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Sophia Rascoff
Your Pitch

Hello - Is your audience interested in connecting with a female founder and teen social entrepreneur innovating safer online spaces?

Sophia Rascoff, daughter of Spencer Rascoff (Zillow, Hotwire), is a GenZ female food-tech founder and can connect with your audience on the following topics:

  • Gen Z and Social Media - How Gen Z can create a healthier, more sustainable relationship with social media
  • Teen Social Entrepreneurship - Lessons and strategies for getting started as a young founder
  • Community for Foodies - The app Sophia launched, Recon Food is for foodies to connect without the toxicity of social media.

Is Sophia a good fit for your audience? She'd be honored to be apart of the show.

Potential Podcast Episode Topics & Talking Points

Gen Z and Social Media

  • Social Media - How Gen Z can create a healthier, more sustainable relationship with social media
  • Safe Inclusion - Tips for Gen Z to create safer and more inclusive online communities
  • Toxic Social Media - How Gen Z can manage the negative side of social media
  • Social Media Whip Lash - What it is and how to manage it

Teen Social Entrepreneurship

  • Get Involved - Advice for getting involved with the social causes that matter to you
  • Social Entrepreneurship - What it is and how to get started
  • Advice for Young Founders - Lessons and strategies for overcoming obstacles
  • Female Entrepreneurship - How to find success as a female founder

Recon - A Community for Foodies

  • Shared love of food - Connect without the fight of social media
  • Recon Food - A foodie social platform platform -free from politics and negativity
  • 17 year old social entrepreneur and Recon Co Founder
  • Daughter of Tech serial entrepreneur and investor, Spencer Rascoff (Co Founder of Zillow, Hotwire) 
  • Committed to making social media a healthier and happier place for her generation
  • Leads her school's Entrepreneurship program and Latin-American Hispanic Student Organization.
  • She has interned and consulted for various companies across the tech, venture capital, social media, and green-tech industries
United States