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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, 22/02/2022

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Maintaining Peace and Unity with Jasmine Cartwright-Atkins

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Maintaining Peace and Unity

Jasmine Cartwright-Atkins, head of marketing for Sloppy Vinyl, gives tips on how to incorporate life lessons into your purpose while maintaining peace and unity.

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positive prayer from Silent Unity the newest in voice-activated technology available on any Alexa enabled device like the Amazon Echo each prayer and meditation on positive prayer will help strengthen guide and comfort you just say Alexa open positive prayer you can ask for specific prayer on topics like healing prosperity and comfort give it a try today<br> practical spirituality positive messages this is Unity online radio. Org<br> the voice of an Awakening world<br> Empower yourself and get inspired to build the life of your dreams<br> welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James<br> welcome to Everyday peace sign Dr.Dre Bond James this is everyday peace I'm super excited to have you join us today while we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace Define is wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality I want to just the paws if you can right there and just received that that's you that's you hold complete nothing missing totality did you know that that's what you are right now I don't care what's going on I don't care who's saying something to the contrary it doesn't even matter if you feel like it's not true it just is best you until we're here today to affirm that remind you of that as we do on this program all the time we talked about the philosophy of every day peace as a system for us to achieve<br> our next level of greatness in our health and our wealth and our relationships we also bring the guest in the topics that highlight opportunities for us to grow to learn and yes for us to be entertained didn't have fun because that's part of this journey if you're here and you're going along with a for the ride with the rest of us we should have a good time as we're learning and growing and developing so last week we had an amazing guest on the show and Claire Gallagher and if you miss that show if you missed last week's show my goodness I want to tell you I have to encourage you though I'm just saying that you should go back and listen to the show she's at she's a nutritionist a certified strength and conditioning specialist and in astrology what a mix you hear her little story of how she get started that we spent the whole of our talk about the healing powers of each planet we just came through a full Moon the Moon was in Leo<br> tired of so much and what that means to the body and how to use the flow of the lunar a system to stay and flow it to note learn more about herself and even for healing so if you miss that I encourage you I really do encourage you to go back and listen to the shop when you can listen to that show and Oliver shows by subscribing to dr. Dre Bond James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play Stitcher or you can listen on the unity online radio. Org website you can also access very very very very evil information that I can assure you will help you reach your goals Faster by visiting my website that's dr. Dre Bond James, you're going to find great inspirational information are you going to find free courses there many courses to help you jump-start tips on how to improve certain areas of your life so please is it that web<br> and you're going to learn about program that we have going cuz did you know that right now we're enrolling for our 12-week coaching program Quantum Leap in your in your life as it relates to your health wealth and relationships in our leaders and high heels 12-week coaching program so go on the website about these things Reach Out many of you do and I'm so glad that you do I love reading your email that love eating your question so please keep those coming they are encouraging and they are informative so you know there are theme for 2022 is it's time to improve my life I love seeing that it's time there's no time like the present<br> there's no time like the present you deserve this you've worked hard for whatever it is but you deserve to improve your life to the level of which you want to only you get to say what your next what your next level is so that's up to you and that brings me to our everyday peace moment is that did you know right now and this moment that you listen to this black ass and we're spending the time together that you are making history we don't think about it that way do it we don't go through all day thinking that my goodness the decision that I'm making right down to do or not to do whatever it is I am making history I am leaving a legacy I am starting something new I am ending generational curses whatever it is that you doing right now you're making history you are important your happiness is important to your success is important you're yes then you're no importance so I'm super excited<br> chosen to spend some time with me today as we bring on a fascinating guests who is doing just that making history she's starting off her life and she's making choices and making history and I'm super excited to bring our show name is Jasmine Cartwright Atkins she is the head of marketing for sloppy vinyl sake but I do and she's here to give us tips on how to incorporate life lessons into our purpose while maintaining peace and unity within ourselves there is no higher calling than that I'm super excited Jasmine welcome to the show<br> thank you so much for having me and I appreciate you