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The Bev Moore Show , March 24, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Ashbell McElveen

The Bev Moore Show with guest Ashbell McElveen, Chef / Founder James Hemings Society, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, contributor to High on the Hog on Netflix, Josephine Baker LMJC projecta and TV personality.

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show March 24, 2023

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Tune in Fridays to the Bev Moore Show at 12 noon EST, 11am CST, 9am PST on BBS Radio Station broadcasting on the Heart Network airing on over 185 Stations in 37 Countries, Worldwide. Don't miss our next guest, International TV Celebrity Chef and Filmmaker, Ashbell McElveen. 

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Guest, Ashbell McElveen

Guest Name
Ashbell McElveen
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Chef / Founder James Hemings Society, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, contributor to High on the Hog on Netflix, Josephine Baker LMJC projecta and TV personality.
Guest Biography

Ashbell the Entrepreneur


Ashbell’s story is pure Americana: from humble beginnings as the great grandson of a sharecropper in rural South Carolina, he discovered his gift of spinning down home food and flavors into heavenly ambrosia from his trio of family ‘cooking saints’: Mother Retha Ludd, Great Aunt Laura and Papa Ashbell. 

Educated at the Sorbonne, he travelled the world soaking up the ethnic tapestry of culture, tradition and cuisine that binds us all. Returning to the US, he successfully branded and nationally distributed his own food products, while doing stints as executive chef for high profile restaurants and private corporate dining rooms. His talents soon caught the attention of the likes of Robert De Niro, President Bill Clinton, Patti La Belle and other celebrities, who engaged his services. Soon NBC television took notice and Chef Ashbell became on-camera presenter for the WNBC Weekend Today Show. There he cooked with Donald Trump, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and a host of other celebrities, raising ratings and wowing New York’s ethnically diverse community with his larger-than-life personality and impressive knowledge of everything from potato latkes to Cuban pernil.

In 2001, Ashbell took his talents ‘across the pond’ to London, helming Harlem@Saint, a supper club in busy Covent Garden. Ashbell was invited to join the BBC television show Good Food Live as a result of Harlem@Saint. 

Also 2002, Ashbell received a commission from the Royal Parks to run an exclusive café for the famed Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion designed by architect Toyo Ito. 

In 2003 Ashbell opened his eponymous restaurant in trendy Notting Hill, dazzling AA Gill, the acknowledged ‘toughest restaurant critic in the world’ who bestowed a 4-star rating on Ashbells.

Chef Ashbell is a regular on BBC Cable Food TV’s most popular show, Good Food Live, and appears on BBC Broadcast TV across the UK on Good Food Bites. He is currently launching a new line of handcrafted limited-edition specialty foods, ‘Bespoke Cuisine’, a new beverage product, and is in pre-production for the filming of his show on US Public Television, Chef Ashbell’s Food in America.

