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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, June 29, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Turn Your Pain Into Power, and Develop a Meaningful Relationship with Yourself

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Turn Your Pain Into Power, and Develop a Meaningful Relationship with Yourself

Troia Butcher has lived a life dedicated to service in her career and now brings a no-nonsense approach to biblical teachings and the power we have to turn pain into power. Plus, Nicole Borghi discusses moving beyond limiting beliefs, stress, anger, and depression to develop a meaningful relationship with your true self.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
welcome to Everyday peace with Dr Trevon James I am your host dr. babe on James and I am super excited to have you here with us today on the unity online radio program where we explore the concept of developing a life of peace every day we do this every Monday at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or whatever time it is right now in your corner the world and yes that's right I like of Peace everyday peace the finest holness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality my goodness can you even imagine such a thing in your life today peace holness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality
go ahead and read that in because you know what you deserve it yes you can have it
it's not easy may not be into it but if we work at it we can have peace everyday I know this to be fascial listen I run a very busy household just like you I got two teenagers you know what that's like I work full-time as a pharmacist I run a business everyday peace with Dr dravon James keynote speaking workshopping the whole game it's a beautiful full life just like yours but guess what just because we're busy that does not mean that we cannot have peace everyday it's so important that we do the things that we developed the Habit get the network in place so that we can develop this life of wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality call that piece you make all that balance balance is another word for having balance in our life and speaking of balance you know that I say that in life
every goal that we have this is according to dr. Dray line James but I want you to test this out in your own life every cool that we have falls into one or three big category that called in the Big 3 health wealth or relationship in no particular order health wealth and relationship when we have balance in those three areas we have peace home is complete mess nothing missing nothing broken totality we have a pretty good life I'm going to go out and have a great life and it is the striving for balance and these are nets
that makes us enjoy the journey so I'm super excited to talk today about one of the three witches relationship could you imagine trying to develop a life of peace without having relationships in place that be pretty hard that the imbalance that probably is not going to work out right relationship relationship were talking about today is motherhood motherhood welcome to the hardest job that you will ever love right we've all heard that before motherhood is a tremendous tremendous journey of just love cuz she could you love think about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a sticky fingers in love all over there and I do believe the dad's out cuz I know a number of dads who are doing this job you know because of a spouse passing away and they are they are playing the role of Mom and Dad so crazy
probably there is no more honorable position than to be able to really feed into the life of a child
so relationships are so important in this particular she was so even bigger than life itself because we are building a foundation for these children to go out and then build their own relationships with their families and with the world's what we do in that in that motherhood in that parenting session
is the gift that keeps giving the gift that keeps gay so this job is very very valuable very very taxing I talked a few seconds ago about having relationships and in building need a tribe you do need to try you need to try but I'm so excited to have today to be able to bring to you someone who was doing just that building a tremendous tribe
a tremendous tribe where we can get together and encourage and Inspire bounce of ideas vent if we have to because we have to do that on this journey I am super excited welcoming Christian Smith from too much Mom to the everyday piece showed active Avon James they hate Christian I am super excited I got to tell you to keep spending time with you I have come to fall in love with you I've been watching your amazing I got you probably hear this a thousand times a day you are oh no thank you I'll let me let me start that campaign you are a fake and I feel the same way about you and I I love just hearing you talk about finding peace and pursuing it and it's so essential in every relationship including motherhood so believe me I am like bouncing off the walls to be here with you today so I can thank you for having me
you're welcome yes and motherhood is so essential to what we do. Let's just start from the very beginning I want to talk about how you came up with the concept of too much Mom like what does but where does it come from and where you want to take it I know right thank you so much for asking my son he's now for but when he was about to he asked Mommy how much do you love me and it really stumped me cuz I don't want to say how do you really put into words how much I love you or your children it's it's very difficult and but you know kids will keep asking you unless you give him an answer so I just blurted out too much I love you too much and then I was just thinking about that contacts because it became a thing in my house like my son to say I love you too much and I think I love you too much and my daughter