yeah but this is a great example of alignment I know now I was searching for peace and for you to exist for this station to exist from people listening to exist it's so special I felt like it was so hard to find people like us before this is so heartwarming and it's it's beyond words to even be able to talk to you guys and listen and good night just so welcome you are a breath of fresh air and I want our listening audience to know that we will start by giving some surprises tell us your background like where are you at what are you doing and they were going to hop right into our topic and I want the guests to really listen because I know that I'm at with the audience can we listen to Our Guest today because I know that many times there are so many do's and don'ts are since I<br> we're too old to start we're too young to start where do you know where if you were to whatever to start right we are in the middle towards the end of February which is Black History Month in Ark North Country right and I want to say this it's always too soon to quit<br> and it's never too late to start Jasmine I'm super excited to give us your history we know where you are now what you're doing<br> I am so right now I actually felt yes the head of marketing and then also I meant people's kind of friends I'm at they come in with us a little and share so basically copy vinyl is a Creator developing program so if you are a felon if you are in acting if you're in modeling if you're a music music is you know our top saw back is because we have a lot more musicians around here in designing everything we kind of them all to come together and not working and it's really special here if you need me or whatever we have everything right there you know and y'all kind of just work with each other we find that it works better that way<br> are you guys really worked I guess it's a collaborative for artist exactly exactly so you know people, and I kind of just a little bit if they want to be a full performing are a Performing Artist I went to go get some of the show's photoshoot Studio sheets and everything that I'm I'm really passionate about the people like Destiny could I feel be all we all have one everyone knows that we all have a Destiny and I I think that some people are here to help other people you know what their Destiny and I literally signed I find love like in myself when I do that when I find love and other people which for me was a harder thing as I am growing up is really difficult for me on Tuesday I was I was sorry for me I was more of an internal fight that I had I was really comfortable in my environment so a lot of thought I was trying to put on me and my cell<br> I'm so like ever since I was younger I was searching around trying to find something and unfortunately if I did then me and you know where I was suicidal and really finding darker things to do you know I would really like I'm in that was really a dark time for me cuz I'm not trying to I was really not aligned with myself and I was painful for me I don't know where that was the thing you know I was just kind of it because I'm not I'm sad I'm this I'm not going to really it was like to know he's around me and I had somebody I'm in control my own voice my own energy within you know the environment the noise whatever one wants you to do you know I'd run expectations of you yeah that was that inner peace within and pleasing myself personally let you know we're discovering what gave me that piece you know<br> that's making myself that's going for a walk so you know I'm just going to<br> yeah I love the fact that you were able to source that out for yourself because so often we I think everybody can relate to having emotions that they might don't understand and you don't understand like why am I so why am I feeling so disconnected from my environment things are just so heavy on me right that I can't shake this and it's encouraging that you are able to go through that process and realize that it was a need to serve a need to be connected in some way and I can so much of how much about my mom said I got said I said it was coming on my head was true about light is that when we move you know and I think I've heard people who specialize in social work in Psychology say the same thing is that when we move Beyond ourselves to find out how we can be of service to somebody else it lessens our own internal pain and that's not the name that we shouldn't focus on herself because we certainly have to but it is in the giving to others that mean it's sort of like a<br> bomba soothing that helps to soothe and calm The Rage or the sadness or whatever that's within ourselves so I'm encouraged that you able to find that you were able to find this community of a sloppy vinyl is a collaborative artists that you can you guys can put together and find help them to get to their to their next level of greatness if you will buy the photoshoot today about 8:00 your concept and in the tips that you have to incorporate life lessons into your purpose while maintaining peace and unity and of course you know the name of the show is everyday piece it's you and I just really by Bon that whole thing but how do you define success while pursuing art myself<br> that's a slippery slope in your art foof so I'm interested to hear how you define that as an artist how do you define success I think that is very honest person with everyone but I would I would give you understand you know you have to show everyone everyone has you know an idea of what success looks like look like and unfortunately a lot of times you see people. Kind of put that on someone else you know what I'm not blaming you.