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show streaming on the iHeart Network on / 185 broadcast station 1037 country I'm your host Bev Moore and continuing the celebration of women's History Month my guest today joint to talk about extraordinary efforts being made to honor the legacy of Josephine Baker known as one of the first International African American movie stars is my guest today he is the founder of the James Timmins Society a filmmaker Premiere and contributor to high on the hog Netflix TV series<br> my interview is Chef A spell is coming up stay with us<br> if you don't have to do what you want<br> there's a man<br> Amazon<br> can you cast Xfinity<br> Logan Stars<br> and your stylist<br> Medicare<br>Steelers Ravens game<br> will do.<br>we come back just Michael Dean talks about his London base restaurant Asheville where patrons include the new Queen consort Camilla he says his career has opened doors to meet celebrities including Martha Stewart rapper Snoop Dogg and former US President Donald Trump set of NBC's Today Show<br> play with us to your highlights just ask feels incredible career inspired by his family Southern Cuisine roots<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> on the Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need Heart Care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all making kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> you're listening to the Bev Moore Show broadcasting on the iHeart Network worldwide I would like to welcome my guest Chef Asheville mcelveen four-star Chef restaurant or International media personality and lifestyle<br> welcome to the show Asheville<br> thank you baby thank you so much I am not thrilled to be here<br> Chef Asheville I must say<br> your story is beyond extraordinary you are I mean discovered cooking for down home family cooking of culture<br> what about your past about where you grew up I was born and raised in Sumter South Carolina and I was born into that good food was their Birthright and my father made incredible BBQ the band was known for barbecue and the man and his brothers were incredible distillers so they made moonshine and bourbon<br> and on my mother's Sunday on my mother's side they were just fine cooks and a part of that you know Bastion of beaucoup you know in segregated South Carolina to guess that's how I grew up in South Carolina and it made an indelible impression on me and now I am so happy that I had that training from black teachers in my formative years in school<br> actually taught me about black history and instead of what was approved in the censored books that we were allowed to read in South Carolina official book that just only had one page with five black children sitting on the fence and the captain was future cooks and Servants of proud South Carolinian and I thought wow, very early age I was just very curious and you know I'm doing segregation I had doctor's lawyer's opinion cheese is May 1st<br> so that you know you'd walk down the two houses down was college professor two streets over Was An Architect and a doctor and I had all of these incredible role models that were black and I could see myself achieving things through them so I didn't feel like I didn't but I didn't have possibilities and that's that's the main thing about growing up in that whole segregated Jim Crow system was it I saw possibilities that modern kids don't see you know I had this incredible role models all over the place and and as a kid growing up everybody in your neighborhood<br> could discipline you so you were kept on the straight and narrow you you weren't allowed to be you know I'm running around the neighborhood acting wild and still in bed causing trouble because every adult that knew your parents could discipline you in a Flash and God forbid if they ever had a chance to to something serious enough so that they would tell your parents you almost like so yeah so you're really kept you going I'm in that early you're you're platform that help you rise above travel the world you returned to the US then branded and distribute your own food products<br> all restaurants is that right when I open a restaurant and got a four-star review from the Sunday Times of London and I had you know so many incredible patrons in the restaurant and one of my key patrons was the new Queen consort Camilla she came to my restaurant twice and I did a summer Pavilion and still only black Chef who's ever gotten a commission in the Royal Park<br> and that was at the Princess Diana gallery and the serpentine where I had a summer Cafe Asheville that the serpentine and I was really kind of doing all of this because of that know how do it do it that's how I was brought up in the South Carolina roots are so strong and on my whole life and I forgive me you were not just the first African-American you were the first American<br> the first American to be invited into the Royal Park and that was over the holidays and really did a thing with a new generation of gen Z sets and when I showed up I did not expect the reception that I got the gun these guys are just men and women and men and women they were like to touch my forehead touch my forehead where you caught the attention of Robert De Niro President Bill Clinton Patti LaBelle<br> was something wonderful and I ain't got to tell you the most interesting of all the celebrity folk was that when they were filming in Brussels the crew<br> send over a request for me to come to Brussels from London and Catering lunch for them and and that was that was amazing so I'm meeting all of these celebrities and I you know I said that I recognized but what they loved about me was that I was like oh well you want to eat sit down so you can get your celebrity that mean anything at this table everybody the same but this table so eat and then the MB and act human the whole network decided you'd be weekend Today Show that right I was on the weekend Today Show and<br> you know that's where I met people like Matt Lauer and Martha Stewart and others that are on Donald Trump to actually I cooked I'm the only set that has ever cooked with Donald Trump on the are actually attended a party at my house in Harlem that the Canadian embassy had the and rented my house to get ahold of them and and Donald Trump was one of their gas