are so healthy for your gut and I always wondered that you just confirmed they really are better for us to have more of us our case so I guess it's the teacher to retrain our taste buds to Crave those types of foods and I love how you said you don't open your mind up to a new experience to a new exciting about that. You know when were when were children in our imprinted by the time was 5 years old I mean just think about what a five-year-old it looks like right now and burgers however if you go to other countries around the world my family is from Egypt you know we grew up eating very different food you know instead of
cereals and things like that you know the morning for us was father beans which are very rich in an Umami flavor profile we'd have that with eggs you know a hardboiled egg or we'd have Falafel which is made with beans you know we didn't start the day with sugar so I think what you find when you travel around the world is yes that might be a child you know we know what children eat here in the US but if you travel anywhere else it looks very different so it's not even a matter of all will kids eat that way there for you know when they grow up 13th president to be that way to no no no it's about opening yourself up to different taste profile and when you do that what you recognize is that Sugar sabotages everything a sabotage is your health it's a precursor for so many different diseases now from diabetes 2 hypertension
can your blood sugar chemistry it's so important to keep his balance in order to make the rest of your plane fly properly you need to balance your hormones and took that effectively and to feel rested and and all of the other things that we really need in order to feel good about ourselves every single day so I guess is you can return your trays taste buds we're not children anymore so we have the intellect that says okay I know it's better for me and we can do it over a. A very short amount of time amazing what can happen if you just give it a days and and that's really exciting to me because it's not something where I have to tell you know what you got a hold on for 30 days a month maybe 2 months in order to see results know you're going to see results in a matter of each day and and that is very exciting cuz I
tell you from personal experience the people that I've trained with this program they crave broccoli now over brownies I mean it is it is crazy but it can really happen and it does happen
I love what you just said so tell us the name of the book again give us your name pronounced properly because I really want people to get an eight-day result I'm excited Maria I burped him and book is eat like you give a fork the real dish on eating to thrive we have a great program called eat to Fry's and it is the perfect accompaniment to the book and right now the whole program with the book is only 2999 find that on my website at eat or you can just text fit foodie that's f i t f o o d i e to 2 to 8 to 8 and you'll get all the information in your email
thank you so much for the night I tell you that although I am coaching people on other issues leadership and other issues that are going on in your life a lot of times it comes body image and and I'm anxieties and stuff about food as you mention some of that emotional health comes into play so I can have something that you really can say this is working for me so that really excites me and I hope it excites our listeners to one thing that I did I hear and read a lot about as a pharmacist is that you know the inflammation that comes from I was amazed maybe you wouldn't be with her but I was amazed at the number of foods that are inflammatory and they're going to the gut and as a result people are driving up autoimmune disorders associated with these
eat like you give a forked I love it like that is the cause of almost all the degenerative diseases that were facing right now that are plaguing our help and it does comes from a bad diet it comes from not resting properly not getting enough sleep it comes from constantly brush brush brush and although I think coming out of pandemic we did learn and you know that life can move on without us brushing all the time for those people who are right back into their old habits you know I think it's a real call to action cuz they hey we've got to slow down a little bit but got to prioritize the things that are critical to our house and what do we need to survive a lot we need food we need water and we need rest and shelter so you know and of course we need a lot of love
not come down on ourselves all the time I think we're always our worst critics so you know the first step is really saying I am worthy I am justified in taking care of myself it's not a luxury it's crucially important that I do it and we we take that time to really prioritize the things that will lend themselves to good house you know for many people and I'm going to let you know what's interesting you and I could eat a certain way and someone else could eat a completely different way and we'd all have different results so it's really important to also get to know yourself what is inflammatory to you I can eat avocados but for some people it's inflammatory because it's an allergen so know what your hours are know what your food sensitivities are you can do a simple allergy Panel test and I do highly recommend that for people who you know what might be causing inflammation in your own by
and then you know really I don't think we could ever go wrong with prioritizing plant-based food eat the rainbow eat a lot of fruits and vegetables especially leafy greens are the most nutrient-dense Foods on the planet and then build your meals around that Jerry can be inflammatory for people and some people can stomach it fine you meet is not on everybody you know eating list but for many people it is and if you're buying free range and you know Wiles and grass-fed and finished types of protein in her for a lot of people that does work with their diet so I really walk people through all of that and help you pick the best thing and then it's really up to the individual to kind of identify for them what works best but we got to watch out for those inflammatory triggers
