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Michelle Vandepas
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Michelle Vandepas is a highly accomplished purpose-driven entrepreneur who has achieved multi seven-figure success multiple times in her career. She possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in building purpose and legacy-driven businesses, and her insights would resonate with your audience.

As a co-founder of a successful publishing company, Michelle has demonstrated her ability to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape and create impactful ventures. Her expertise extends beyond business success, as she also leads retreats and coaches professionals in creating revenue streams while leading purpose-filled lives.

By featuring Michelle on your podcast, you would have the opportunity to explore various topics, including:

The power of purpose in entrepreneurship: How aligning personal values and purpose can drive business success and fulfillment.
Building legacy-driven businesses: Strategies for creating sustainable ventures that leave a positive and lasting impact.
Navigating challenges and achieving financial success: Insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving multi seven-figure success.
Publishing industry insights: Unveiling the dynamics of the publishing industry and the potential it holds for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs.
Coaching and mentoring for success: The value of mentorship and coaching in guiding professionals toward revenue streams and purposeful lives.

Michelle's vast knowledge and experience make her an ideal guest for your podcast, and her unique insights can provide valuable inspiration and guidance to your listeners. Her presence would greatly contribute to the engaging discussions and thought-provoking content that your podcast is known for.


Michelle Vandepas is an accomplished professional who captivates with her empowering message and unwavering support. As a seasoned author, speaker, and coach, she has a wealth of experience and profound insights into publishing, online marketing and living with purpose. Michelle lives in the mountains of Colorado, where she lives with her family, 40 goldfish, and the occasional mountain lion or bear (oh my!). Michelle is often walking through nature thinking of new ways to help her clients live their most authentically successful lives, and also grounding herself in the beauty of the world around her, whether at home or through her travels.

Colorado, USA