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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James, August 10, 2021

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Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James
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Rebuild Your Relationship with Your Teen with Laketia Carrell, LPC

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

Rebuild Your Relationship with Your Teen with Laketia Carrell, LPC

Laketia Carrell, LPC, has more than 20 years of experience in therapeutic and mental health coaching. She brings her expertise to Everyday Peace to help parents rebuild relationships with their teens.

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welcome to Everyday peas with dr. dravon James
welcome welcome to Everyday piece I'm Dr.Dre Bond James and this is everyday piece I am super excited to be here with you today as we explore the concept of living a life of Peace everyday peace to find is wholeness completeness nothing missing nothing broken totality
can you imagine right now right now living a life of Peace in this moment because you know that this moment is part of the everyday right this moment right here well I'm here to tell you that yes
everyday peace is possible yes you deserve every day peace and yes you can have every day he's stop right there and just accept that no matter what's going on in your life it starts with your acceptance so except that the me and me not be true but this is true so make that decision to accept that everyday piece is one possible everyday pieces to deserve to be in your life you deserve every day please M3 you can have every day peace we work together on this show to bring you the topics and the guests to partner with you as you create your life a piece every day
now if you missed last week's show you get a got to go back and listen to last week's show we had the delightful Calvin actor who is the CEO of glyphs know Calvin is a junior at UCLA and he and some of his students colleagues are created a dating app called Glimpse and it's revolutionising the way that dating is gone going on at on the internet I encourage you to go back and listen to that show we also had Sebastian Siegel that Sebastian is best known for his role on Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots but he was on our show to discuss his new movie that he directed and it is called Grace and grit and if you have not seen Grace and grit let me encourage you to do so it will redefine how you viewing use the word love and life
eat at for me wasn't ugly Teeter cry movie but it was Revolution revolutionary and in a way that I was hard to put into words but he's at such a great job talking about the role of love in our lives on the show last week and the different stages of love so and I think if you go back and listen to that show I'm smiling now because it will really open our eyes up to what love is supposed to do with all those things we say hello this is too hard this is you know go back listen to the show I think you will enjoy that those two interviews and you will definitely enjoy the movie I'm Grace and grit if you didn't miss those shows you can access that show and our entire library of shows by subscribing to the doctor Trevon James everyday piece podcast on Apple Spotify Google play Stitcher or you can listen to them on the unity online radio. Org website another great place
but you can access our entire Library show plus so much more is our new and improved website which is www. Dr drayvon this website includes not only show transcripts for past shows it has words of wisdoms and encouragement it has excerpts from my book Freedom is your Birthright it has contact information you can get free courses there it is amazing resource I encourage you to go there a huge thank you to you guys. My heart always smiles when I go and I read go to my email and I see emails to me from lisner so please get it that is your preferred way to contact me you don't have to stop cuz it makes my heart Happy it's it drayvon James at Gene Yahoo at email give me a second
I'm alive you have started sending me messages on the website and so I like that as well so it is the website is where you can find out and be questions answered really really quickly cuz that's check the most frequently Heather are the condom the comments that we get there in the questions that we get there and everything that you want to know about me about our coaching program yes I've got questions about our leaders and high heels so you get lots of information about that there and I'm going to just tell you something that told you last week and you know this absolute truth even further along at the 2021 and so we're halfway through the year and just clocking him back to our anthem for 2021 The Anthem was what are we waiting for that is currently still our Anthem we're still in 2021 although we're quickly coming to the end of it and so if we're still waiting and it's August we need to stop waiting we need to decide make a decision and get started today taking action
eating the life of your dreams repairing the relationship that you need to repair deciding to move on from things you need to move on from society to build new things and exciting things that you need to start building the in are in your heart and your soul to do so making those decisions make a difference we bring you the gas that help us help you help me help us to make those decisions right to take that action and then move forward and today are guess we'll do just that we have lakita Carol she is going to be talking to us about strategies to help parents rebuild and enjoy their relationship with their teens and we have Paul achter Loney who is going to be talking to us about the hardship than mental hardship the impact of the coronavirus on our adolescent so I'm there is a lot of great information here to help us kick start our our journey into creating relationships that we want to have an arm