yeah we do and thank you so much for that because I really want people to really again get the book 29 bucks and you get to get into the program to we're coming out of a pandemic a lot of us know that there's some work that we want to do to enhance not only our physical image but that's only a small private we talked earlier about how it has an impact on our way we feel our emotions it also has an impact on a few talked about brain fog and all that stuff so we just become clear when we get and it's not a one deal fits all he just alluded to that because some people have different responses to different things so I'm glad that your program has in it the ability to be flexible for those people and who can tolerate some things and some other things what are some of your favorite recipes
if your favorite recipes that are in the send eat like you get a fork oh my gosh so many but I think one of my favorite things is the poached egg and veggie brekkie Bowl I love coach Doug first of all men are so full of protein and good bad and they're easy to make comes together quickly I have roasted sweet potatoes in there and a variety of colorful veggies and that could talk with avocado I can't live by Mariah Abraham the book is eat like you give a fork and thank you so much you've been such a thing like that for us today thank you so much for having me on
create and build the life of your dreams welcome back to every Dave East with Doctor dravon James
everyday peace and Dr.Dre Bond James and we have another fabulous guest today I tell you that the guests we have today have title there books in such a way that they really speak to my heart they make me smile so the gas that we have coming up for this part of our show is Amanda hainline and she has written a book entitled to feel better in 5 minutes you gotta love that feel better and 5 minutes and today we're going to be talkin with Amanda about using spiritual guides to help with our emotions it's not warm I'm so excited for it for a time to get it today Amanda welcome to the show
thank you so much for having me pleasure to be here is my pleasure to have you I'm just smiling from ear-to-ear because I think we've all had those times in our lives and it probably in our day today for totally honest where our emotions start to take a nosedive and we're struggling to try to catch them before they go down to the deep end of the pool and my support. Come back come back don't let this ruin your day or don't let your emotions and so as I mentioned your title feel better in 5 minutes excites me because that's that's great what we feel better we do better for ourselves but for those around us and the idea that we have spiritual guides spiritual guides who want to help us have the best Journey possible right now what could be better so I'm I'm excited for just you to tell how do we do that do we all have a spiritual guides how we get to them
and I think one of the things that really important for people to understand is not everyone received messages the same way some people really get a feeling from their Spirit guides at like a gut feeling or like an emotion come over then I've heard some people say it feels like someone's enveloping me with a hug when I need it or they'll just give me an inspirational go you know I think I need to go to the grocery store today and maybe there's someone there that just happens to say something in passing that speak to them in a way that answer something that's been really heavy on your heart it's really interesting how Spirit guides kind of weave their their knowledge and their existence into our lives that can be done in so many different ways and everyone has Spirit guides something that came to me you know I've been doing this for about 15 years I had a spiritual experience about 15 years ago that kind of open to this world
and it was scary at first and I did have to deal with a lot of my emotions in the very beginning because all the Motions were coming up that I had kind of stuck down inside cuz everybody does you know when you're going through life and you're just trying to make it through the day it's a survival mode right and so you're stuffing emotions with stuffing emotions and you're not dealing with things will for me all of this came up at 1 and it was like this tidal wave of emotion and so learning how to clear those emotions out with very much tea and that's what I put in the book is you know basically how to deal with that in the more I got that out of the way to clear my guidance was from my Spirit guides so that's really what I focus on in the book is helping people clear those old emotions out the old traumas and related to motion so that they can really become clear with their Spirit guides and understand how their Spirit guides are sticking with them
oh I and I love that so let's spend a few minutes if you can talking about stuffing emotions because I know that's common for a lot of people we know right now is that a convenient time to deal with something you know it and I just mean in everyday practice or something comes up and it triggers you or it lands on you in a way that's uncomfortable but it's not you don't have the time in that space maybe you're in the middle of mothering Duties are you got something going on at work or you just don't have the space in which to be there for yourself and to show up authentically for yourself and then before you know what you've knocked out with it at all and other things happen and you know the same you give yourself the same excuses that before you know it you got this whole bag you just suck you down and see how do you
is there a quick-and-dirty way to visit for cooking cooking cleanway maybe to get in there and say okay you know what I asked Billy about all this garbage sitting here and I just want to turn on the garbage disposal and you know that that is something we can do to further on down the road in the moment say your your toddler is screaming in the phone is ringing and you're late for an appointment and beside yourself right you're ungrounded you your keys are in the freezer you know I mean it's just you know we have those days right and so what happens when this is going on is we get
