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Angel Answers, July 3, 2017

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Angel Answers Continues
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Guest, AW Schade

Angel Answers with Amy Toy and guest AW Schade

Guest, AW Schade

Guest Name
AW Schade
Guest Occupation
Author PTSD Educator
Guest Biography
Marine, Vietnam Veteran, Bank Manager, and over 30 successful years in corporate executive marketing, business development, operations, and sales. Married, father of three sons, and grandfather to a granddaughter and four grandsons. Schade graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Business Management. After decades of denial, he accepted the fact he had PTSD. 
When images of the Gulf Wars flashed ceaselessly across every media outlet, they triggered his darkest memories of combat in Vietnam. No longer focused on his career and personal responsibilities he agreed to retire early, and began his journey of therapy to subdue the 'demons of war.'
Immersed in his therapy Schade recognized through the assistance of others, who freely shared their time and editing skills, he began to write stories to raise awareness and open minds.
His first story was the award-winning novel, “Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion,” An enlightening ‘creative non-fiction’ story of one man’s journey to find the truth about God and religion. Passing through the mystical ‘Gates of Abraham’ his protagonist Jacob engages believers along the divergent roads of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Secular and Spirituality beliefs for answers.  Concluding his thoughts on religion he wrote, "The greatest father"—a satirical tale of how religion began.
Changing direction, Schade wrote two stories to help veterans recognize and accept PTSD. “The Demons of War are Persistent” is a personal short-story of denial and living with PTSD. "Not Alone" is an essay about the trepidation of entering group therapy. Both stories were written to help veterans and families what the stigma of PTSD and seek help—instead of falling into the abyss of destitution or suicide. They are free to read and download on his website.
In 2016, Schade finished his first suspense-filled short-story "If I fail; what doom awaits the children?" 'The only hope to save three kidnapped children is an elderly veteran.'
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Join us for an inspirational hour with the angels, those higher luminous beings who serve as divine messengers for the universe.

Angels help us in various ways, but it’s up to us to figure out those ways, and sometimes we need a little help. When we do, the denizens of the angelic realm are there for us to call upon, and all we need to reach them is the assistance of the people who have a natural spiritual rapport with them.

Amy is among those people here to use her gifts to help you gain the assistance from the angelic realm - any assistance you may need.

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