sing I love you too much and so I decided to create a network it as you were talking about the tribe of women of mother has been sweet if you meant you in the tribe because her a thing of course is all in a network of people who would be down to celebrate all the chaos in parenting and with with moms because I'm a mom all the chaos in motherhood really is accepting The Good the Bad and the Ugly sharing stories with each other after sharing stories we can all Empower each other because sometimes less you talk about what you're going through it can be lonely or you can get burnt out by kind of like that working together and doing it together
yes I do know what I love how you just mentioned that it can get lonely because I ate 16 and 18 and I will tell you that yeah it's been a journey I live a long distance from any from my mom and family that could really be very helpful although my sister lives close by but her children the same age and but so we didn't have that grandparent kind of thing going on and the journey was so lonely so that's that's just talked about that for a little bit cuz I've that resonates with me and unfortunately I didn't
even have a clear enough mind I think a lot of it I was dizzy and Dazed and Confused and in love so it love covers a multitude of sins it says thank you I don't have the common sense or the grounding to look for an organization like too much Mom over the internet and I found some places that you could go to live but yeah when you're a parent and you're far from a support network I couldn't get to those on a regular basis I couldn't say okay I'll do Tuesday that I can do that but I would have loved I would have loved to pass something like too much Mom over the internet that I could just join this tribe so what have you seen as far as being able comments coming in from moms and have a speaking to that loneliness that creeps up in the middle of this love Journey
I think a lot of women feel just like you explained that some you know it's some junk sir in their in their parenting Journey so you're definitely not alone I know I've been there as well as you know I've been a national TV personality with you know NBC and fox and a half and I know is working mom in the television industry I had my kids I had those lonely moments in the green room where I would look in the mirror all glammed up and look my reflection staring back at me with Shae am I doing the right thing being here you know because I would feel so guilty for pouring into my career and my kids are at home and doing the right thing and it has feelings of loneliness but I started to eat too much Mom is a YouTube channel it's it's as simple as that it's a YouTube channel
who is sharing their stories it seems simple Network where people can leave comments and then connect on a deeper level through Facebook and Facebook group called that you much Mom tried and that's where we do you leave pour into each other's lives and really get into some conversations and kind of behind the scenes talk about what are we going through what I'm going through exchange stories and what not and my hope is that women I think the biggest flaw is that we don't ask for help and we don't express the need for help in parenting and I think my hope would too much Mom if they give women a people permission to be where they're at share it and be empowered because we're all going through the same thing when you really break it down so I hope that's why I want to take it too much Mom is new and its infancy stages but I'm already here
you said I needed something like this I needed permission to see where I'm at I needed someone to tell me I don't have to feel guilty I needed someone to tell me how to pour into myself and things like that so I already if I can affect one person I can impact one exhausted worn-out mother out there or even make a mom is doing it and toss it if I can make her laugh or Inspire her if I can Inspire one person I'm doing my job watching video of it and I just I feel like your presence is so warm and it's from a monster from from a woman standpoint if you like oh yeah I resonate with her and I got to say from just doing a lot of research and you know getting to know you and I said it said it would begin after I actually love I've been telling everybody at my work at the hospital
check out this week who have young children check out this I absolutely love her and one thing that comes across clearly to me as a Christian is that
the whole Christianity even though it's not overt
whole Christian love like that out of that that using that as your foundation I can hear it when you speak I can see it in your smile when you talk it is really an unpretentious show is just about really connecting and trying to give women's mother's something to hold onto
how how is it how is it in 2019
do you think you were able to develop something that is that Christian base without being isolated without being for lack of a better term preaching
I love that question I think of right off the top of my head 2nd Corinthians 12:9 and text the house you know God's power is made perfect in our weakness and I think even if people don't know scripture or even if people aren't over about about their face or even maybe they're scared or not as bold as I feel comfortable being or maybe they don't have regardless I think everyone can relate to the biblical principle of a feeling weak and I celebrate weakness I celebrate chaos I celebrate the ugly inside on on my cell I'm too much Mom and I think that's endearing the people and so I am because my faith in God is my life it's my Foundation it's why I get up in the morning and it's the first thing I go to I spend my time with God and that is my me time because that's just who I am if it comes out in everything I do and so I
do you know I wish I had more of a technique to to being discreet and inspiring people with my face but I guess in the in the short of it doctor is it's just who I am and if I can if that just trickles out and can touch someone then then I'm super grateful