<br> about your life that you feel like you don't really need it so I can see if you're pursuing music since I was like oh you know you're not going to get how you can get money from that you know what I mean I think a lot of that phrase how do you define success because I think people people's mind and would go right to the money okay I like money-wise where where am I living in your work invested in your art. Just come so I personally I would say that I find my how much I create but then how much the quality of it as well because I did have a lot of trouble with procrastinating but I think it was my own personal fear with seeing my success is How I died<br> I love I love that we talked about the procrastination I think that a lot of artists say they had that problem with procrastination in it one of it I do think sometimes that you're you're so passionate seeing you but artists in general so passionate about what they do is to do it flawed<br> is is painful to do it flawed and sometimes we hold back but then I think to there so maybe mention also about being able to financially sustain one's self right and a lot of times because it is so very expensive you know I am the mom of two college students doing that a lot of times artist feel like they have to give up on their art in order to do they have to make a choice you know and art or eating you know okay at what point do people feel like they give up because it was a point in my going to grow up they said can I say no one at work when I going to grow up and be able to pay my bills and I remember reading an article about the actress who was Hitler's first name<br> but he did well what a Tony and he was telling the story about how he was living at home and you know acting and it won't he was going to give up as I get to what point of my going to just you know get a real job I'm going to my parents house and let me know I'm an adult and try to give up on this art and not giving up is what landed him you know he went on a piece hugely successful is encouraging story but I know a lot of artists deal with that when they talk about measuring their success and then I cry measure my success but I can you know I feel successful quality is great but I can't pay my light bill and it is stifled a lot of wonderful talent talent out there but I agree with you you got to be able to find that success for yourself you got to make that way within yourself and it can always just be<br> the money or are in my opinion external validation is got to really be you looking at your art and and and it whatever you doing and it likes you up<br> exactly what I think that's the difference between a passion and just another career not that there's anything wrong with that but there is that passion is a deeper level for sure for sure that is so we talked about sloppy by now like I keep saying that I love that title so I can't love you by now and I know you work with the artist there are you responsible for bringing an artist as well<br> in front of bringing them in a song or you just want us to bring any of that can take control of a little bit over that but yeah so basically you just go on Soundcloud and just kind of good early shift through everyone and talk to them and then if they feel you know somebody connected then they come in at least have a meeting<br> I know it's early but I'm okay it's just local artists and you just and I know you're going through social media so you're meeting all the time everywhere<br> yes so actually working on an international program right now but right now there are a lot of people from the north Jersey area and Clifton Patterson you work and then you have a few artists and then a couple more from New York so you know it's the headquarters for sloppy vinyl in the New Jersey area and that means it's very frustrating but the actual company with another braid it from water music and then they created another partner that my Cameron and Shawn Mendes song as an artist and it is<br> wonderful one I want to just in Courage our listeners to if you yourself are an artist and and she hurts happy vinyl works with artists across the board right so if you yourself for an artisan you know someone who's an artist and we're talking to Jasmine Cartwright Athens today and she is up works with Slappy Slappy by I'll give us your exact title again at sloppy vinyl<br> head of marketing and then the social media manager<br> wait to head of marketing and social media manager and so this is a great opportunity if you want to call and ask him questions or if you want to just make sure you connect with them make sure they see your stuff to be happy we're talking about and when you and I talked off the air I mention to you that I feel that right now and in your life and in you know I'm decade older than you are because we didn't say the beginning cuz I almost gave it away is that you are currently in college as you're doing this you are in your senior year is Seton Hall University in your senior year and maintaining this very heavy-duty position and you know doing all this fabulous work but you've taken on a lot of stuff and you're very civic-minded go to talk about some of the other things that you're that you're doing and your Majors broadcast your miners public relations you are working as head of marketing and in taking other social media right now as an African American woman<br> you are black history in the making<br> yeah yeah you know what we're doing in this moment we are creating history we don't think about it that way we're living our lives trying to make it through right here because I'm just doing the best that I can and that's fine keep doing that it's working right but this is what you're doing and I'm so honored to be able to have you on the show to talk about this and into highlight this because this is how history gets made at some level we know that but we never think of us right now this present moment of creating history