ET-First Contact Radio, June 11, 2015

ET-First Contact Radio and guest Kevin Galalae
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ET-First Contact Radio
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Guest, Kevin Galalae

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst

Interview with Kevin Galalae

Guest, Kevin Mugur Galalae

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Kevin Mugur Galalae
Kevin Mugur Galalae
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author, journalist, historian and political activist
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Kevin Galalae is a Canadian human rights activist, author, historian and the world’s foremost independent authority on covert geopolitical programs and policies with respect to globalization and depopulation.

For the past five years, he has sacrificed his freedom and wellbeing to expose immoral and divisive policies enacted by the United Nations and the greater international community in the name of peace and security, and has provided a socio-political alternative to global autocracy, the OM Principles.

He has fought for the independence and authority of the European Court of Human Rights and advocates for judicial reform at the national and international level to ensure that victims of structural violence have recourse to justice.

As founder of several non-governmental and non-profit organizations he is dedicated to protecting people from governments, safeguarding the future of our children, restoring the rule of law and democratic checks and balances, and preserving our fundamental rights and liberties.

In his capacity as editor and journalist he champions the integrity and credibility of the media.

After four years of censorship his books have been allowed in print in 2015 and are available through Amazon

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ET First Contact Radio

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst
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Maarten Horst

ET-First Contact Radio HOST MAARTEN HORST, Speaks every Thursday about the development of Disclosure, First Contact and the Changes that are taking place on Gaia to prepare us for the great Shift, leading us to Ascension. All related subjects like The Galactic Federation will be dealt with in depth.

Often Maarten will read and reflect on the messages from SaLuSa from Sirius (channeled by Mike Quinsey another host on BBS-RADIO) and the messages, including Sheldan Nidle.