yeah and I think the that everyone is going to be super benefited by it too because I really find the fact that it's not pretty at all that it really was the principles are the principles of a lot of time that you could take the word Christian and Christy Christian and substitute Universal these are Universal principles for a really developing a life that work and you're right you do have to celebrate the chaos you've got a celebrated every and every Junction of this journey because it's all precious and it's all fleeting
and whatever shows up today you're going to be going to use it to build this this family of love. I love that about about the show I want to change gears for one second because you talked about being a working mom and I'm impressed with you I got to spend everything I learn about you you had like three career choices I think the first was basketball in my right it was bad about what I love is that you had this awesome career would you talk about little bit you have this awesome career in television and then when you became a mom
it just like many of us do you have this pool inside of it I think a lot of us not all the a lot of us have that pool inside when we do have that moment we walked past and mirror or we do you get recognized at work and it doesn't feel that great because you realize as good as this is there was two people at home who really need me to be there and you know I'm excited about your kind of split I still owe you for my kids were little I said I feel like I'm not I do a sort of good job here in a sort of a job there and I want to do a great job somewhere and but what I love about what you did and how difficult was this was to walk away from that career promising career that you were very successful to didn't come home
and it'd be a full-time mom
yeah well I think that wasn't a tough decision cuz at the time I was at Fox 10 in Phoenix I could have retired there with Incredible job is an incredible career I love my co-workers I love the viewers it was just something I really wrestled with but I believe that you can only have something tugging at you for so long before you honor it and for me God made it very clear that at that time in my life it was time to walk away and I ignored it for a while but I really felt that your I really felt the spirit hugging hugging me to Fox 10 in Phoenix and at that time I was exhausted I mean I've been waking up at midnight and 2:30 in the morning for 10 years at that time to work to get up and drive and then get on the air at 4 a.m. from the morning so so I was I was falling asleep at intersections I mean I was
exhausted at that point and I think for my for my health for my sanity I wanted to be home with the kids just tugging feeling I was just I can we just do it when we just walk away now at the same time I I started doing some lifestyle mommy segments on the Hallmark Channel and allegedly two years later went to work for fox or nationally syndicated news magazine top 30 and I have my kids and so I've been in and out of you know that the TV industry and so I can tell you this weather I'm being a stay-at-home mom I mostly stay at home mom or a full-time working mom outside of the home because all moms are working mom whether it's inside or outside the house quick professionally I've always done what I feel is best for my family at that moment in some moments it's working full-time and other moments is staying home
in honoring honoring I feel is right in that moment I think for everybody it's and I hate I hate that something in our in our culture has developed where one is better than the other or don't know your kid if you're home with your your home with your kids all the time you're like relaxing and don't know how to work harder if there's a stigma attached to the inside and outside the home and and I hope to extinguish that because I feel like we don't know anybody else's life and we don't know what's best for them we just can do what's best for us that's what I've done and and I said happy with my choices so far and then again as long as you do what special in your family that's the that's the right thing you know so I hope all over the place but regardless
and they feel that they need to stay home full-time and they can swing it financially because finances are important they can do it and you want to do it and if you can't do it however if we're if you love working outside of the home and. That's okay that's not a bad thing and everything you do outside of the home it's for the betterment of your family anyway my mom worked my whole my whole adolescents I hope so it's not it's not a bad thing just own your choices feel good about it don't feel guilty and don't let anybody tell you or make you feel bad about doing the best thing for you and your family regardless of what that looks like
I absolutely love that that is like the definition of peace is to really only what you were doing and for your family because no two families are exactly alike and that working I did that I worked full-time corporate you know corporate career for a little bit and then I came home and became a consultant and much like you like you said on the road to park in the garage but each decision and I love that I want mom is to really hear that part each decision that I made along the career path I always was making the decision that I thought was best for my family does that mean it evolves but you're still making the decision that is best for the family so you know getting out of that place of guilt Shane and condom and I have a friend of my sofa
what I did when I left I had to tell the story because I hope that she's listening so bad when I left Corporate America and came home and she said to me she said I'm sorry why are you going home cuz I want to spend more time with the kids and she is one of them sick will ya don't leave your career and I'm joking you know that we laugh about it now cuz we're really close friends and she's also a pharmacist and but I told her I said that day I just felt like such a heel I went by just giving up but it really was a decision that I thought was best at the time and I did eventually go back let you know part time here in there and did a lot of other girls but we really have to own decision that family comes