knowing you and I talked and you were telling you all that you do and that's the first thing that popped into my mind I remember saying it to USA my gosh<br> one day someone's going to read look back and say oh have you read about Jasmine Cartwright Atkins and I think you mentioned that to me and ignore my phone call before I end up like honestly that's been stuck in my head the way you think we don't notice every day that were doing something but we are you going to need the whole thing and I'm so glad that is positive I'm so glad this uplifting I'm so I'm so encouraged and I hope that our listeners are encouraged to to hear you talk about your humanness and you're in the bond ability and let you know there was a point in your life when you didn't feel you know a great about where you were what you were feeling but you were able to still reach out to to use that nest of the platform with everyday pieces that we use everything that she<br> look in our life is not sort of the platform it really is the platform we use everything that shows up in your life the good the bad everything in between the stuff we wanted the stuff we didn't want it if it should have been in life we use it we transforming we leverage it<br> to help us get to our next level of greatness and you aren't an example of just that you know you talked about your struggles with depression and here you are you found your outlet by helping other people to reach their artistic goals and instill why handling a heavy course load and going through the senior so I'm super super excited and super proud of the work that you're doing so what are three things you feel the most accomplished about in your life at this point in it<br> I would say 10 2028 I had a friend named Jack we had gone to high school together and I think this is during the time of everyone's Minds were Jack and tomorrow night you know exactly what's inside and everything so I can kind of the please put me up please fatality was being way more time streamed and consumed because I promised him I'd had time to think about everyone you know and that you know that expansion in that likes to spread over social media I never one day we were watching it and just was sitting in bed like what what are we doing sitting here watching people get killed in like literally we are humans people that not are not that I'm not in the government that are not you know in police uniforms or whatever literally sitting up and walk outside<br> the fight for themselves and we were just sitting out here what are we doing right now and it was making me really frustrated so we did something about it live it up in an all-white town man that this is a rich white town it's like how how can we have fun even if we are walking around and people are like giving up stairs cuz this is like. You know, they have Flags everywhere that are you know not the American flag<br> we just beat we did it we just said okay we're going to do it so I can see how much you like school I don't know how it became that but it but it did I feel like everyone has a kind of if you have enough clothes Community that's always a spot where you could go to feel comfortable and if not three that you know what I mean but everyone want to meet at the rec center and we're going to March down the street and back 1,000 people showed up 1,000<br> it was like he was bright with a man<br> I don't even have words to describe it it's more that's that's the word Unity. Hope you guys are going to yell together beforehand and had caught wind with people in the town and on Facebook and social media they were coming at us like people that they were watching our families that they were going to set up bricks and stuff like during the protest stuff like that and even like happy people are kind of setup in the protest<br> awaken to the divine within you're listening to Unity online radio. Org<br> create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James<br> welcome back I'm Doctor Trevon James this is everyday peace in our fabulous guest today is Jasmine Cartwright Atkins who is making history she is at working as a marketing executive at sloppy vinyl and media specialist is sloppy vinyl she happens to be a senior at Seton Hall University and she's doing some amazing things she's talking with us today about just maintaining your peace and unity while you also pursue your passion one of her passions is being civic-minded and bringing people together and just before the break we were talking about the three things that she and her biggest accomplishments and you were talking to us about how you turn the protest as of what you thought were going to be 5 people into a protest of the people we talked about a peaceful protest to bring awareness to love so I'm if you want to pick up beer I'm super excited to hear How The Story Goes<br> he has a credit so yeah it soaks it was beautiful during the protest so after we had kind of all joined at the rec center that we started at and we allowed the people that wanted to come up and speak so some people were coming up to do call him some people coming up to speed our minds and honestly that was only likes the second thing is that there were a couple things that were created in my town is a program called Mari m a r e i called more solemn night for racial equality equity and inclusion after the process they had to come up to me and talk about okay so we see a couple of like-minded people<br> people that was speaking with people that have felt you know Austin is not our occupies the Moorestown Community or I felt recently excluded from the situation then they were like okay well why not going to the school's why not make it stable so I'm that's okay I'm still so that people that were out of college and then everyone else stays with that were in high