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The Author and Artist Hour, May 31, 2022

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The Author and Artist Hour
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Natasa Denman, founder of Ultimate World Publishing, books include, Your Way to Riches and The Ultimate 48 Hour Author

The Author and Artist Hour with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis

Author Your Way to Riches

Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. A highly sought after professional speaker (CSP accredited), coach and mentor, Natasa is a 14-time published author and creator of the game changing business model, Ultimate 48 Hour Author. She has helped over 600 solopreneurs become first time published authors in 15 different countries around the world including Australia, USA, UAE and Canada.

Three years ago, Natasa also founded her own publishing company, Ultimate World Publishing and her authors are now writing their second and third books.

Appearing in all major media outlets across Australia including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and The Age, Natasa is changing the way people do business in Australia and the world. She now runs a multiple 7-figure businesses with her husband and 3 children from home having pivoted the business from an offline to a highly successful online model during the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Toni - What is it that holds a person back from writing their book?

  2. Kez - How would you convince another that their story is valuable?

  3. Toni - What you offer writers is amazing, what would be their first step?

  4. Kez - How did this Idea of yours Natasa originate?

  5. Toni - What was your first published book experience like?

  6. Kez - Do you have a team of professionals you work with and is each of them on a one-on-one basis?

  7. Toni - What are the benefits of writing your own nonfiction book?

  8. Kez - How important is it to have professional backup when writing your book?

  9. Toni - What would be your main piece of advice to any new writer?

  10. Kez – What’s the special offer you have for anyone wanting to write a book the 48hr way


Guests Links:

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USA/Canada Seminar Booking Page -

The Author and Artist Hour

The Author and Artist Hour with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis
Kez Wickham St George

Kez is ever the storyteller and a popular speaker at many local events; However mentoring others to tell their stories has become a large part of Kez’s life, running creative writing workshops for those that have a story to tell.

Encouraging and mentoring others to follow their passion for writing has resulted in four of her writing protégés becoming published authors. Kez also invites published authors in fiction to contact her, as she enjoys introducing their work to Facebook and Instagram by video.

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