not before, but you may have to pick the career in order to support the family as long as we're keeping the main thing the main thing the words of my family that's the main thing the main thing we said that a lot in my household in the Mets are really is what we need to make this family work may not look like what our neighbors need this is what is it that I love you know we're too much Mom came from I absolutely love that you started this business and I know that that had to come with a first of all I want to say something I see the hand of God all over that decision to put your family first and then get blessed with the concept of developing too much Mom you know at that seems inspired to me just how you came up with the title from communicating build a relationship with your son and how that travel through your family and now here you are in this seat of being able to be an influencer in Anchorage
sure and Inspire for women and infirm motherhood is a Divine in my mind but talked a little bit about some of the challenges that came along the pathway of developing too much Mom and I read somewhere that it's you said you'd been working there for like 5 years or so for us to have an idea and there are we so many reasons why it won't work like even now everyday I have to I have to decide. I have to just do it I have to make a decision to just
do little things do as much as I can in my best is good enough because let me tell you it's it's not easy to do anything when you have two young toddlers running around and then you're managing a Ministry and then you still got the TV industry a different meanings you're taking a different things you're doing and then you know things that I did I do that weed that you can give yourself not to pursue this or not to pursue the dream that you have until I sat on it for five years because
they just wasn't the right time I wish I had to convince myself that you know what I have to just like just like the Bible says she did what she could and I just do what I can and so are you prevent too much Mom not a perfect way you know something you guys need to come Friday that new episode every Friday and Fridays I have a interview celebrity just wanted a bomb with a compelling story that I think will touch someone out there other days out film I got a couple of things blog you know how much I can because
at the end of the day it's okay Oprah one said this show doesn't need to be successful for me to be successful this show doesn't Define who I am and I feel like that's where I am right now like I I love motherhood I'm passionate about motherhood I'm passionate about everything that motherhood in the crafts and all that but beyond that the inner peace at as long as you battle with so many going to music I want to talk about that passion when we come back you guys we're listening to Christian Smith with too much Mom we're excited to come back to you right after this break
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast Witch Doctor drayvon James welcome back to Everyday piece of Saturday by James Byrd talking with Christian Smith from too much Mom I'm super excited about this episode because if you are a mom a dad a caregiver this is the program for you because I feel from my experience and of course I feel like the grandma on this show because I have a 16 year old and 18 year old and I I went through that those are beginning toddler years and I was exhausted and I was lonely and although I was part of a very very good Church community I look back now and I cannot understand for the life of me why I didn't reach out and ask for help except for you know the ego is your enemy something and I never reached
ask anybody to help me with the children or with the house or with anything with your program question and I know the YouTube programming but you do have this wonderful Facebook saying you are encouraging people and women and mothers to ask for help what is the do you ever get people responding like what is the number one thing that mom is asking for help with
but I think the problem is Mom don't ask for help enough and I was one of them I was one of them I would try to do you know the first two years of my son's life and then my daughter came along and I was trying to just do everything myself even when it came to my husband I was trying to still do everything like the year the ministry leader of the year it was just too much and this is what I mean about too much Mom it's just too much
ask for help and not to feel bad asking for help it really does take a village to raise a child and I don't know how we arrived in this place in America where we feel like we need to do everything and be everything to everyone is not true and so I started early and for the break about my face and it just it just comes out because I pick up principal from another Jethro principal and Moses father-in-law and I just got to a place in my life where I like what I'm doing is not good I need to delegate I need to ask for help all these people love my children, help me so you know what that looks like practically for me was talking to my husband and letting him know like I said they like
I am worn out I need for I need a 4-Hour block every week to just do something that I want to do like I need to go and do whatever I want to do is get my nails done with it that's why the water whether that's sleep whether that anything I want to do I need that first of all and he's like done to help you once you ask for help they're not going to respond in a way like this is what I had to tell you what lesson is learned doctors are not honest with people around around you that love you they want to help you you're so busy acting like you have it all together people don't realize you need help and I learned that in my effort to become Superwoman when I started asking for help the response I always got was I'm so sorry