repairing relationships that we want to have it. I like we're going to be focusing on a lot of that today but before we get to that I want to take a moment and share with you our everyday peace moment you all know that we gathered here together as a group of everyday peacemakers and I hope that title I hope you you wear that title with a badge of honor you are an everyday peace maker whole complete nothingness nothing broken totality that describes you that's the energy that you bring two situations are so that's that's who we are everyday peacemakers I take a lot of pride in being part of this group and our show is you know is designed to inspire to teach into encourage but most importantly off the shed light on the path to the door for us to go and build be the Catalyst for the life that we want to have we're not waiting for permission
waiting for outside validations we're making that decision and we're moving forward to it because we are everyday peacemakers the world is waiting for us to do these great things that are held in our wealth and our relationship to last week we talked about some steps that we need to take to let go of the past and stand in this moment and start building the life that we watch and the number one thing we talked about last week was the need to stop taking everything personally someone likes us some doesn't like us on Smiles at his home doesn't Smile as in those things are impacting how we show up in our life take nothing personally assume that everything is for our greater good that's number one that was what we talked about last week because I want to tell you the tip or giving for letting go of the past and standing in this moment and getting active on what's the term carpe diem seizing the moment right Carpe Diem season them
taking advantage of everything that we have today to create the life that we want the tip for today is to stay tuned into this moment so that you do not
the magic that is occurring in this moment you know how we do that we get so focused on what all the problems are we miss the great things that are happening we missed the great things that are happening you know I could give you a quick example for my day today many of you know that I run a Hospital Pharmacy is a huge organization and is a huge undertaking and today in the midst of so many meetings I stressed out to the max right and I realized something in that moment I didn't know I got a glimpse of the magic that had occurred actually was up to date on everything how does the moon and the stars align I looked at my to do list in the middle of this meeting I could glance down cuz you know everything's virtual now because of covid pandemic and there was nothing left that wasn't scratched out for today magical don't miss the meth are some great things happening in the midst of everything that you're doing in the mist of all the so-called problems state
to keep your eyes and your heart open for the magic that is occurring right now in your life and that is our everyday peace moment with that we're going to go to our first Fabolous guess of the hour that is now I want to say this right you correct me to Carol she is going to be talking to us today about repairing relationships with our teens welcome to the show
hi how you doing Dr.Dre by I am great how are you today doing pretty good going pretty good genes I guess you'd call him young adult or a freshman in college and a senior in college so these strategies to help parents rebuild and enjoy their relationships with their team is an exciting topic I know not just for me but for all parents cuz we do teen years are difficult they
tinga's Kandi disco but they can also be a great source of Joy I noticed in your introduction talks about peace and having peace in our lives and when you have a good relationship was a teenager we definitely can have peace while I do miss that being said if we go to into this stage of development thinking this is going to be hot we probably going to have a hard time but it would go into this to meet with an open mind maybe not so much I love it I love it that's so true if it's if you say it's hard it's hard and you say it's easy it's going to be easier I absolutely love it so tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started working with this very very important demographic of our population
okay so I've been a therapist for 20 years plus and there was someone who call me I was blue they didn't even know I was with my daughter and I said I would like for you to teach parenting classes and so I was like okay we can do that so we start a little off a Ministry for 4 Christian parents is call Prince trained up and you can reach it at parent trainer. Calm and we went around and we did like a six-hour workshops for parents of teenagers and so that's how I got started with it and I have a passion for it in to see parents you know the light go off in your eyes as they recognize that there are some things that they're doing that they could do a little better and some things that they could drop there were here with their teenager
oh I love I love that and I and I have been on your wonderful website and your parents train train up and I think it's a great way for people to start out now you mentioned that it is for Christian parents do you also have no people from other Faith take advantage of the general you know we started to hear it we started with Christian parents but anybody can you just press was you know. I believe it's not major all the stuff that I'm going to stay pants are like oh I can do that I can do it it's so easy and sometimes it may be Complicated by trauma in the parents live, the child's life but we're going to just talk about a basic relationship today that you can even if that's true, you can use this simple simple strategies to
to enhance your relationship with your with your teenagers and with your small children