play triggered we get we get stressed out maybe we lash out and that kind of thing in which we don't want to do you take just a couple of seconds even to take a deep breath and pause and breathe it out it actually helps to reset your autonomic nervous system so that you you can come back to a little bit of clarity that's like an immediate thing that you can do it it helps to reset your little bit if you have a few more seconds what you can do is visualize coming out of your feet on the ground because what happens whenever we are Energy System tonight I specialize in that human energy system and how that affects our life and so whenever you whenever you're taking up whenever you try to pull yourself up out of the ground and you're not rooted think about a tree and pulling with roots above the ground what's going to happen it's going to fall over and write a little bit of wind and it's so
imagine roots coming out of your feet into the ground they found a little weird and they just take a deep breath up through those routes and into your body and that helps to just ground you in that space it makes you calmer it helps you think more clearly you kind of can put things in linear order okay ABCD I need to answer the phone for the toddler in the car start the car and and right where I need to go and just get you in a much calmer play so those are a couple of things that you can do in the moment that are super helpful I love it I love it I tell you that I do the the the breathing but what I do find that be so useful is the maybe about I don't know of six four six months ago I started doing that exercise you get the second one you mentioned about the roots and I and I and I can be very animated in my thought pack practices and very imaginative
eating attached and anchor me down and see no to the corridor and it just feels so good I ain't crazy but if you've not given yourself that type of vacation I call it like an emotional patient I meant because it feels so energizing to come back ground like that's okay I'm okay look at this I'm okay all of that is happening and look at me hear okay thanks though it's a beautiful feeling so thank you for giving us that tip and on how to start clearing some of this stuff and so that we can be ready we can be ready I'm so excited I'm ready for the spiritual guidance at once that is there for us you know that we have these but we all have them you said we all have the spirit of God I so how can we get a relationship in and I understand from the from the beginning you saying that they interact with us differently I guess each of us is different so they take away maybe that is fun to be
going to be impactful to us how how can we be a weirdo because I believe it is probably happening all of the time and we're just not aware and is one of the things you say is because we are all your stuffed up with all those bags that we collect collect inside of us but once we start doing our clearing exercises how can we know so I would like to in this place right now connect and be in a relationship in here from and be guided by the spiritual guide
night and there's a few different ways to do that a simple way that I that I have that I do it when I'm running around and in a little bit stress will say okay I just take a moment and I Envision a beam of light coming from me up to heaven up to the heavens above to wear my guys and angels are and I just basically plug-in like a core and when I do that and then I say okay I I said the intention for the energy and messages to come straight down through that cord and into me so that I can be inspired by them and I might hear something or I might have a vision of something in my inner side or I may just have a feeling of something that I need to do next that really answer that question guide me that's that's a really simple way that you can do that and grounding before hands is very very helpful because if you're really frantic what happens as it's kind of like changing a hose you kind of are
disconnected from your guides because you're trying to do everything yourself and you're isolating yourself cuz what are we doing life we can do it I can do it I can do it right so when we do that it really is not allowing the help that is there for us it's like if you've ever dealt with a toddler and they're trying to do something and you go to help them in the right now I do myself you know when you're like okay but they don't quite have it all together to do whatever it is that they need to do what we need to remember is we are we are the children of God for the children of you know the angels and in that realm info for us to ask for help it can be as simple as that just say please come in and help me during this time and then being open to the answers that are coming to you because you may not hear something you may not
I get a feeling you may see something I was driving down the road one time and I would think I was just in a loop thinking about something that I was worried about and I looked at the billboard and I don't remember what the ad was for but really a big black and white letters it said forget about it and I just started laughing cuz I was like okay okay. That I need to hand that over to my dad's to help me have that guy that's really have a sense of humor sometimes that's what some people a lot of people don't know is that they're really there to help communicate with us and whatever way we can just see that so it's it's really a very individual saying I want to share a story about a client of mine her mother passed away and it was a sudden death and it was she had three children that were in high school and they were all very distraught
Step Brothers friends and I did a reading for her her mother came to me and was talking to me about how she was going to communicate with a child for my step daughter's friend she said you know I will communicate with you through the window and with butterflies and she was walking in on this Trail I want to go down this Trail are thousands of white butterflies all over the trail