but you have everything together you always look so perfect and I'm like falling apart at the seams even at two women at my church there at 65 years old and they always ask me every week or like can we come over and help you fold your laundry and I'm like
most of the times I was like no it's okay I got it but then I'm like okay Kristen humble out what I am doing is not good these women are offering to help me you know what I'm going to start seeing you and I did and they've come over a few times and they have folded my laundry and I have given them and I feel very loved and I'm going to accept help so I hope that inspires your listeners doctor to ask for help it's not a bad thing or good thing too late but it's a journey of our life let me just be totally honest with every listen to hear it takes a village to do everything for him and children it's a great lesson there too because when you ask for help what I have found is this you give other people an opportunity to become a part of the team
and that is so important a lot of sadness and I won't call it clinical depression that I'm not going to say that but lot of sadness and just a general Blues comes from people filling separate they feel isolated and so when you say when you ask them first of all asking something so I can help validates them oh my goodness you think enough of me to ask Mommy and who are we not to want to pass that along I think a lot of time for me and my journey with my children I didn't want to appear like I was weak right and
crisis made strong in our weakness right so and I didn't want any rejection because when you're in an isolated place for too long your mind starts playing tricks on you like okay if no one stepped up to help you maybe they don't care about you and you start getting all that going on in your head and the loneliness so I don't encourage everyone please reach out to someone and make them part of your team part of your community you'd be amazed what someone would do that just to have some company to be able to come over and talk with you for a minute or two share a cup of tea or a cup of coffee if you would be willing to do a lot of things just to be in your presence so asking for help other people to get on your team isn't such a big way for us to one another each other
sorry that I missed that point but let me just say I have a 16 and 18 year old now and and now my son is 16 and he has a really good friend lives around the corner from us and that Mom and I have really really bonded our kids have been in school together since they were like in the first grade and told me she asked me for help but believe me when there's 16 you really have to probably need a lot more help than when they were hanged at Emagine for you I mean at that point that you put your kids are now it's like you can't really come you can't control them any more like I can pretty much control what my 4 year-old and two-year-old day look like you know so I pray every day for God to prepare me for the teenage years so
I'll talk to you have found out though it's each Journey that they go on group grows us up as mom's a little bit more so because I didn't think I would be ready for this type of in the as I called dependent Independence right because they are really really wanting to stretch out and get their independence and because you know I buy a hover mom but I do have around a background because I know that you want to stretch out of you want to be more independent but you still need to be led by your dad and I we still need to kind of be kind of go smoothly until we run ahead of him and smooth the path a little bit and then let him look at it by myself
oh yeah that does this journey is it does change but mothering is so very important it is to me it's the job is the gift that keeps on giving if we do not act in a way that is inclusive if you do it in a way that does inclusive and that's what I really like about too much Mama it creates this inclusive environment where moms can gather get new ideas about her old things you know cuz sometimes the mirror and she said can you make it a little and she said you know your kids talk too much
I said what do you mean mom she was a very opinionated and the kids were allowed to have an opinion so much but talking to moms that are raising children in the same season that we're raising children gives us fresh perspectives because kids need something different than what they needed when I was growing up I told my son I said you guys are with the internet not you're doing Global Communication I was lucky if I communicate with somebody five blocks from my house so it's really good I think
too much monk is this an opportunity to communicate and find out how to do things effectively for the era in which we raised until nothing history is not good but we do need to know what's going on in this are there was no internet with my mother was Raising me or you know how my biological mom anyway she is suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and depression as well and it was so it was our childhood. True mother figure we got taken away from her very young and so I always say I'm the mother I never had and so I I encourage other mother to to not waste a minute of being a mom I say that many many of my shows. Don't waste a minute of being a mom because the thing is with everything going around like you're such a whirlwind
and we wear so many hats and we balanced so much and there's so much emotion and it's so easy to get caught up in the stress you know you're in your in your failure if y'all fall on our faces a parent numerous times a week sometimes numerous end the day we lose our patience with our kids we beat ourselves up for X Y and Z and it's so easy to just give in to do the hard part of parenting but the thing is it really does go by so fast as you can attest you like when I'm here I don't even know where the past five years have gone and how did that happen and so I try really hard to deliberately go after the Gratitude in everyday deliberately take a moment to catch my breath deliberately tore into myself before my days start in the morning again like I told you in the beginning of the shell it was just me and got in the morning cuz I need to pour into myself to be able to pour out to everyone else and so it's only important
