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Bill Haskell
Your Pitch

Innventure founds, funds, operates, and rapidly scales companies in strategic collaboration with Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Leveraging MNC market data, we seek to identify opportunities where well-protected, disruptive technology solutions address significant unmet market needs and have the potential to create $1B+ in new enterprise value. Our systematic, quantitative approach to founding and funding new companies is designed to mitigate many of the risks inherent in building and scaling high-growth ventures.


Over the past 30-years, I have been a principal in all aspects of inventing and building technology companies across multiple sectors including renewable energy, healthcare, imaging and agriculture. I am an experienced senior executive; have been a Director of more than a dozen public and private companies in North and South America, Europe and Australia; and have served in roles including CEO, COO, and strategic planning executive. I have also been involved in turnarounds and have extensive experience in taking companies to the public markets through IPOs. Key skills include: Company building, ESOP structuring, financial modeling, M&A advisory and transition planning.

United States