I love it and you mention said that you keep it simple and that made that helps you keep it to placate a bullet in my mind as if it's simply problem I got to say that in the household it that is so true if you can develop those relationships it will keep reduce problems so what are the benefits of a good relationship that you seen with team with your team
what internet what you can enjoy your children that's the first thing you've learned that you can literally enjoy teenager you can have a relationship with your having a relationship with him it builds their self-esteem and their self-confidence showing her will always asking her how I build my child's self-esteem and self-confidence you know within the confines of a good healthy relationship their self-esteem will naturally stores and self-confident still that is really the key when you can I crush your children with compassion with kind of even if you have to discipline or you may not like a something they've done then you can still have compassion and you can still be kind and also they not to trust you laughing at the root of most relationship
because your wife children and parents you know even in your work relationship that must be the element of truck and if there is not the element of trust then there is no reason whatsoever for children are teenager to try to I'm going to say this. This may not be the best route to please you or support you or to even follow you there's no reason and I can't trust you
just hit on something at it like you said that trust Factor goes across all relationships where the baby personal relationship or business relationships once the trust goes out the window the relation goes down the drain so what the lights are do you see are most destructive and building a relationship with your children to take away your teenagers
okay you know what one of the things that people continue to do no matter how many times a person is to label their children and you know doctor Jayvon this can happen right at the birth of a child it can happen this stuff it was thought people even noticing when someone says all that baby remind me of doing so Uncle Monkeys on a Julie whatever the name but with that because it's soon as that comes out your mouth then there is put on this child a label and that label is depending if you love Julie is good but if you hate Aunt Julie that you also get the baby at that point is going to name a guess I have some problems just because and then we have the usual labeling like it's stupid to die you know and we can say those things without actually saying them for example you can say you know
did you do did you did you really take the trash out that's up that's you know Kevin saying I don't trust you I don't believe you I don't think you did it you are you're not trustworthy so some of some things that we do any stunt Lee actually contributes to the major problem
that just made me smile because you know as parents right and we are all the beautiful thing about being a parent is you must have first been a teenager right have some evidence of knowing that yeah that is true you know if he doesn't we didn't like that as a team like your mom if they questioned you but I got to ask for all the parents were listening what if the teenager is just not trustworthy than how do you communicate that you know in a way that authoritative corrected and loving
okay so you saying what if the teenager is indeed not trust word condescending tone did you really take the trash out you know when they say oh you have to take it out and they're still playing the video game into it and take that trash out
severe it is. Daddy's I can play we can I put the the the young person in a position where they can lie to us don't do that don't look at the trash come back and simply say you didn't set the trash out turn the game off in and set it out right now once the child gets used to or the teenager who ever gets used to the fact that every time I am going to be I'm not putting him in that position anymore I am not going to give him the opportunity to be untrustworthy so. That's the way it is so it might come down to let's say this is Xtreme that you shot a gun in your son's room or daughter's room they have something in there that's not supposed to be in there okay so now I can go to the child stuff Exedra Exedra well okay if you have that type of behavior going on that child needs to know there's going to be you know these for riding time so I'm going to come in and check out with
going on in here because that's important that's very very important show me the number one thing is don't put them in the position where they can be untrustworthy yes he would not give them your car if they was speeding and they got five tickets and they have no way to pay for the tickets they can have the car is simple we not and I because I'm punishing you I'm just not going to put you in a position where you got yourself and hurt me so I'm going to I'm going to be careful in the clothes off of Avenue and stuff and if they stay where you don't trust me you said you knew my rebuilding trust that's what we're doing and they are keeping a smile on my face I'm rebuilding trust rights of parents get that get that phrase in your I'm rebuilding trust with you and this is the way to do it and that the example was so good so you do not put the child in the position where they can lie to you you already know the answer
I love that soap and and I wish we had more time we are all we got six minutes but there's so much more I'm sure parents are really itching for more solutions so let's talk a little bit about using education to build your relationship with Children what approach should a parent used to teach their teenager this so I can go and talk about like $6 so you know I have a lot to say but expressive are nonjudgmental stance you know let's not get caught up in if the answers right or wrong or whatever let's do it because you know learning can't first light comes in so many ways you know if you take your child on a camping trip that's a whole you know there's a whole slew of words that you're going to use that you don't use and everyday life with extensive child support Abby herself giving them experiences that you guys both you enjoy
