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Guest Name
Stefanie Dumont
Guest Occupation
Executive and Transformational Coach, Author
Guest Biography

Irrepressible optimism!

As an Executive and Transformational Coach for 20 years, Stefanie has helped her clients’ vision become their daily lives. From gold medal winning Olympic athletes, to Philanthropy driven CEOs, leading physicians, award winning artists, cutting edge professionals, and philanthropreneurs; Stefanie has coached them all. She recently became a Heart Math Certified Trainer, giving her clients techniques to change their physiology in under two minutes. She is a catalyst who leads individuals and teams in personal and professional transformation and heart driven leadership.

Stefanie Co-Founded Conscious and Carefree,, a learning forum and community dedicated to joy, contribution, and meaningful productivity.  She interviews thought leaders, facilitates socialpreneur masterminds, and contributes articles to the media about principles and techniques she has learned to live a good life.

As a Guest, Stefanie appears on news forums, tv shows, podcasts and Awake TV Network with her show “52 Weeks to Living Conscious and Carefree,” based on her Coaching Guidebook Series. Stefanie’s first volume, “Yes First, Taking Action in Uncertain Times” is available April 26, 2022. 

Stefanie has nurtured a beautiful family, realized human potential is her life’s work, and enjoys writing articles and songs about the human experience; translating thoughts, feelings, and ideas into action.

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