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Bible News Prophecy, July 6, 2024

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Bible News Prophecy
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Continuing Church of God

Bible News Prophecy with Dr Bob Thiel

Continuing Church of God

Bible News Prophecy

Bible News Prophecy with Dr. Bob Thiel
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Dr. Bob Thiel

Bible News Prophecy

The Bible News Prophecy program broadcasts news and information in the light of the Bible and its prophecies. This includes proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14), teaching all things that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19-20), providing prophetic warnings of God’s impending judgments, contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3), assisting in the calling of the full number of those to be reached before Jesus returns (Romans 11:25-26), explaining mysteries of God's merciful (James 2:13) and loving plan (e.g. Romans 16:25-27), helping people better understand the Bible (Acts 8:30-31, Romans 10:14-15), explaining God’s loving plan of salvation (Psalm 68:30, John 3:16-17, Luke 3:6, Romans 11), encouraging people to live the way of Philadelphian (Hebrews 13:1) and agape love (1 Corinthians 13), and calling for personal (Acts 2:38) and national repentance (2 Chronicles 7:13-15).

The Bible News Prophecy program teaches the fact of God's existence, the fact of Jesus being Savior, and the certainty of biblical truths. The program discusses what the future holds for humanity in the light of Bible prophecy. The Bible News Prophecy program analyzes news and world events by the light of the word of God and also explains matters that will happen in the future, based on Bible prophecy.

The Bible News Prophecy program is sponsored by the Continuing Church of God.

Jesus said His true Church would be a "little flock" and be around until He returns

The Continuing Church of God is a "little flock" that traces its history from the Book of Acts, throughout the ages, and into the 21st Century.

We trace our unbroken history to the start of the New Testament church in the Book of Acts. We are a pacifist church that teaches original Christianity as taught and practiced by Jesus Christ, the original Apostles, their early faithful followers, and others faithful to original Christianity throughout history. We have supporters and congregations around the world. We have free literature online available in over 1500 languages at We have churches in multiple countries (see Congregations of the Continuing Church of God ) and over 10,000 congregants around the world.

Our primary English speaking radio presenters for the Bible News Prophecy program on numerous AM/FM stations as well as shortwave stations are Steve Dupuie and Dr. Bob Thiel as well as James Martenet. The Bible News Prophecy program is also available online at

Dr. Thiel has a Th.D. in early Christianity (more on him can be found in the article available at: 

Dr. Thiel writes daily news and prophecy articles which are available at

The YouTube channel link is: Bible News Prophecy channel.

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