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Artists at Work, March 17, 2021

Anastacia Drake
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Artists at Work
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with Heidi Bacon and guest

Artists at Work with Heidi Bacon and guest Anastacia Drake

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Artists at Work

Artists at Work with Heidi Bacon
Show Host
Heidi Bacon

To those around them, creative people are a mystery - where do their ideas come from?  What inspires them? When are they "ready" to transfer their dreams into reality?  Join us weekly on the "Artists at Work" show as we visit artists, musicians and creatives ranging from the novice beginner to the world renown, located all across the United States, Canada and the world.  We will visit artists in their studios to delve into what inspires them, their advice and suggestions for other artists, what does and doesn't work for them, what music they play while creating and take a virtual tour of where they create.  

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