to waste the good in parenting and sometimes the Mind shift do something to focus on the good weather if you're religious order that you're not reading your Bible every day maybe it's journaling I don't know what it is for you but it's so important to get to not get lost and to savor the good in motherhood
oh my goodness not get lost in the things that are not so important the matching socks or that you know I told my daughter was asked about this she one-time War rain boots that and nothing was cowboy boots and raincoat and some kind of shorts in the middle of the winter to the grocery store and I can remember I looked at the date of course she would let me call her here I remember right buddy from you. This is the time when I was at home and he had left Corporate America and you know it in your Corporate America you have one look and I just felt like this is going to be the day that someone sees us as his old boy is really taking you to the car to go to the grocery store and I just looked at her
and I thought to myself cheese is so adorable looking for any of the stubborn personality and I can remember telling my sister I said I know that I don't want to do anything to change I want to cultivate the personality that God gave her to learn how to utilize it for the best because whatever Journey that her life is going to go on she's going to need the tools that God gave her and me as a mom my job is to help her learn how to use those tools into cultivating the using to serve the kingdom of God and it has been answering she's 18 years old now and she still has that same girl who would we know she's going to have her way but she did now learning how do you like I call the true north which is the old I am thankful to God to being able to be grateful for who she was and to support that support that Monday. I think that's so very important mom come get that from from our conversation in this moment is that
find a way to what I hear you saying is find a way to celebrate yourself making sure you get some time to yourself that for hours a month or whatever you can get how everyone looks however it looks because at one point Book 2 and 1/2 hour commute I really just could sit on the deck for maybe 30 minutes when the kids went to bed now it's sit there and look at the stars and I just be so grand theft in this moment right at Stony Point yes get some time where you can connect because that's important and I know I keep going back to Too Much wrong with the connection the relationship piece is so very important on the Journey of motherhood that relationship peace being able to one relate to the Creator but also be able to relate to other moms and parents who were in the season that you are in
my refrigerator do up when he get his mom there's a light that keeps coming on and on site we talked about the lights all gone the next day I came downstairs she said I'd fix that light for you he had some type of way mix of the refrigerator light never came back on it in that moment with everything else going on about the laundry and all this other stuff has to find yourself getting so frustrated and see this is my little engineer glass half-full for sure that's pulling out the good in the bad situation in the far away and you can laugh or cry on the phone but it's good to have this network of women and mothers to do these things with it's so very important if we can impress I think Young mothers are
season 2 really don't miss an opportunity to connect and have fellowship with other women and this is not judging or PT Fellowship I love that and I love that it's not that cuz we don't need another thing to feel shame about I know it's true this is what you much Mom I really try and create and no judgment Zone and that that network of maybe maybe you don't have a ton of mom friends around you maybe I really do any of town and you don't know anybody whatever it is I mean with the with the internet now is social media we can connect online you know you can say I am a very accessible send me a message you do on Instagram or even want you to but I'm on the channel too much on Facebook whatever it is and you know there are so many resources out there but sometimes the biggest resource you need is just another mom and is in the same chapter if you are going through the same things with toddlers or with teens
never cease of motherhood you're in charge of sharing experiences you know someone else you sleep training their kids someone else someone else whose kids are going off to college whatever stays it is we need each other when I don't know how we developed this idea that we have to be Lone Ranger's and be the person that's just so unattainable and do everything alone I don't think that's how we are intended to raise our children and I think we're intended to really be that Village and have that Network support around us so and you know when you accept help and when you pour it when you pour out to others it it just ends up refreshing yourself anyway so try it and see how it benefits your life try not working for that time with Mom and the refreshing of once those else I know what you talked about five years to get
too much Mom and get it lost and get in the show look so professional everything about it is so wonderful and so I'm just right now what do you have planned in the in the future for for too much Mom anything coming up that is going to be something different or new
yeah well I'm April is Autism Awareness Month and so I'm really excited to do a special show focused on autism and that I'm talking to an amazing in cricket and her son who is a teenager he has autism and you can't do a lot independently and it's really cool because they have started using this app it's called busy kid kids can do the chores and get allowing and it's just really cool app that manages chores and spending and responsible money management and being with a busy kid and autism is.
