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Letao Wang
Your Pitch
Good afternoon,
Throughout ancient history, researchers and astronomers have been fascinated by how and why our planets above affect our fate below. Today this beautiful synchronicity between the sky and us is seen as a core principle in astrology.
In his new deck Oracle of the Celestial Deities, Letao Wang invites us to dance in the astrological echoes of the planets, asteroids, and constellations for a deeper understanding into our lives. By infusing guidance from the cosmos with ancient wisdom from mythical deities, we can uncover insights into each of life’s unique experiences.
As a spiritual counselor and professional astrologist, Letao can speak on:
  • ancient mythology and human psychology,
  • reading your zodiac from moon phases,
  • crystals for dreamwork and spiritual healing, and
much more when it comes to understanding astrological synchronicities.
If interested, I'm happy to share more information or a copy of Letao's new deck with you for an interview on BBS Radio.
Thank you!

Letao Wang is a professional astrologist, tarot specialist, and the founder and spiritual counselor of the Healing Kingdom. He has been offering astrology, tarot, and numerology readings to clients in Hong Kong and abroad since 2015. In addition to his services, he shares his insights through’s astrology column, where he is a regular contributor. Learn more at

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