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Classic Redneck Radio, June 16, 2024

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Classic Redneck Radio
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with Rabbi William Dean

Classic Redneck Radio with Rabbi William Dean aka: Brother Billy “Redneck” Dean

Episode 6-16-2024

Classic Redneck Radio

Classic Redneck Radio with Brother Billy Redneck
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Brother Billy Redneck

Our Father's Business

Redneck Ingenuity is that single-minded determination that never lets obstacles get in the way, completing a job till it’s done with marked perfection, true creativity, and striving to always improve yourself, while lending a hand to others in need.

Our missions is to provide an outlet:

  • for the expression of true Christian American family values.
  • where the concerns you have about your community can be voiced and heard by your neighbors.
  • where you can have an impact for the preservation of the family values, American ingenuity, and the future of your children.

We believe:

  • first and foremost in One True Creator, the Most High God of the bible and His Son the Christ.
  • that the 10 Commandments have not been done away with.
  • that one man and one woman are what was, is, and should be meant in a marriage.
  • that there is a little Redneck in all who live with grit, ingenuity, productivity, creativeness, and a spirit of never say fail.

Click Redneck Ingenuity to learn more on how you can be better informed while still being productive and profitable.

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