is one way a second way is to taking that nausea chills saying she knows he's not smart he's not dumb you're just going to learn this situation together you know if an Indian giving them credit for what they do know you're saying to them or what sounds like you have this part down and we can work on this your little sweater over here and meeting you know my daughter had a physical problems you had to see in physics how are we going to get these in this house unless I'm going to chew you she said yeah but I'm going to do that I'm going to bid that I'm going to what we're going to do is you going to explain it to me and then I want to change it to you after you explain it to me because I knew and the explanation if you tried to explain to me she will get some kind of some kind of insight into what's going on
and I asked her what did you do with them and she told me that actually she actually started doing her homework because I was it was so inconvenient for her to stop what she was doing to me so I can do your hair that you just decide to do your homework never mention home with her or tried to take a little extra time they hurt you to me and then she and then I was supposed to be tutoring her I never really understood it though so they are some physic I left about it because I didn't know it I can understand it and stuff but she got some inside cuz you didn't want this unpleasant softly unpleasant things to happen
then you will have to judge you on what you need to do to do better it was just that something right and I know all we have a caller on the line I got so much to say to you because you are just hitting all the points but we're going to get this bad this car because I know they got questions
hello you on the ear with everyday piece that are fabulous guest today did you have a comment question or questions discussion I know you said how do parents dealing in today's world in today's culture where kids are able to ask more questions you know when I was going up you just didn't ask questions you didn't you just didn't make any comments about what your parents said the old is because I said so that was it but this is a different culture so how do you deal with me play me your Authority but also given today's kids room to be able to express themselves you know at a young age and used to be my kids got the young adult then you can ask questions but now she's asking questions at 8 or 9 I mean really probing questions and in the path used to be well that's just the way it is
navigate that in today's culture now the young people's children like it's at 89 years off her thinking people you know we kind of forcing them to think they have so much access to information now that back in the day you didn't have it so really some questions just never entered your head because you can have information about those questions so the first thing I'm going to say is if you can answer the question you know that's the first secondly there's an implication but maybe not so I don't want to be you know horse their implication that maybe sometimes what and I'm not going to use you what I. Saying if not quite equal to what they're doing
a little less than a minute if the child is like that you know you lied yesterday right yeah
don't you know which is wrong so you may have to own up because you what you're finding is that they are paying attention they are intelligent Interstate of your child what kind of see it was okay you are limited you can't stay there if you can't call me back is to teach them to deny their own intelligence and teach them to deny their own thought we don't want to do that
right off the air and I'm going to come back on I'm going to give the web address can reach parent trainer
We Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience
welcome to Unity online radio
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create and build a life of your dreams welcome back to Everyday Beast with dr. dravon James
that was topic for us today talkin about again or adolescence and the mental strength at the covid pandemic has really caused him to be under so while we work on that in the background and try to get him onto the line we are going to go on and continue with our everyday peace topic which is so very important guys were talking about
seizing the moment Carpe Diem we haven't said it that way before but that's really what it is being in this moment and taking advantage of all that we have right now not waiting for external validation which we always do it that always look quite often we are and this with me play this waiting game waiting for what before we take off and we launch into and I got to tell you I know that this is the case it has been the case in my life many times over it's been the case and people that I work with when I go out in that dude presentations people come up to me and I talked to you about this place of waiting right I think dr. Seuss did a whole book on that right in the waiting place right this place of nowhere this whole just waiting and we look at our life wherever you are right now what is it that has you in this in this holding pattern
in this holding pattern of waiting for somebody else to do the work of opening the door I'll tell you what I hear a lot and if this resonates with you we going to open up the the phone lines that we can dialogue about this but a lot of times I find that people are waiting because they don't know what the next step is it just really don't know what the next step is they are so overwhelmed with all of the pressures of just trying to maintain themselves in this moment I mean think about it in the midst of the pandemic we still have bills to pay we still have aging parents we still have two teenagers we just heard of our lovely guest they are talking about trying to navigate and being the best role model and best parent for our children and empowering them to their next level right trying to do that trying to be a spouse in all of the other things that are going on and even still