so you know I always say I was the only crazy things that that's been going on since then because at that time, Trump was hanging around with Snoop Dogg and Chuck D<br> total from the Trump now you say that he did three things that I like to cook with me in the Plaza Hotel when he owned that and we did a whole Mother's Day special and and later he introduced me to Diana Ross<br> I was absolutely thrilled at an event at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and many steps to find it was not around. I just realized that that God had an instinct for me that's that's all I can say about that so many people that you've met through your parents are currently launching a new line of bespoke Cuisine a new beverage products<br> yeah I am I launched a spell Smoked Meats and Seafood when I came back from England I spent the about 10 years living in Paris and about 14 15 years living in England mostly in London and when I came back I started to smoke salmon on my friends back porch and ended up selling it in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia for $50 a pound of my special and that whole epic of South Carolina do something<br> when you do something and I I I remember one of my aunts on my father's side one of my great aunt Laura she looked at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC and when she retired she traveled around the family and she will stay two or three months at each house and when she was showing me a recipe for cooking mushrooms and I was very very suspicious of the best day because I've grown up I'm hearing that mushrooms were poisonous and you could you can die eating them and I was like looking at in her mouth while she was telling me this recipe and she said to me stop looking in my mouth<br> cooking Traditions passed from generation to generation in the black community was you know you can do it look I'm doing in that abolition definitely help me to really understand southern food and and Southern Regional food and the cuisine not just as a cooking it has the death and breadth of flavor to be a real Cuisine and where you are I can say that for sure<br> the<br> Coronavirus<br> gummy bear<br>please excuse<br>my interview with celebrity chef Asheville magazine continue talks about his contribution to the Netflix TV series high on the hog stay with us to hear more about his amazing accomplishment as a culinary art Jeff or where we come from we all experienced difficulties in life<br> military veterans know that sometimes it takes strength and determination to make it through for help when you need it or no veterans like us a reached out for help and hear stories of strength and recovery at make the connection. Net<br>talk about hound a hog on Netflix that is a huge program and I'm Jessica hair I've known for years and years and years and actually one of her first books iron pots and Wooden Spoons is how I got I'm really interested in the history of African-Americans and black America's cooking in America and how foundational that was now I didn't appear in the series but I am my name is the first to roll on the credits and as a contributor<br> so I was very happy to be a part of that project and bring a historical references that needed to be mentioned in it because you know our home state of South Carolina is key to good food to in America in particular and Grace of the African American Cuisine like through lions from Africa to Texas<br> well it does it does but that while I went back to Texas of which is a later part of how they like with me and Bella and wouldn't if I had one criticism of the series was that that line should have gone back deeper into the southern states and not end on the barbecue of Texas because barbecue was happening in South Carolina in particular and Alabama and Georgia long before it was in Texas you are you know BBQs were were the way that politicians tried to get your vote<br> is that mean throw big barbecue and you know an invite you and they have lemonade and and barbecue and and it was a free day to get your voice that was political fundraising and political morning fundraiser prolifico voting you know you know how good the food was and I and mostly men over the pit Masters and my family up in there and you know you don't work today in all of the shows that you know people calling me where nowhere around barbecue and then it was just another thought but in fact<br> you know we were the proponents of barbecue we're the ones in their barbecue famous in the South and they on the show the Reno a former World War 5 and activist she's one of the most successful African American performers ESC<br> and I'm literally when I was nineteen years old and a student in Paris<br> a friend came to my house one night and I lived on the fifth floor walk-up and I would like to attend my doors knocking on the door and get out of breath walking up five flights of stairs and he said what are you doing for dinner and I said oh I have some cheese and some bread and stuff and some wine so come on and let you know we can we can share what I have I want to take you to dinner and I said okay so he took me to dinner which was ironic Ali about a block away from my house in a very very area and on the kid off say with you be very ritzy part of Paris facing the river<br> and the and we've gotten to this building we walk into this building it was just a luxury is old-world money and all of that getting done to the elevator went up to the third floor and it was one of those old-style Parisian apartments that were huge that that were at at least 11 or 12 rooms and so I should into the dining room and I thought what am I doing here why were you here and there were two tables of about five or six people and at one of the tables was Josephine Baker and I would absolutely thrilled I was thrilled so of course I was seated at the table that she wasn't<br> and at one point when they were getting ready to serve dessert she made eye contact with me and I smiled and I said in English was girl<br> MC ran over to me and started hugging me and kissing me and she said the smell of her perfume I can still smell it today<br> play Louis I said no ma'am I'm from South Carolina but my father and I love you so much and she just kept hugging me and hugging me so the hostess and she was behind you to be but she's