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Relationship Help Show, February 27, 2018

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E33 - Can I Trust? Recovering from Relationship Trauma & Betrayal
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Guest, Dr Michael Wayne Regier

Relationship Help Show with Dr Rhoberta Shaler

​Guest, Dr Michael Wayne Regier

INTRO: Recovering From Relationship Trauma and Betrayal 

SEG 2:  Dr. Rhoberta Shaler  How Do I Learn to Trust Again, Part 1 

SEG 3:  Guest: Dr. Michael Regier, Betrayal, Trauma & Relationships Part 1
SEG 4  Guest: Dr. Michael Regier, What About Emotional Affairs? 

SEG 5  Q&A  Should I react or respond to my husband's crazy-making? What should I do? 

Guest, Michael Wayne Regier PhD

Guest Name
Michael Wayne Regier PhD
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Clinical Psychologist/Marriage Therapist
Guest Biography

Dr. Michael Wayne Regier received his PhD from the California School of Professional psychology. Early in his career he was on the faculty in the department of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of medicine. He did a post doctoral internship in couples group psychotherapy with Dr. Judy Coche in Philadelphia.

He is currently the founder and Director of The Center for Relational Excellence in Visalia where he works full time as an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist.

He and his wife Paula have written a book for couples called Emotional Connection: The Story and Science of Preventing Conflict and Creating Lifetime Love.

Dr. Regier works with couples in crisis and toxic relationships. Many couples have traumatic injuries due to relationship betrayals. Often couples come in on the verge of divorce looking for some way to escape their destructive cycle and rediscover the love that brought them together.

Relationship Help Show

Show Host

The Relationship Help Show:  Handling Hijackal® Havoc offers the insights, strategies, and skills you need to recognize what's really going on in the crazy-making relationships in your life. Relentlessly difficult people and relationships in can cause you to constantly second-guess yourself and question your sanity.

Get relationship advice directly from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor. Learn from her expert guests. Each one has a very unique voice on solving relationship problems with particularly difficult people 

Are these relationship issues on your mind?

  • Are you with a Hijackal?  Free ebook, How To Spot A Hijackal, 
  • Want to know how your relationship can shift and you can grow closer?
  • Or, need to know if it's time to leave? 
  • Need insights into troubling behavior patterns?
  • Want to deepen your emotional intimacy?
  • Need to distance yourself from toxic people?
  • Can't communicate...or someone won't?
  • Trying to figure out what's your problem and what is theirs? 
  • Does every conversation quickly become an argument?
  • Have you been discarded by a relentlessly difficult person, a Hijackal?
  • Are you with one? Or, leaving one? 

You will get help with those here!  

What is a Hijackal, exactly? 

A person who hijacks relationships–for their own purposes–while scavenging them for power, status, and control.

They make you question your sanity and second-guess yourself constantly. That’s their game…and, they are very good at it!

Every time you think of being near a Hijackal®, you get anxious. Why? Because the main purpose of Hijackal behavior is to win.

Recognizing chronically difficult people requires admitting that they not only like to win, they have to win. Yes, to win…and in all circumstances and at all times. Yes, they will give you the illusion of agreeing with you…but, only when it suits their purposes, or their longer “game.”

Know one? I’m thinking you must because you’ve found yourself here on this page with me. You’re ready to escape the Hijackal Trap.

It might be your partner, ex,  parent,  co-worker, or someone in any organization–family, workplace, government, court, church, community project, board, or association.

We have all had interaction - at some level, at some time - with a Hijackal... whether we knew it or not. They are unavoidable. AND being in a relationship with a Hijackal - whether at home, work or play - requires some insights and knowledge to navigate and keep yourself safe and sane. 

Those are the things we discuss a lot here. Join us. 

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