this is how beautiful the this life journey is even with all of that
there still is within us this desires burning desire for something love you already hit it call and let me know but many of us are still in that place of uncovering unearthing our true self and some people believe it or not have gotten so bogged down with everything that's going on in their life that they can't even use that voice inside of himself that says that hey there's more there's something else you should be striving for and I need your attention in this moment not that your life isn't good but you came to the vi this life experience that great
not just good enough is okay we're all grateful for what we have but until you are living in that space
in that space weird it's almost like this is a dream
then you are still moving towards and that's okay but you got to get out
out of the spot that you're in right now and move into the next moment and we do that in our heart and soul first right we do that by accepting ourselves first we do that by letting go of the familiar
because you know we hold on to that familiar don't you we hold on to that familiar even if it's painful we hold on to that familiar with until you was trying to let go of us we hold on to the familiar because the brain Lakes continuity the brain likes to be right it's like the smarty pants get moving you were in grade school and smarty pants that Hannah will always win at first I did always happy with the answer in the brain wants to be that person in your life it wants to have all of the answers it doesn't like when its face with something that it can't relate to work on something that's totally new you hear people say that I run a relatively large organization and pay for my work and I'll hear people say you know I do not like change I just don't do change it all I don't like any type of change I don't like to do things that I don't know how to do and then I always remind them that you knew nothing you do you're good at doing things that you didn't know how to do let's take it all way back to the beginning when you first
Winter Walk when you first learn to ride a bicycle you are good at doing things that you didn't know how to do
that is that's what we do we learn all the time it's just that we've gotten this pattern in our brain because we now associate not knowing
with failure
and there's the magic of not knowing we associate with very air we get frustrated with ourselves and we become our own sweet become the bully of us so we talked today about staying tune staying locked into this present moment and not missing the Magic in this moment and when you stay tuned and you in this Magic In This Moment one of the things you'll be able to hear is when you when we start doing that self-criticism when we start shrinking because we don't know the answer to something when we start holding back
these courageous dreams that we have is our holding back because when we don't know all the answers but we don't know how to do it but we don't know how to do next we do know what the next step is the next step is just to be present in this moment without judgment without guilt without condemnation without Shane that means it's okay to say I'm I'm here
I'm here to listen to that are voice
even if I can't hear like I can hear somebody's mind right now from past conversations with people who say that frustrates them now they feel like they're straining to hear that invoice and it's not necessary all of that is living in the mind you want to push yourself to live more in our body and watch our responses that's how we can really go into this theme of the year of what are we waiting for and really embrace the answer nothing I'm not waiting for anything in this moment you have everything that you need
in order to take the first step everything remember that the Journey of a Thousand Miles starts with the first step and you have everything that you need in order to take that stuff right now that is you have this moment
what do we do with this moment
how can we Embrace this moment so that we can quiet the voices in the external world so that we can quiet the quest the desired at first within us to hear the external world because we are like have our hands out waiting for waiting for
the answer to come from some Source Beyond has to put the answer in our hands like from some Source be honest instead of looking within and saying that the answer is going to come from with it within ourselves so how do we do that had a battery first take that step to be in tune and turned on to this magical moment and all of the magical things that are happening in this moment the quickest way that I know to do that is through breathing
is a breath now with many many years ago before I really started studying this philosophy that I have put together everyday piece I got you know it's not you need to me is all these Universal principles and philosophies that I started studying is in hot it was so many things that were so similar and I just tuned in to them and made look up prices for myself before I started doing that at the very beginning I realized I spent a lot of my life a lot of my day holding my breath and maybe you may realize that about yourself to I would hold my breath as a way of self-protecting keeping my insides protected setting a wall or boundary between me and the external World holding my breath it is when I really started paying attention to my breath in