looking at me like I don't know who you are you get out of holding on to me and kissing me and and she was like the hostess with the chili should introduce her to the other people and up and she was whisked away for me but she gave me that baffling smile and a kiss on the cheek or block and it was it is a memory that I will never forget and<br> and when the French wanted her in the pantheon I was invited to the service by her son Brian and it was the most spectacular honor any American male or female black or white ever gotten from any country<br>it was spectacular they showed African American culture and achievement to the world<br> and that's never been done for any American ever and I was so embarrassed by the US response it was so beautiful that I started working with a group and its National group of people to build a living Legacy the Josephine Baker call La Maison Josephine and that and that has involved in two applications worldwide petition to get her recognized by the awards Community for her groundbreaking work in films and Motion Pictures and stage and just be the incredible Legacy of her life we're looking to build to Sinners one in St Louis and one in Paris so that we can get other artists<br> opportunities regardless of race religion or sexual identity I had an opportunity to choose to be a part of her overall theme of of a Rainbow Coalition in and that's why she adopted at 12<br> young kids children from all Races and religions and that was her rainbow try and such it is such a incredible accomplishment that she's being honored this but women history book by the African American women and their depreciated and awarded the first Justine Baker award that's a nice apartment is so pretty and I'm just glad to be a part of that<br> Coalition committee committee that's that's building a living Legacy that I owe her a debt<br> I really feel that and you know and you know just being in Paris it was James hemings who would embarrassing stories of James hemings and it was Thomas Jefferson's idea that him and travel with him to France<br> for the purpose of the art of cookery if we could I am I'm glad you are talking about this because that's about all that Thomas Jefferson did was bring James Henry for Paris and Thomas Jefferson never spoke French fluently he can read it and ride it but it couldn't speak French he never did learn how to speak French book 19 year old James Heming<br> went to Paris for that Express purpose of becoming a friendship and he in the 1785 and landed in France it was James hemings Jefferson gave money to to rain for the travel from the airport to the City of Paris and James him he's not only did that he brought money back of an enema done in a very efficient way and I was just very interested in this whole character who who was such an incredible individual that back in nineteen nineteen ninety-three I did a dinner at the James Beard house in New York at the tribute<br> Thomas Jefferson and the Africans they put in their image kitchen I didn't know much about James hemings but about three or four months after that dinner I was awakened in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and I knew that I would had been waking up by hand<br> and maybe as South Carolinians know Aunt is I'm not too happy ghost how can you all people forget about me<br> and it took me a little while to wrap my head around the back back it was the Ghost of James hemings coming to me to say tell the real story get the real story out<br> who am I<br> we care Spa<br>but because you've done now because<br> launch mirror<br>end call<br> Puerto Rico<br>Bobby Caldwell<br> not because but because<br> coming up Jeff asbell shares have proud he is the work on a TV series called James hemings and Paris a show created to enter James hemings an American slave who became a well-known in Paris promise of our Constitution and the hope that liberty and justice is for all people but here's the truth attacks on our constitutional rights yours and mine are greater than they've ever been the right for all to the Reproductive Rights the right of immigrant families the right to equal justice for black brown and lgbtq plus books we protect everyone's right to freedom of religion the freedom of expression racial Justice lgbtq right the rights of the disabled<br> we are here for everyone for over 100 years the ACLU has fought on behalf of millions of Americans protecting our boat and our voice I believe in the ACLU because they're for real learn more about how the ACLU is fighting for your rights and mine go to my today<br> I'm not he minds running back for the Indianapolis Colts and proud supporter of the muscular dystrophy Association my mom was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when I was 14 and I watched her struggle but MBA helped her get the best treatment and care and they also help kids like my buddy Ethan<br> name is Ethan and I'm 12 years old thanks for the muscular dystrophy Association and people like you I have more hope than ever before from day one they've treated me like family at my local care center and yeah is the only one that funds over 150 Care Centers across the us to help provide state-of-the-art care for adults and kids like me we have been transforming the lives of people living with muscular dystrophy ALS and other related near muscular diseases they fund the research for breakthrough treatments care and cures and if they provide support to thousands of families like mine and Ethan's in communities like yours thanks to MVA kids and adults can live life to its fullest join us and learn more today is that he's brought to America and we're talk about macaroni and cheese ice cream<br> get well and french vanilla ice cream macaroni and cheese french fry whipped cream meringue for lemon meringue pie in the very Stone technology to put on technology he brought back from Paris you cooking on today and I'll even never gotten that credit but he was in a what he's learned and he was trained at the and Jack the panda French chef who cooked with Julia Child<br> he says in my film ghost in America chicken he said James hemings and took him and took eight years and with James hemings did in a year-and-a-half he said that he had to be extraordinary to understand that kind of like a year-and-a-half and that was that really just