and she just fell on her knees and she knew it was her mom which one it's a really empowering story because that is definitely something that can happen to any of us and that was you know right there in front of her because she really needed to know she had even though her mom wasn't physically here anymore her mom became one of her guys and she tells me now she said I still talk to my mom you know my mom still kind of gives me guidance in my life even though she's not here so that's definitely possible with loved ones that have passed on as long as Angels so that's also important and if you feel like it is absolutely true
wow I love what you said here and I left that example you gave about you know that the children and teach them how to do something it's not I can do it myself and I don't want to help and I wasn't going to take over I was just going to show you how to do that more effectively so you can get on with your play let me come in here and just show you how to hold the shoe laser how to do this with me in it and I think that that is
that knowing that we are the child of God I think it's the same type of instruction right is that I feel that anyways that I want you to be successful you know you're my child I want to see you know I want to see you prosper let me show you how if you treat this just a little bit you'd get more bang for your buck you get more of the results that you want it and I think you know because we as humans we are apps that are like children who do we want the credit we want it I did it myself and we can take credit for all of this week yet we did this it could have been a little bit better but we have access to the spiritual guys who want to stand here and in God's eye doesn't help us to deal with different things and just simply asking
just so you know what in this moment I would like some help I would like some help I'd like some you know inspiration or something you know to be something to eat to watch over me to help me some strength you know one of my big thing you'll give me more strength or give me more patience or give me do it whatever you know more creativity more insight but asking for that I think I have to agree with you simply humbling ourself to ask Koenig night so much power in our life
definitely to go to the throne of grace humbly and so you know I need help I would like some help so I love that as a way of getting in touch with our guides and we're talking about too late you know using the spiritual guys with our emotional help help you know are our emotions that I know but I think of emotions I think of them being like like a roadmap so to speak like if something is happening for giving example of my real life I had a conversation with the connect with a colleague or yesterday for a brief moment after the phone call I felt unsettled and so there was no just being in my body
first time I realized how every time I interact with this person in the past I felt that right and listening is it all okay with my emotions are telling either changed the way that we dialogue or maybe limit the amount of time that we do this because something is not right I don't know what it is but something is not sitting right with me so I think that feeling when you're talking about the spiritual guides communicate with us in different ways I feel like in this moment hearing you say that I'm thinking to myself is that a message from a spiritual guide seemed to me yet this is something I want you to pay attention to this is not moving you in in the direction of your goals
right and that's a really that's a really common Dynamic and it's a really interesting when I'm glad you brought it up because it's there's a couple of things happening when we have an interaction with someone and he said you know it leaves you feeling unsettled you know partly through if your own so saying something's not right about this doesn't feel good to me another thing that happens whenever we talk to people and I talk about this in the book especially people who are considered themselves impact you know they they really steal other people's emotions one of the other things is very very common with people who are really sensitive I guess you would say I actually take on the emotions of other people so things is because when you have fear inside yourself when you have anger inside yourself not feeling worthy whatever the emotion is if you have that inside yourself it kind of tastes like that's
like a energetic immune system weak spots right and so whatever they've got going on those emotions kind of skin attached to wherever you have that emotion inside of you and it exacerbates the emotions inside of you so differently is definitely something that's very important but also to go you know what you feeling this way is actually a gift because now I can do the next step of healing for myself what I told people and and what I would have talked about in the book is that you say okay now I'm going to take this emotion whatever it is say I'm feeling unsettled I choose to release
this feeling of being and settled and whatever it's attached to and whenever you say that imagine that you have a plant that has a bunch of potatoes on the bottom of it right when you have an it's called an unsettled plant and it's got all of these little little knobs on the bottom of it of energy and and emotions and traumas and different energetic structures in there that are attached to that emotion and you activated it and you kind of ship that loosen your belt so now I can take out all of these people that are attached to that just imagine using some visualization you can breathe out that negative emotion you breathe in some some inspired lights and white light and you just read that emotion out and you can Envision it as kind of a cloud of gum for whatever it is you want to Envision it up and just hand it over just hand it over to the white and let that go and die.
