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Andy Stuart
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Get More Tank is a fuel catalyst (not to be confused with products that are fuel additives).  The Get More Tank patented formula works in any gas or diesel engine to start burning fuel earlier in the combustion process so that all of the fuel is burned.  This results in 3 basic things.  First, it unlocks all of the energy that is stored in the fuel resulting anywhere from 10-20% increase in mileage. This means a huge cost savings in fuel expense. Second, there are no particles left over to clog an engine which unnecessarily shorten its life and performance.  Third, there are no emissions leaving the tailpipe.  


One of the great benefits of Get More Tank is that it unleashed the amazing engine technology that is in every vehicle, but has been compromised by how fuel is made today.


It can't void engine warranties because it does not change the fuel, it only causes it to burn completely.  The company carries a $1M liability policy against such an event and there has never been a claim filed.  It's made in the US.  


It's easy for consumers to use.  It is a tablet you place at the opening of a gas tank and you let the gas pump nozzle push it down the tube to the gas tank when filling up.  The tablet dissolves by the time the vehicle leaves the gas station.


This formula has been proven over decades of use, but the manufacturer has been concentrating their marketing efforts to heavy industry, such as big earth moving equipment and the trucking industry.  Now Get More Tank is bringing it to the passenger vehicle market.   Since it works in any gas or diesel egine, it works in cars, trucks, motorcycles, atvs, farm tractors, semis, lawn equipment-in short any fossel fuel engine.


Get More Tank removes any and all arguments for Electric Vehicles as it solves the emissions issue.  Moreover, science has proven that the earth will not run out of oil.  Additionally, consumers pay less taxes to state and federal governments since taxes comprise the majority of the price of gasoline and diesel.


I have an exclusive license with the company to advertise their formula.  


I have personally been using Get More Tank for over a year and have found that in our household we are saving $150 per month.   



Andy Stuart is President of Stuart Media Strategies and Founder of Get More Tank.  Prior establishing SMS in 2019, Andy had a 40 year career in broadcasting starting when he landed his first radio radio announcer gig as a teenager and then moving up the ranks as a top executive in the largest radio media companies in America.  In his work with SMS, Andy discovered the company that created a patented formula that increase the mileage and performance in gas and diesel engines.  He learned they were focused on the heavy industry markets and subsequently negotiated an agreement with them to bring the formula to the passenger vheicle market under the brand name he created "Get More Tank".  Get More Tank launched in the fall of 2023.