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I’m speaking with Master Clarice who is an inspirational Feng Shui Master, blessed with many gifts. Her journey with the Tarot began in 1987 when she discovered by chance that she could read the tarot intuitively. In 2001 Clarice took a leap of faith by embarking on a new journey within the metaphysical world of Feng Shui and Divination. Since 2006, she has expanded her work internationally.  She is well-respected as a Feng Shui Master and in 2008, she was nominated for Singapore Spirit of Enterprise Award. Master Clarice is also an accomplished writer within the world of Feng Shui. She successfully published the book entitled, “Feng Shui Gourmet” plus a series of annual books which have been reviewed by Harper’s Bazaar, New Sunday Times, New Straits Times, The Finder and Expat Living.  She was named Visionary of the Year, an Irwin Literary Award and is listed as one of 2021’s Best 7 Psychics in Singapore by Clarice has contributed to a multitude of major magazines as well as many radio and podcast interviews.