people with Autism can use the app and systematically feel like you're doing everything on their own they can gain independence they don't need their parent holding your hand cuz they have the app and look at this look at the app and Visually Co I need to do this next so it's only for kids who have autism to gain independence and feel like you really accomplishing something excited cuz I'm going to feature the album The Incredible mother names Cricket again and our story will just move your heart and so I just really excited for that I've never done one of those things it from the outside I don't know anyone to talk to them so I I kind of didn't know what I was getting into bed after learning about autism so many people are impacted by autism I'm now just like so passionate about just spreading awareness so we're doing that in April
I've been trying different things cuz this is the first season of too much Mom I've committed to 10 episodes in all those episodes I've been trying different interviews like to see that's all I'm going to come out with a couple of hacks with my kids and my kids are so funny that I can't wait for everyone to just see how to make you know make a splash on too much Mom because they provide plenty of entertainment part of the featuring a cricket in her in her story with her son about autism because a lot of times we don't we we don't a lot of moms we think about you know the moms of children who are are not affected in such a way but that is great that you're raising awareness so it's more of an inclusive and diverse environment way to go to much Mom awesome
I love that I absolutely love it that is great and I find tube that is a kid interact early and then Things become acceptable they don't have the standoffish type of feeling so it's good to connect my mom's cuz that's how we make all this happen cuz Mom said the connectors of the world that is so wonderful to raise awareness it's beautiful here oh thank you I really excited about it everyday peace with Doctor dream on James and I am a big pieces what I'm all about the concept of the piece of wood and I mean active piece I don't mean sitting in the corner and meditating before 5 hours I would love to get have an opportunity to do that by the way but I have not had that opportunity yet those are the piece that we have to cultivate in the mist of all of the external Chaos's and all of that but like to talk a little bit about you know you talked about starting your morning off with with with prayer or
something that relates you back to the Creator are there any other practices that you have that help to ensure your peace throughout this this is a dynamic part time of your life but it's got to be a lot of chaos to the lot of stuff happening when you have little kids so I need a
I'm well I think a big part of finding peace is deliberately going after it I think we sometimes as long as we can wait for peace to come and I've learned that I ended my life I have to pursue peace I have to find I have to schedule piece I do writing a lot of it comes down to discipline not staying up too late making sure I go to bed and then I can wake up earlier than everyone else in my household and not just that works for me so I get my time every morning when I have my coffee I have my Bible and I have my notebook and I just have my time of it but not a lot because I tried calling one prayer walk a day where I go on a little walk with it at 5 minutes or 10 minutes. But then again I have I have my husband here I have a really big
Church Network around me and so thankfully in this season of my life I I can do that other people don't have that luxury and I understand that it comes out to scheduling for me and to make the most of every opportunity you have a busy busy day sometimes making the most of every opportunity looks like this is going to sound really weird but I'm just going to keep the real and I was going to say sometimes it looks like fighting 5 minutes in the bathroom and just sitting on the floor in the light off and just breathing and being there and it's not having she's collecting your thoughts clear in your mind sometimes that's what you have to do I eat in a burrito in a closet before because
in the closet eating a burrito OK Google. Was kind of embarrassing but this is what she looks like in my life in my doctor love you for sharing this because you know if we only have a few minutes left but I want to say this has been an awesome interview and I hope that everyone is really getting some some tangible Jewels because I with my daughter was small she was a crier and Coliseum that nature but I can remember going in the bad this is a routine for me I'd go in the back of my start the shower and I put on some jazz and I sit there night gaze out of the window with the shower going and I feel like I feel like I'm going to be the hottest day and I do that for like 3 to 5 minutes and then I come out and she still be crying but I felt so
so this is Doctor Dre Bond James thank you guys for joining me in too much Mom Christian Smith today I look forward to sharing everyday peace with you next week until next time find a way to create peace in your life I absolutely love you see you next week
you've been listening to Everyday teeth for dr. Avon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me at info at Dr Graber on enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International in role of the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at chapter 21 Jamestown, purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thanks for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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