it's so easy to do this now because we all have cell phones right if you would just set a timer on your phone three times a day to start off with this it said three they they have apps out there that's the that do that but you could just set a timer 3 times a day and your phone just to check in and to breed I like that I like the Block Please breathing which is and you can use any breath exercise you are just becoming conscious and aware of your breath with catapults you from wherever you were in the past or wherever you were in the future remember the past really is depressive it causes a lot of sadness sometimes and we can talk about that in the moment and if you're thinking too much in the future it caused a lot of anxiety and anxiousness in this present moment is where your peace reside your wholeness or completeness you're nothing missing your nothing broken your totality is in this present moment so I brought that I like to do in order to keep us in this present moment is on this block reading which is and I deal with my mouth open to all of the Brethren with my
a through the mouth but you can definitely do it through the nose is that's not going to impair anything but a deep breath into the count of four that he was the interesting thing that cannot be flexible long as you're breathing in what should be happening your belly should be extending outward right you're feeling that whole cavity up and that breath is going all the way up to the head. And you do that to the count of four and then you hold it for the count of four
and then you exhale to the California I do the exhale through my mouth as well if you choose to do it you know nose mouth mouth nose either way it's okay but I do open mouth the whole time with the XL here's where you can't be flexible as you're doing the exhale you want to make sure that the belly is going all the way in in the naval you stop your belly button is pushing towards the spine that's how you get a complete Excel a cleansing breath and then you do that to the count of four and then at the bottom of that breath you hold the counter for so that's a complete square right that's a square block breath and right there when you're doing that
that breathing pattern and as you're watching it and you can use whatever number you want me to do the count of three in the count of six the number is not that important it's just that you have that consistency and that you're being aware of that breathing and I'll tell you what that does that concentration on breath but its internal it brings your attention from the external world
we're time exists right at the past the future of the now it brings it right into the now into the present and it forces your attention into the body it's not always call me but it is an exact way easy way to be in this moment and let go
of the fear of what the outside world is telling you of the need for outside validations in that moment you'll be surprised all of your attention in that moment is directly on you so as you folk refocus and start to do this as a practice three times a day three times you can do it this one you know you could do a set of four of those are just just one time if you do if you're that busy you can't give yourself that much self-love in the middle of the day believe me I get it I know these days can be really long and really really busy but the more that is self Love by the way connecting to the breadth and allowing your body oxygen does so much like Siri you got the blood through the body so you can ask me the body you can think clearer and that's the whole point of our conversation today about the everyday peace moment is to be present in this moment so that we do
don't miss the magic that is occurring in this moment so as we do that breathing its sensors as a brings us back to the present moment
once we do that be calm down we stopped struggling for answers because the mind is occupied the my so often I get Communications from listeners and clients and they say I can't meditate because I can't shut my mind out well that's probably a good thing right we will get your mind is acted it's doing its thing what we want to do is give it something to do we want to pack Dominion or control over if you like the word control control over the mind we don't want the Mind always abusing us and taking us down these past that we don't they're not profitable in this moment so we give them mine something to do it's a tool it like to be used to give it something to do gas than mine I want you to watch and count these breaths make sure I got for going in because I'm holding for the top of the bread make sure I got for going out make sure I'm holding for the bottom of the breath now the mind is occupied while the mind is occupied
the rest is almost like a mini-vacation trust me if you not done this breathing I highly encourage you to do so it gives your mind arrest something non-toxic to focus on something non triggering to focus on and guess what happens to the moment to the present moment right and you're more likely to do no stress you're more likely to begin to open that gate way within yourself when you can hear that creative next step when you can hear the next thing to do
and I want to give you a real life example of this working with a client this is a little while back and he was getting ready to be laid off on his job he knew it he was in the office things were happening at his company in called me and I said well let's do the breathing we did a breathing and he's very anxious I said what do you think you should do right now he said I just want to get out of here something that's what you should do you should go out walk out for a few minutes and then when you're ready when your body gets ready you can return he went outside walking around at he wasn't out there very long you worked in a downtown area bumped into a previous colleagues from some years back who have previously worked for the same company was working at a new company and the new company was looking for people
