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Current Situation with Noel Jones
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Current Situations
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Guest, Tamara Richardson, aka Southern Bell Psychic

Current Situations with Noel Jones and cohost Raynay Reeves

Tamara Caulder Richardson -- Evidential Psychic Medium / Ordained Minister / Spiritual Teacher / Multiple NDE Experience

Guest Name, Tamara Caulder Richardson

Tamara Caulder Richardson
Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA, Southern Belle Medium, Evidential Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, 6x NDE'r
Evidential Psychic Medium, 6x Near Death Experiencer, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author

Tamara Caulder-Richardson, AKA; “Southern Belle Medium”

Evidential Psychic Medium / Master Spiritual Teacher / 6x NDE'r

Evidential Psychic Medium, Tamara channels healing, loving messages from loved ones who have crossed-over to; live stage audiences, groups and individuals throughout the US. Tamara was born with this gift, but feels it was enhanced through her is a six near death experiences (NDE’s) which she is currently writing a book, "Love from Heaven: My 6 Near Death Experiences, the Gifts I Recieved and the Wisdom I Learned". She is also actively involved with The International Association of Near Death Studies and is Chapter Director for the Charlotte area and former keynote speaker for the IANDS national conference in 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Tamara has enhanced her God-given gifts by training with TV/stage mediums /authors; John Holland, Janet Nohavec, and has trained throughout the years with UK’s Tony Stockwell. In addition, Tamara was recently certified in October 2016 in from International Medium, Lisa Williams, in her extensive 12-week Advanced Psychic Medium mentored program in San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to medium readings, Tamara offers, spirit-lead psychic “life path and spiritual counseling” connecting with God’s heavenly realms, and she channels Jesus on a regular basis. Tamara speaks at national conferences on an array of soul expansive topics. Tamara is also a non-denominational Christian minister.

For more information, go to her website for testimonials, bio, videos and more.

Below are videos of me speaking to spirit and doing live audience readings:

LIVE Medium Gallery Readings, Tamara Caulder Richardson,  AKA; "Southern Belle Medium" (5 videos)

"How Spirit Communicates" (educational) -Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA; “Southern Belle Medium” (6 videos)

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Current Situation with Noel Jones
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