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Highly perceptive, accurate psychic
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This episode features a conversation with the Empowerment Psychic. My guest is Walter Zajac who for 20 years, has been hailed as one of the best psychics on the West Coast. As an acclaimed psychic medium, certified Tarot reader, NLP coach, Reiki Master and Love Coach, he has empowered and guided thousands through enlightening psychic readings, and inspiring coaching and healing sessions globally. His experience working in 12 different countries has given him keen insight into people’s distinctions, commonalities, and cultures. He continues to receive dreams and psychic visions that come true. And having suffered so much as a child, he is especially intuitive about the pain and suffering that is hidden within others. To hear Walter Zajac narrate selected scenes from the paperback and audiobook of They Came - Beyond Déjà Vu, go to