ice tell you that story to say that there's nothing coincidental the body does have answers the body is in tune with energies that the mind can't even perceive our task in the 2021 theme of what are we waiting for our task is to get in tune with in a lineman with the body and be able to exit the head a little bit give them had something to do because the brain is very important it wasn't to give it something to do so that we can live in the space of intuitively being able to let go and move into the next moment and as I work with leaders and going to this place of working with you as well as things that I work with the initially with them is being able to listen
intuitively being able to listen with an first there so we know we're always talking about comp like I do a whole big training on conflict but one of the things that we were internal conflict we have an internal conflict going on because the body really wants our attention and because we spend so much time in our brain we are resisting that we're saying that no I know that the answer comes through struggling so I'm going to continue to struggle I know that the answer comes through rumination and going into sleepless nights and you know lack of exercise and denying you know all of this I know the answer comes to that and so I'm going to continue that process and not listen to the body when the body says hey I need some fresh air or hey I need I need a moment to put my head down when we give in to tune into animals they give in because then we feel like a failure but when we tune in to
movie to watch totally tuned in to what the body is telling us by being present in this moment will find that one life is supposed to change two people are supposed to have different viewpoints and that's how we grow right you get different viewpoints and we're able to do it when we're calm and in our creative space were able to utilize those differences to create an even better World we're not all supposed to see everything the exact same way you know that would not lead to Progress Drive so we do need these different viewpoints but three how we make the best of the situation is when we first I'm turning inward to not only
become aware of what we're feeling and how we're feeling it but to honor what we're feeling and how we're feeling it and then be courageous enough to share price with herself and then with other saying hey this is what this is what I feel this is what I'm moving towards in my life we're talking about first of us you me moving to our next level of greatness making that leap from where we are to where we want to be
and just to reiterate the number one thing I get from people I don't know what to do next I'm telling you what to do next the next thing to do is to stop
stop thinking. The busy work right many of us are still doing the same busy work that we were doing at the beginning of 2021 or we're still fretting and worrying about the same things were worried about at the beginning of 2021 we know it doesn't provide the answers but the brain likes that psycho because the brain is familiar there the brain is a tool we have to retrain it okay we know what happens when we get up in the morning the first thing we do is complain or listen to the news that puts us in a bad mood mood or you know engage in conversation that makes us feel less than you know Mason So Unworthy we know what happens with the brains like I know it's not good for us but I'm familiar I know how to react with those have emotions let's shake things up a little bit let's start differently
let's start doing the breathing start right there with the breathing be all can make time for even with these really really busy schedule and I know people are busy we all can make time for some breathwork
tiny amount I'm less than 5 minutes of the brethren we all can make time for last week we talked about not taking things personally and one of the things that I do with my clients is to write to do an insult journal and you keep a journal on what are the things that insulted you today you know because it's those enzymes that block cuz we put him over and over again tonight some of us to the right but why would they say that how it how could they think that about me play them over or I can we put them on paper right and then it made me realize all my gosh you go through a whole week that you realize it some kind of way we're pre-programming ourself to run into that type of situation day after day after day after day so we change that narrative
by getting away of her breathing and then staying present in this moment and looking for the good in everything and we can't find the good and everything we just get curious about it so if something happens if my gosh I can't find anything good about this it's still it doesn't mean that we're not going to keep moving towards our desire cold it doesn't mean that we're going to go backwards and let someone else I'm stagnate us because we're waiting for their sense of approval or know what that means is that all well I can't I can't find it I can't identify it right now but I'm curious about when it shows up if I'll recognize and be able to associated with this moment you see letting go and moving into the next moment this is our journey guys this is not a trial run I know you too many people may believe in the next life and life after that and that's okay you know that the end of that that's totally possible but this journey to the journey that were on Now matters and we are here someone told this wonderful Story one time about being on a cruise ship
and I never forgot it is it life is like being on a cruise ship you know you can you pay for a cruise in as an all-inclusive Cruise I'm you could take advantage of everything on the cruise you can even the finest dining areas because it was all included in the price of the cruise but if you don't know that you may spend your entire cruise sitting in your room just eating cheese and crackers that you smuggled on in your luggage because you don't think you can afford the fine dining you see this journey is meant to be.
