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Guest Name
Laurie Shaw
Laurie Shaw
Guest Occupation
Practitioner - 7th Generation Healing
Guest Biography

Proud Member of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation ( 1 hour North of Saskatoon)

- Board Director with Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Investment Management Group ( since 2020)

- 25 years’ experience in IT with Specialization in Azure Cloud implementation (TELUS,SHAW,CP RAIL, WESTJET and ENMAX)

- Certified Reiki Master

- First Nation Spirit Talker

- Certified in Theta Healing, Master Spirit Guide and Medium

- Mother of 2 men (Jesse + Thomas) and dog mama to Iggy and Abbi

- Owner of new Healing Business – 7th Generation Healing ( open July 2nd,2022 (Teepee is my office)


Focus in 2022 and beyond:

- Healing our people of mother earth but first start with forgiveness to ones we have hurt or ones that have hurt us. We cannot heal without forgiveness

- Work towards the legacy and prophecy of 7th Generation Healing of the people on Turtle Island and the plants, animals and people of mother earth

- Start with the Elders - they are our knowledge keepers, they are our leaders. We cannot heal generational without starting with our leaders.

- My goal is to heal as “one nation” on our beautiful Mother Earth. We will align and come together a’ one’ under the sacred tree of Gaia.