school right now so that they can become consumed in the process of Maury about like kind of a trained but it's just hot you know I'm going to have a conversation to have a voice<br> so I don't know. That's able to stay there for at least 2 years and years been there and then my friend Ashlyn and I are going and so we just kind of put it on him to come out people can perform seeing What musician Ben Benders and who knows what kind of connect we had vendors at the first you know what it's called<br> and a hundred people can't you know when it was proclaimed in the town for the mayor came in prepared so this is our third excited we have a lot of r e s t o w n l o<br> oh this is beautiful and I know you have one more to tell us but I just want to interject here that this is all while you are in your senior year in you curling you see Senior graduating from college head of marketing Slappy vinyl major and broadcast a minor in public relations civic-minded this is a you are giving a lot you are giving a lot until you taking your life lessons and you're putting it into your purpose so I'm going to hear about your your next one there I just I don't want us to lose track of who you are and what you're doing while you're creating this positive change in your area so we're on to your next accomplish with that you're so proud I know there many<br> everyone hates me or at this environment is just beyond the problem you know I'm not doing everything that is the third thing that I'm very very much<br> I think that was positioned So Beautiful Lie hope you didn't come into Jasmine coming to yourself to wake up to you and all that you are so it's I love it I absolutely love it you're doing an amazing job with your life and so how do you because<br> it hasn't been too long it's been a long time since I was in college but I do remember the rigors of study and as I mentioned have two children and in college right now I got two nieces and so I'm not that far removed from the heavy workload my daughter is a senior in college now and how do you manage all of this like hot where do you go to rejuvenate yourself so that you can give because I know that you cannot give you no help and a healthy way from an empty wagon you have to fill up so how do you do that how do you rejuvenate yourself so you can get at this level<br> right so that's a great question just I've experienced a lot of like on energy trading situation you know like when you're putting in you know what kinds of sweets you in a way you know you have to like putting more like I like the way you act like I said I would say hi and that might not be it for a lot of people but for me because I'm a people person and I can get lost in those situations being alone where I can extend her myself you know so I left the library but if I'm doing homework that I kind of feel like the other things<br> lock thing on that easy for a lot of people it wasn't easy for me either but that kind of stuff from me physically while being able to be a my brain mentally something about that helps me things out you know that it's as a as you were saying that it was even soothing for me to think about<br> having that space in creating that space where it's you right then you get to become the Watcher of your own thoughts right without you ain't you get to become a watcher of your own thoughts and and I love how you say you have that time and nature you can either go for a walk or something is just you and you have that time and in that space that increases in our ability to have self-awareness to self-soothe so far out there who you know feel a lot of times overwhelmed because you really do have a lot on your plate like anybody you know Jasmine you have a lot on your plate you're doing a great job managing it but for everybody who's who you know where ever you are in your life beginning middle and wherever you are in your life created it's never too late to become more self-aware<br> you always get benefit from that getting to know your self more and more more and and I have to say this allowing yourself space to change don't judge that allowing you're allowing yourself to place to change and just watching the change I think that's beautiful that you are aware that you recharge by sometime in yourself but alone by yourself and then helps you to regenerate and I think you kind of talked about you know those are peaceful activities having some time alone at maybe getting out the nature what do you buy inspires you like you wake up in the morning<br> and I don't know do you feel inspired me wake up in the morning and you know what's going on there and that space<br> the fact that I chose I chose my path that I chose what I wanted to do that I am choosing myself I think that's what inspired me when I get home comfortable sometimes cuz you know of course you've learned a lot from that but you know about yourself to know where your defenses know where separations are know where your boundaries lives that I chose myself I chose this I chose to be a match with the love I chose this and I don't know how to do a lot of my life for this kind of feels like a new energy but like<br> like it's some it's comfortable because they got always and I've always wanted to let you know I've always been a yearn for it<br> all right and that I hear so much from people of all ages to being able to be in your space and make your decision on that on that this is my choice so being in that space is so very important is knowing that this is the choice that I have made today I've made this choice and I'm willing to see to whatever you know you can call the beginning the beginning the middle the middle and you get to call the in the end and that's beautiful about that Journey earning that and for those people who actually you know what Jasmine I can