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Catalytic, June 14, 2016

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with Guest, Tom Lumbrazo

Some of us find the spiritual path, and some of us are found by the spiritual path.  City planner Tom Lumbrazo was driving alone in his Jeep in early 2001 when he unexpectedly heard a voice tell him to quickly slow his car from 60 mph to 35 mph.  If he hadn't listened to the voice, he surely would have been killed a few moments later.  That experience led him and his wife, Caroline, into an existence increasingly filled with spiritual awakenings and angels and messages and synchronicities, all new and unexpected experiences for them both.  If you're also waking up to an existence that's grander than anything you've imagined, or if you've been hoping there's more to life than what you now see, you won't want to miss this episode of Catalytic Radio with Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer and her guest, Author/Photographer/Spiritual Explorer/Angel Expert Tom Lumbrazo.  Tom will share ways to open to unexpected spiritual growth for yourself and your partner, ways to bring more love into your everyday life, and much more.  And be sure to listen live to learn how to receive your free copy of Tom and Caroline's latest book, "Simply Angelic."  Twenty five lucky people are in for a treat!  What do you do when life happens?  Get Catalytic!       

Guest, Tom Lumbraso

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Tom Lumbraso
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Photographer, artist, author
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By most standards, I would consider my life as quite normal, perhaps like yours. I was born in upstate New York near Syracuse in the town of Canastota. I was born on 11/11/1948, and much later I learned that the numbers 11/11 were a sign of the angels. I would later come to see that the number 11 seemed to be evident everywhere in my life. Who would believe numbers would influence your life? I can now say that I believe that they do.

I came to northern California with my parents in 1965 and finished high school, and graduated from a nearby state college in 1970. I met my wife Carol and we were married on 8/29/1970. We are still together after all these years. By the way, I met Carol on a summer day as I drove by the front of her house. Funny, her house was 11 houses down on the same side of the street as mine! I soon was working in the discipline that consumed my life—that of a city planner. For 18 years, I worked long hours as a city planner for a local government. In 1989, I left that position and career to set up my planning consulting business which has lasted for over 20 years.

Until 2/9/01, everything was quite normal. That was to change that day. At about noon, I was driving in my Jeep alone on Highway 65, a four lane expressway, when a loud firm male voice called out to me inside the vehicle, SLOW TO 35. I was going 60mph in the fast lane, and I immediately slowed to 35. I learned long ago to follow my intuition. This voice was a real one—not in my mind! Within 30 seconds, a car with three young men rapidly passed me and came up to a traffic signal that was showing “green”. Instead of going through the intersection, the car stopped at the green light and then made a left perpendicular turn and stopped fully broadside in my traffic lane. I had no other alternative but to hit their car which resulted in a major accident. Both cars were demolished but we all walked away with our injuries which did not cause hospitalization. The Highway Patrolman at the scene said that if I had been going 60 instead of 35, I would certainly be dead. I did have some injuries to my chest and legs that needed healing. Amazingly, I had cheated death this time—only because the voice gave specific direction and I listened and followed. What would you do if you heard such a voice in your car? Would you have ignored it or chose to follow its direction? And what would you have thought about such an incident.

This accident started me on a path of exploration and adventure which resulted in a huge change in  my wife Carol’s and my lives. It started immediately when I began seeing some health professionals in acupuncture and massage to help with my injuries. These people and the people and events that I experienced over the next many years have led me to question everything about our existence and my role in that existence. In essence, I discovered the “meaning of life” for me, or you might say “my purpose in life”. I learned very quickly to follow the physical and mental messages that came to me. I also started seeing psychic professionals such as astrologers, intuitives, psychics, tarot card readers, you name it, I did it. I needed to know who and why that voice was in my car, and why I was subsequently getting all these strange messages. And why I was saved from certain death. All of these people that I met on this adventure were saying the same thing about me—that my life was about to change in a major way. At the time I felt that this did not sound right since I was happy in my life. I had a great job and a great wife and companion. Why would I want to change all that?

Soon, Carol and I would encounter strange incidents. We would be awakened in the early morning hours by our bedroom lights going on and off for no reason, even when some lights were not even plugged in. Our bed would be shaken violently side to side. Put yourself in our place—how would you deal with such crazy things happening and yet you could not see who or what was doing these things? We learned that these were meant to wake me up and in that state of half awake and half asleep, I started having visions in a waking state—not dreams. These visions were short but happened several times a week. They included seeing places, seeing people that I had no knowledge of, seeing people dressed in clothes of decades long ago, being told to go to a certain place, and more particularly seeing images of angels. I was being communicated with—but by who and why? What would you do if such messages came to you frequently in the middle of the night? Would or could you ignore them? Would you act on them?

The first angel vision was astounding, particularly since I really did not believe in their real existence. I felt that they were like mythical creatures, like Roman and Greek Gods, or dragons or fairies. This first angel vision was so clear that I could see each feather of the wings, see the clothes, the sword, the horse that he was sitting on. Soon thereafter, I went to Borders Books to find a book on angels. As I opened the book to a page in the center, by chance I found a picture of the angel. It was virtually identical to my vision of the angel. And it was no ordinary angel—it was the powerful Archangel Michael depicted on his horse with his sword. I felt that he wanted me to know of him—to confirm his existence.