kind of focused the abilities that they have and when we talked about dildos dishes baked macaroni and cheese and French fries they went from Heaven slave kitchen at Monticello to be International Global dishes<br> and that's not from the country of origin<br> but from that enslave kitchen at Monticello so for me Jefferson has been because of those very talented and slave shaft Jefferson has been credited for creating find food in America when it was the black hand that made ensured that put fine paste into his<br> and then she was the head of that and he laid the standing in Paris for people that Josephine Baker is standard of creative excellence and African-Americans from Justin bacon James Baldwin and Maya Angelou and so many others followed<br> in the years ahead even if they didn't know that James Ended as Labor Standard that they all follow and they not only enrich the French but they enrich the rest of the world to the art so that from me the you know making the documentary with Anthony world was simoneau to bring this story to the average American public and and I'm very proud to say that I am working on the TV series call James Henry's in Paris to give everybody a view of what James hemings faced Empire what Houston mounted an accomplice and end in his returning to America<br> and I'm returning to slavery when he could have remained in France and working as a pop said he could have remained there later life there but he believed in the words that Jefferson wrote<br> even when Jefferson didn't book it in the words for people of color<br> and is that the Jefferson he asked for was The Letter of Invitation and elected by the people he was appointed by the Congress or when he became president<br> he sent his secretary to Baltimore with James humans with cooking and a tablet and said come to Philadelphia come to Washington immediately and become the shed at the White House and James Heming said I'd be happy to if only he would write me a few lines of invitation<br> and Jefferson being the racist that it was refused to write a letter to a black man he was thinking about marriage and he didn't want to write a letter to a black man even though that black man James Heming was Uncle to his children rides for half brother and sister to Jefferson's wife mother and father and even with all of that Jefferson and refused to write the letter<br> but James took his ground and he would not, he stood up to the most powerful man in his universe and said no you're not going to treat me like you did when I was your slave I'm a free man and I demand you respect me as a free man that was planting the standard African American black Americans resistance and and that's the old Backbone in a fiber of the civil rights movement and all the achievements that we've had sex then with getting and demanding respect<br> and I'm so proud of James hemings for doing that in 1803 he refused to come to the White House to be the shack<br> unless Jefferson wrote a letter so what what Jefferson did what he wrote a white French man<br> The Letter of Invitation and a French man that have been in the US for 10 years and it missed the whole food revolution in France that James was in the middle of<br> no but James had the last laugh because two students<br> Francis turn faucet<br> eating faucet and an Ursula Granger<br> were brought to the Jepson white house to pick the white princess James's style of cooking which was a fusion of that he created in Paris of Hampton Virginia Plantation and have on French cooking and that was the style that Jefferson love to eat it so those were the first their students of James hemings and they went to the White House to teach the white shed James's style of cooking and I'm so grateful that you know women sister-in-law Frances Huynh faucet was the one who actually stayed the longest in Washington and<br> they doing both terms of Jefferson as president and when he retired the Monticello he she was the the chief cook and the shape and Monticello and the great thing about her is that she with her son<br> once when Jefferson died she was still jealous and I still kept her in slavery because he was the mortgage and all of his enslaved people so that he could keep up his lifestyle of fine dining and Fine Wines but he mortgaged everybody and because you know enslaved people were property every year and when he was bought by a professor at University of Virginia<br> and who and later got her freedom from him but she's so important because<br> a group of Virginians migrated to Ohio<br> and and they settled in Chillicothe I actually went to the church that they found it in Chillicothe Ohio and it was just being in that thank you very much I make give you Goosebumps and along with her son brought Fine Food and fine dining opening a business in Cincinnati and that was aware find food and fine-dining started to come from the east coast in the middle of the country for the first time<br> and that that's that's great the end it here but is there anything else that you want to stay as a closed but you know a place of our interview just to finish this out because this has been so much history that you shared that I know a lot of people don't know about and just everything ghost in America's kitchen is on Amazon Prime and it's the first in a Trilogy of films that I'm making a game settings and it when working on the second series now Wicked Game Changers in Paris is the American Bridge<br> it is that absolute incredible story and so I encourage you all to go see ghost in America's kitchen by Anthony wearing the Rector and myself and in that will be your first introduction to this incredible American Patriot and Chef<br> oh what's up thank you so much for being so we wish you continued success with your endeavors and everything that you do the lighting to be here and as Bella South Carolinian yes we keep trucking that's what we do as we celebrate women's history month during the month of March<br> I hope you enjoyed my interview with International TV celebrity chef Asheville mcelveen amazing information on efforts made the legacy of African American movie star Josephine Baker<br> thank you for listening to the Bev Moore Show streaming on the Android network worldwide I'm bev more until next time bye bye<br>

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