of course I'll be challenges because that's how we grow and develop the challenges aren't meant to push push us into a little shell and have his hide away from our next level of greatness the challenges are supposed to strengthen us and let us know how powerful we are because we talked about the challenge in retrospect right with a you know in 1980 Something I went through this and just throwing that that you're out there you know and it was really painful but we missed the magic I would tell him that's the way the magic is you went through it and it didn't destroy you if it happened five minutes ago and you're thinking about it now the proper way to think about that the proper way to frame that experience is to say that I went through that or I experienced that 5 minutes ago and it's still not resolved but here is a beautiful thing I'm not destroyed by it I am strong through this moment this is leadership guys this is Lisa but I teach leadership skills
them to people who are already in executive positions who want to go who want to climb up the ladder I teach them to people who are running a household and want to leave their families to the next level of greatness and people who are just transitioning their own personal life and maybe they're going through a divorce coming out of a divorce and they just want to know how to lead them self into their next level of greatness and fundamental to this teaching to the understanding into this growth is learning how to lead yourself through these moments in life because it is each moment that adds up increase an entire day entire week month you're a lifetime if we can learn how not to stagnate on our dreams
not to get stuck
not to give up not to get scared because someone didn't validated or someone smoke spoke cruelly to us about it or someone wasn't as excited about it as we were and then we could shove back into our shell and we don't move forward 2021 is our year it is it definitely is and the way we move forward is
recognizing that we take nothing personally to staying in this moment we're going to use our breath to work to do that to stay in this moment you got to do it every 5 minutes of you only can do it once a day however much you can do it to stay present in this moment so that you can see The Magic In This Moment In the best of times and in those times it don't feel like the best of times that wrath work will keep you connected to the internet Creative Energy of yours so that you can identify what it is if you want so that you can commit to it that commitment is necessary because we know that there will be challenges the challenges of come to strengthen neck muscles to strengthen that skill-set to strengthen that Focus
you'll need it cuz you're his whatever you're doing that you believe is for you and your little tribe is ultimately for a much larger purpose this is why it's so important that you don't give up on your dreams so we've been talking today doing a whole everyday piece of moment for the second half of the show and I do not believe that accidents happen I believe that it's meant for me to hear myself say these words to you and for you to hear this being said and it is not for you it's for somebody that you know so I want to encourage you to go back listen to this share the information with somebody else invite them to listen to this I'm Dr.Dre Bond James I actually love you and we'll be together next week
you've been listening to Everyday peaks with Dr Trevon James you have the power right now today to make the decisions to take the actions that leave you to your next level of greatness and I would love to hear some ways we can connect schedule a coaching session contact me again so let dr. Dre Ron James. Calm enroll in my online university course to 2020 Clarity court at The Institute for leadership and lifelong learning International enroll in the brilliant life nine weeks online coaching session with me and Keisha Dixon info at the grave on James. Calm purchase my book Freedom is your Birthright from Amazon thank you for being and every day Peacemaker I absolutely love you
thank you for listening this is Unity online radio the voice of an Awakening world
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