he starts to help to clear the emotions that are deep inside of you that are attached to all these other things that you've been through in your life that are similar to that emotion that so I'm understanding you the receipt that that feeling that I got could be because it's shook something loose in me and I said okay so that was like a pain body I think that's how Eckhart Tolle, describe these pain meds that are residing in me and so because it's there is some other energy came there's like a magnet do it I'm still here and now I can be proactive and say oh since you're ignited and I got to tell you still still a little inflamed so I'm great I'm glad to know that I meant to say I released I choose to release this and whatever else is attached to it that is it is so refreshing to realize that
we are weary High everything we are we are both the question and the answer right and by that I mean that when these things come up at disturb us entreat these questions inside of us the answer is also right there is parallel and that is disability to do you realize our words to one ask for help to to to release things that don't belong there that are impeding our peace if you will or a progress so knowing that that resides in this is fascinating to me that we have all of these abilities and that we have these angels are our spiritual guides are there to guide us along the way as well
exactly we really do have a chain that's working with us in life and one of the things that I run across with people to is a sable aren't they busy like white how do they have time for me and it's not like they're human we tend to give them human characteristics and human form and in the idea that they function as humans because that's what we know that's our familiarity but that's not how they function you know energy is boundless and energy is everywhere love is everywhere right and so whenever like you know an angel can be working with a million people at once that matter it's it's you know all those people can be blessed at the same time with the help from you know Archangel Michael Archangel Gabriel or there's there's lots and lots of angels and guides out there that you know I find new ones all the time
come across one of my God that's the new one that you are worthy of the help and that they're never too busy for you because they're on your team for a refund errands because they're perfect for what you're going through in your life light then your dad's change some of your guys change of your life kind of kind of in high schools right it's a different stage of your life you're learning different things ABC's versus equation right so you can start your job all the things you you will get different guides during that time that kind of specialized in those things and then you also have guys that are over your last time a lot of times those are people that have been in your life with you. Or now passed on that pep come back to be guys so that's another component about the
I know that we have our ancestors who are there guiding Us in the family members and we have the the guides in the spiritual world and you mentioned Archangel Michael and Gabriel I want to sell this one quick story I happen to be at work Monday and I misplaced I want to say my keys and one of my managers came to me in it and I said to him I said to her I can't find the keys and she said she found them and she said to me oh yeah so whenever you lose something and I did not write it down but till whenever you lose something you call on this particular Angel and they are there angel of lost items and if she didn't go and I thought here I am in this program I just brought back to my mind and you know but I that was a living example. She said she didn't know the keys
looking for something that I told her she was okay and she came back and she had the keys until we find out about these how do we get people who has not studied this as extensively as you have how do we find out what Angel to pray to and what angels we went with spiritual guides we have access to you know how do we how do we connect different ways to connect and there any I think I understand if there's no right way right there so many different ways to do something especially when it comes to energetic sand and spirituality in all about things that you just like different foods are good for different people right so I have those in my book I think I have 12 to 13 something like that archangels will send in my book is for relationships Archangel Michael is for
you know Metatron is filled with children and he's there he's one of the two angels Dark Angels that were incarnate on the planet so they understand humans a little bit better some of the Angels don't understand that we need sleep I don't want to cuz I feel we only have like a few more seconds is four. I want to make sure that our guests get your book which is 5 minutes to feeling better feeling better in 5 minutes I'm sorry feeling better in 5 minutes but feeling better in 5 minutes with Amanda Hamlin. Thank you so very much for being our spectacular yesterday this is everyday piece I'm Doctor Trevon James and I absolutely love you thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker
you've been listening to Everyday piece for dr. Avon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to walk with you on your journey here some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Bond James. Calm enrolling my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at Doctor Trevon James. Calm purchase my book Freedom is your first break from Amazon thank you for being and every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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