The Courage to Ignite Your Power, August 5, 2018

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster
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The Courage to Ignite Your Power
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with Kristine Grant and Caroline Andrews

Today we discuss how to ignite our power, purpose, and passion so that we can reach our highest potential in life.


How do we get “unstuck” in all areas of our lives? The simple answer is, we have to do the work! My two guests today share exactly what that work is and how doing it can change everything!

Seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, and Author, Kristine Grant, shares her powerful expertise in writing inspired letters from the heart that will transition your relationships with anyone and everyone.

Relationship Coach, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor, Caroline Andrews, shares valuable insight on how to transition your life by being more present with yourself and tuning into your sensuality, purpose, and passion.


We Discuss:

  • What often keeps people stuck and not reaching their full potential
  • Asking what versus how questions to get the answers we’re looking for
  • Transitioning out of the bad habits that are limiting our success
  • Getting stuck in emotional reactivity and living from past experiences
  • The most powerful way to connect with someone through a written letter
  • Tuning into our own sensuality, purpose, power, and passion
  • Connecting with our own selves and being more in the present
  • How women can get out of their heads and into their bodies
  • Ways that women can get in touch with their pleasure centers to transcend their life


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Voices of Courage

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster
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Ken D Foster

Ken D Fosters’ Voices of Courage Show is more than just another radio program! It will take you on a journey to find your courage, breakthrough your limits and master your destiny. No kidding! Ken has brought together the most Courageous People on our Planet who will inspire greatness with you and change your life for the better. In fact, if you are a regular listener, you will soon see the unseeable, know the unknowable and do the impossible.