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Radiance By Design, January 2, 2007

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The Debut of Radiance By Design talk show
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with Veronica Entwistle

In human consciousness, there is a rising frequency vibrating toward an endless range of possibilities. After more than 20,000 intuitive sessions with my beloved community of beings, seen and unseen, I am thrilled to see signs of the evolution of the collective consciousness. We have heard or read that times will come when we will all look after one another, and cure and nurture our world. This new world could be a world in which many know ourselves. A world where there is less defensive hoarding, less competition and more respect for the whole creation. A world that is loving. Sounds like a utopian image. But as we uncover our reactiveness from our histories or current challenges we can release ourselves from bondage and be free to create lives of grace and love, both consciously and subconsciously. We awaken to creation of life as we dream of it, to a joyous existence.

As a child I could relive where I had been before this life. My pictures were vivid, happy and full of radiant color and sound. The world closes in on most children. I was no different. I lost my pictures. And the more normal seeing and hearing made me a “difficult” empathic child writhing in my own struggle to make sense of a world I didn’t feel right in. That’s the familiar cry of the seeker - “but I just don’t belong here. I don’t feel I come from here.” I was probably five when I decided that when I was “big”, I would figure out how grownups worked because the gaps between reality and what was spoken made no sense to me.

In my efforts to match the processes of living appropriately or in the box I wound my way through school and university. Throughout those years, I was very emotional, insecure, and often grappled with visions that were terrifying. I had no idea who to ask for help as people’s faces shifted. Nor to clear up the dissonance between what people said and did and what was really happening.

How do people awaken their intuition? It differs widely. For some people a smart smack over the head does the trick. Not so for me. I had a series of shocks, time released shatterings which ended an 10 year marriage to a man and his full blown belief structure. In the spiritual placenta of gossip and betrayal, my husband passed away. Thus began my tremendous rebirth, the titanic of my beliefs and attachments. As I swam around in the tatters of my nervous system I knew somewhere deep within that this was good for me. Initiations being what they are…with no real adherence to one’s self in the world, I knew that that was where I was. In the vortex of my initiation into a true me. And the crossing seemed interminable.

Rebirth sculpted me slowly. I tried to establish a normal working life, actually made an effort to put myself together “appropriately” in a new city but that fell apart. That is when I learned then that if my life wasn’t working it had a lot to do with me. So at 34, I dived into me, what made me work, what was my purpose, how could I heal my reactiveness? Then came years and years of self study and study of philosophies, ancient traditions, healing technologies, spiritual and religious practices plus exploring my own visions, past lives, creating lives. After my attempt to start a normal life collapsed, I entered the world of health foods to work with people who were working on themselves and learned everything I could about nutrition and how I worked. Far into the night I would read. Exploring myself as a lab, I popped every vitamin pill and potion that matched my own idiosyncratic dissemblements. I knew that hypoglycemia and diabetes – blood sugar fluctuations – can cause visions so my intention was to stop seeing people’s faces changing into ancient natives or wrinkled Asians, or alien beings with odd feelings and colorations. Constantly I balanced my own system. I didn’t trust any particular teacher at this point as a part of my initiation was to find out what was really true and not rhetoric or religion. I was ripe for the psych hospital but I could not bear to be locked up, nor fed drugs that tweaked my sensitivities, or foods that wrestled with my emotional stability. I kept a tight rein on myself, often counting down from 200 to one to stabilize my unruly thoughts. I was lonely. But very afraid of people, and their judgments as I left the norm. Steadily I persevered. When someone asked if I was crazy I answered “I don’t know but if I am I am going to learn all about it.” My intention was to figure out how I work and then how others work, and most of all to stop my visions.

Well those visions just got better and better. My memories from my early childhood reemerged at times. So I learned by myself, within myself, sitting up through the night, following instructions in various books, doing a Yoga practice out of a book, walking, seeing, practicing, trying it out. As I added dance, and Yoga to my health regimen my visions became clearer and more than that, they responded to my requests! I received answers and conscious visitations from spirit beings, guides and angels and other folks who have crossed over. I saw colors again, colors that told me so much, and I remember one night sitting at a bonfire, there was a pop and I began to see inside of people.

This period lasted six years, the real me stirred amongst the rubble of past influences, whether this or other lives. The process is in many ways became infinite and beloved. My husband and I laughed together as we grew and changed, him in his etheric world, me in mine, actually sharing some unseen teachers. But interestingly enough, he was still political and I was on a spiritual track.

As a schoolteacher who could not live in the system, I decided that radio and television were natural ways to teach. A friend, Terry, my health food mentor and I created some television shows at Cable in Vancouver and then I moved on and took communication courses with internships in radio to complete my degree. I became a radio as the channeling began.

My Beloved Guides and Angels grew in my world, always stronger, always leading greater and greater understandings of the processes of human life. They taught me tremendous powerful processes that have worked with people through the years. The guides I love so much remain a coalescence of beings who love, nurture and guide us daily. They are like a pulsating energy library adding more consciousnesses and more love as I am more ready to conduct the frequencies. They teach me and many others, about the conscious use of energy, of radiance and of the impact it can have on the collective thought processes we absorb one from another, those thought patterns that keep us limited. The Guides and Angels bring, as does our multi dimensional memory when awakened, energetic healing tools from Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, the Pleiades’, Arcturus and more, means to awaken our ability to create the world we know can happen. Or to give us another chance to create a win win reality, an opportunity to touch the depth of our own creativity, and most importantly love.

I am grateful for my journey. A journey of reconciliations with the true with in and without. And I am grateful for my many clients with whom I explore the wonders of being a human being, in charge of transformation.

Radiance By Design

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Show Host
Veronica Entwistle

Radiance By Design is a weekly call in show where I encourage you with all my heart to connect with me, Veronica, from anywhere you may be and from whatever level of consciousness that is clouding you. The show offers you a much needed spiritual tune up – gives you the means to hold your own as you engage the crazy dynamics that occupy our ever changing planet. Radiance By Design is specifically tailored to the energies of each week and your calls dictate our on air discussions. Together we explore multi-dimensional realities, healing through energy structures, chakra tuning, the complexities of shifting dynamics, divine relationships, evolution, love, and anything else that may be weighing your spirit or mind.

During the show, callers (and listeners) can feel the transformative energy directly through the airwaves. Not only will I assist you in finding answers to the questions within yourself, I will also help you determine exactly what is behind each question you are experiencing. We will move the energy trapped in your being, allowing change. You will become released to a state of true self, a vibrational vehicle of light. The more of your light you are, the more energy you exude unto everyone you encounter. You will come to realize that as our radiance increases, we no longer feel the need to be dictated by the mass consciousness, or restricted by the things we don’t fully understand, or can’t control. Instead, we lovingly stand strong on energy tip toes, reaching out for the sheer wonderment of it all. This wonderment is what Radiance By Design is all about. Remember, we are ALL a part of this collective journey. Let me be your guide each week. We shall travel together.

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