The Courage to Fail Forward and Become Unstoppable, October 21, 2018

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster
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The Courage to Fail Forward and Become Unstoppable
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with Steve Rodgers

Today we discuss facing fears and embracing failure to create the life that you want.


Every wealthy entrepreneur that I’ve interviewed over the last 20 years has told me that to be successful you must fail, time and time again. They also made it a point to let me know that if you don’t make courage your partner, you’re probably not going to succeed.

It’s not about being brave and taking uncalculated risks. Instead, it’s about being thoughtful, understanding, and taking risks that are well thought out and considered. So, why do so many successful people embrace failure? They do so because failure teaches us our greatest lessons in life.

My guest, Steve Rodgers, is a business and lifestyle consultant, an international speaker, and a number one best-selling author. He joins us today to share powerful advice for moving past any challenges in life and business. Steve provides strategies for overcoming fears and obstacles that anyone can apply to ignite their growth and unlock their full potential.


We Discuss:

  • Why having courage and embracing failure in life are the essential keys to success
  • Acknowledging and self-reflecting on fears to overcome challenges and grow from them
  • What to do if you’re in a place in life where things aren’t working or you feel disconnected
  • How to find joy in the darkness, create a life of purpose, and unlock your full potential
  • The “Lead to Gold” formula and focusing on the three P’s:  Productivity, Profits, & Purpose
  • Materializing what you want by creating a plan, staying accountable, and course correcting


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Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster
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