say this because I'm older right there in the beginning of your journey and so in the beginning of the journey it's easy to say my parents right but I will tell you that you'll probably meet people who are my age and older who are still staying with my parents right and it's some point it really is you making the choice even when you don't want to we don't want to say that because<br> we're not doing what we want to do but you are making the choice to do what you don't want to do so then go out and I'm hearing that I want to say it out loud that I'm going back to your to your answer before spend time with yourself<br> so that way you'll know whether or not you're making choices that make you feel fulfilled that put you in your happy place so you're not just moving robotic and I think that's so very important to ask you know how do you how do you rejuvenate what do you do to refill your cup and you mentioned you spend some time alone you spend some time you may be going out for a walk by yourself in the morning you're spending that time and during that time your rejuvenating yourself and your there's something happening on a subconscious level at cellular level even where you rejuvenate me in your becoming more aware of what is the things that you need to do for you beautiful beautiful absolutely beautiful and I got to have this much insight into who you are because it takes a lifetime for a lot of people to get this so what do you look for an inspiration like what inspires you<br> people eyes are like situation<br> Google people first and we'll talk about situation I see people first because you're in the people business with sloppy vinyl 241 what what inspires you and your people to be here because what if I admit I come in and see you know my assistant just at her desk like working with you. So we can do that. And then you know the videographer he's got there is always blasting music you know I'm not going to go get it and it cuz I'm here it's like they're working for themselves and Ayana it's so it's so beautiful to me for some reason I don't know. I love seeing them you know tell me what they<br> where they want to go why they got there who they want to inspire like that connect to someone's energy right yeah that's beautiful that's beautiful to do so let's talk about situations like what situations do you find our most inspiring like that put you in at Desert phrase that I use a lot of times and I'm as an artist I'll tell people I'm in the zone over the years you know my family and friends is smile because when I get in the zone like everything becomes electrified a magnified in my path today anything can be used because I'm just in this artistic place and but what if you know what I guess push you in the zone what inspires you situationally like in your Carriage is this this is just your jam and put you at<br> inspired you to go to your next level<br> you can say anything I want to get in the God in Me is one that hundred percent if I need if I need something and I I was in and out of me is the god in me is that it<br> is that the Eminem I think of the right one I was trying to think of the artist name but it didn't come to me but<br> especially when I was just looking for it was not even coming either I know it because my daughter was in high school I bought it already bought it I think that I think that's has a bit if it's the same song but yeah music is a whole experience right at done. I mean even if you even I will say this I was going to be done properly it can have such an impact but any music has an impact right it does change your vibrational energy so I do think I agree with you and if you know how to use Music properly you can you probably never have a bad day in your life really you'll have a day where you're conscious that you need to read recalibrate and you can do me to use the vibrational energy of music to do that price you have a whole show on that right<br> but you can use that and you would notice too that you use music it is some music can change your mood for the not so good when you realize if you're super where you'll realize that gosh I was that's a great beat but not really a good message for me and I have I have come to that place in my kids laugh at me now if I'll like a song and I like all sorts of music all types of music I love music but I generally will Google the lyrics<br> oh yeah and my daughters like to do is hear something in the lyrics he had no longer energetic vibration I don't want to I just don't want to spend my time trying to call my way up from that vibration energies I agree with you using music really can help to inspire you<br> yeah I'm there so many there's so many things that you're doing right now civically you know civic-minded I'm still going back and I think I said this during the break I didn't see it on the air but when you were talking about your protest in your small town will you only expecting five people to show up and and it was going to be cloudy that day and so the sun came out in a 1,000 people came up and said you were telling that story I told you this during the break as you would tell him that story the first thing that popped into my mind was Jesus and the two fish and five loaves of bread and the disciples saying that no we don't we don't have enough to feed the people and I sort of think of your peaceful love Protest the Hero we need to bring awareness to this wrong that's love and say there's a wrong and we want to make it right so he can exist in peace right and<br> thinking that we're going to go forth even though we only have five people five people can be an impact but you go on for Chris at 5 us blessed and multiply to 1000 and their the multitude is gets paid by that gets fed the diet of Love write the diet of acceptance the diet of finding