By 2005, the messages were so strong and getting stronger each night. I went to a very highly respected psychic in my area for a first reading. Her name was Linda Schooler. She said that the energy was strong for me to travel extensively, first to the Southwest and then internationally. I said this could not be true since I worked so much and didnt have the time or even the interest in such travel. Within 6 months, Carol and I were traveling to Los Angeles, to Palm Springs, to New Mexico, and to Arizona. Linda was right! Later in 2007, we went to Peru, and in 2008 to England and France, to Hawaii, and then in December 2008 to Egypt. Linda was right again—this time about the international travel! All of these travels were not planned or expected. They seemed to happen for various reasons such as being invited by friends to visit or to join a sacred sites tour. For example, we went to Peru with new friends we had made in Palm Springs. We went to Egypt with another new friend on a tour. It was like these people were being sent to us to lure us to go, or to make the trip safe, fun, or easy. As it turns out, Linda was so right. How could she have predicted this so precisely? And what was the purpose to all these trips. This really opened me up to the psychic abilities and gifts of some people.

I saw Linda again just a month before we went to Peru. She said this time that I would paint soon after I got back from Peru. I said, this cannot be true. I last painted in kindergarten and I was nearly 59. I said this has to be wrong. She responded by saying the energy was so strong that she was absolutely certain of this prediction. Well, 2 weeks after Peru, I was walking down the street in my local area when a strong craving to paint came within my stomach area. It was like a craving for food. I immediately went to the closest art store and bought art supplies that I did not know anything about. I started painting that night. It immediately became an obsession. Carol was stunned that I would paint. Now I paint without any training whatsoever and have shows, events, etc. See the Art section of this website to see samples of my art work.

I have now been painting for several years without any classes or training. My paintings are selling. I am having art shows and my art is shown in many businesses. I simply cannot believe what has happened. Clearly, this art I am creating seems like channeled energy. Sometimes my hand goes where it wants, not where I want it. And every 3-4 months, the art style seems to change to something different or new. And I just love all of this creativity that has come into my life through art. But how could Linda be so accurate about my future in painting? And what is the real purpose for me painting?

Another amazing incident happened in the Spring of 2008 on our trip to England and France. Just before the trip, I checked with my two best psychic friends, Linda and Francie Marie, and they both, independently, saw Carol and I seeing a Stargate in France. They said it would be guarded by two angels but to honor it. They did not know what it would look like. But then it happened. Near the end of our trip, we went to St. Malo, France, a beautiful small town resort along the English Channel with a wonderful wide beach area. As we got out of our taxi, there it appeared. First, a series of clouds that were angelic in form appeared, then one with a human body form with its arm and hand and finger pointing down in the sky to the Stargate. Then we saw it…the Stargate appeared over some of the buildings along the coast—an amazing pyramid cloud that looked so unique I could not take my eyes off of it. At that moment it felt like time stopped! People walking past me didn’t look up to see it, despite it being very large in the sky and seeing me looking up taking pictures. A truly memorable event. If you were to see something like this, how would it affect your life, and your beliefs? What would you do?

Later that Spring in 2008, Carol and I went to Sedona, Arizona. What was to happen to us there was something that could have never been thought possible! During our trip we walked a labyrinth located at the St. Andrews Church. It was a big labyrinth and it took some time to walk it. As we finished, suddenly the sky filled with clouds. We looked overhead, and there it was—an angel figure shown to us in the clouds. I fortunately had my camera and took many photographs. At last, I really had the confirmation of the angels that I had been experiencing since 2001. Little did I know then it would be the cover of my first book, “Journey to the Clouds”.

After we got back from Egypt in December 2008, I got another type of craving. This time to write books. It, in fact ,happened on December 21st when I awoke to this need. This craving resulted in my first book called A Journey to the Clouds—Messages from the Sky. This book is about messages being given to us in the form of clouds. The whole book was completed and printed in 6 months which is very fast. The angels woke me every night at 2 or 3am and pushed me to work on it and complete it as soon as possible. The angels would not allow me to sleep unless I worked several hours each morning. After this book was done, the angels immediately pushed me to do the second book “Faces of the Universe—Sacred Images”, which also was done in 6 months. In my opinion, one purpose for these books being created appears to be to “slow us down” and awaken us so that we may contemplate and appreciate our world and all the visible and invisible life that is within it. The other purpose is for us to make sure we preserve and enhance our beautiful planet through “LOVE” of ourselves and all other life forms. After all we have experienced over the years, we feel it is important to share our information with you through creation of this website and our books.

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Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer was a nationally acclaimed calligraphy instructor and lecturer before a health crisis nearly ended her life in 1998. After thirty-five years as an artist, she recreated herself as a spiritual teacher, writer, intuitive, and energy therapy facilitator. She has presented her work at Steve and Barbara Rother's master Facilitator Intensive, the Integrated Energy Therapy tm Master Instructor retreat, and other spiritual venues across America. She especially enjoys helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or helping other people understand the sacred connection with their own angel animals, living or dead.

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