similarities that's the beautiful thing about art it has the ability to unite us right for us to find our similarities and I was at all while I can see that I find myself in this aren't you find yourself in the dark before you know it you know all our differences they don't even matter we're lost in the art so I knew you I believe our do that do and you're calling at least for now because it's okay for it to change 10000 times before you get to the end of your journey but you're in a place right now at least it sounds like to me you're in a place right now and you said this where you're making the choices in the choices feel good<br> I think I hear you I think I hear you saying that you're making the choices in the choices feel good intro for anybody who's just doing is that we are through talking to Jasmine Cartwright Atkins who's the head of marketing for sloppy vinyl and they search the social media for talent that they can for artists that they can help it was my son say put them on in some form or fashion so if that happens to be you or somebody you know in the listening audience please you know Jasmine Cartwright Atkins is our guest today you can call him with questions or you can contact I'm sleepy but I know you're listening to her here on our show today she is I got to say it but maybe the second or third time she is she is black history in the making<br> light speeder make cheese making history just like you just like me with all right here wherever you are whatever your ethnicity doesn't matter really all the same anyway let's just go ahead and say that we are making history right now and we're making a lot of history and she is making history of a contribution of what can't you do well the answer to that is you can do anything you want to in any phase in your life and that's why Jazz what I was so fascinated to have you in the show because I keep going back to the fact that you were seeing you at Seton Hall University you major in marketing minor broadcast head of marketing for stopping by and civic-minded you're doing so much and yet you're finding space and all of that to make sure that you are healed you talked a little bit about the beginning your journey of having to come to yourself right<br> is it to face yourself and to be able to move to this picture you felt good about Jasmine and you doing all of this and it's never too soon it's never too late and as a community of the human race I love when we can come together we can have these type of conversations and say hey even where you are right now you have something to give<br> and when you get it<br> my goodness you're going to feel whole complete nothing missing nothing broken totality that is our definition not know we did make it up as a definition with you here and everyday Pizza doctor Trevon James and it absolutely works so we have about three about three minutes left on ask you just a couple more to talk about in head head of marketing side B by know how do you come up with a new creative ideas it seems to me that after a while they end a out<br> it could be challenging I'm waiting for the Muse to visit on any day but how did how did if you're the head of marketing I know this is something you have to do on a regular basis they systematically how do you come up with new creative ideas have a problem the problem is that I love and I don't know about you but no I I will I love people so when people talk to me it's like I look at them from the point of a guy already love you so that you know everything is telling me so different like people can have you know on the outer of the surface of a normal normal aesthetic or United me a quote on quote normal aesthetic or looks similar the year that they have similar ideas.<br> I've met with more than 100 people this this house at 3 to month and every single person is different you know what I mean like every single person that's my new purse because everyone is so easy to make someone I'm not even make someone even though it's like introduced an idea of how someone else can see them if I make sense and I love how you start off by saying that you know you go to this place of love but and I think that is the whole point about making history right When We Make History that is a legacy that we are out of<br> the foundation of that history whether it make a lot of mistakes in my goodness for going to do things we're going to look back and see if I know but I would have done something differently but that's really okay because if that decision comes from a place of love all right we'll be okay and I hear you saying that you know your Muse is love this is Doctor Dre Ron James, can you believe it I guess today Jasmine Cartwright Adkins from sloppy vinyl thank you for being here absolutely love you listeners will talk next week<br> I think it's happening<br> you've been listening to Everyday cakes with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that lead you to your next level of greatness and I would love to walk with you on your journey here's the ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so is Archie drayvon enrolling my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the doctor Trevon purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being an everyday Peacemaker I absolutely love you<br> thank you for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening warm<br> is it going with positive prayer from Silent Unity the newest in voice-activated technology available on any Alexa enabled device like the Amazon Echo each prayer and meditation on positive prayer will help strengthen guide and comfort you just say Alexa open positive prayer you can ask for a specific prayer on topics like healing prosperity and comfort give it a try today<br>

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