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President of The Wide Awakening, Author, Expert in Applied Physics
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Jennifer Hough (pronounced HUFF) is the President of The Wide Awakening, Author of the new book UNSTUCK and Founder of the Largest Integrative Nutrition Practice in Canada and founded the first Mentorship program for Complementary Entrepreneurs over 2 decades ago. She is an expert in practical applied Physics.

She has mentored Doctors, Executives and Thought Leaders globally. Her passion is to make physics practical after working with mystics, scientists and shamans from 8 different countries, to free herself of her own struggle with chronic fatigue and self-sabotage. She's been on international stages, radio, television and podcasts and is the author/co-author of countless books and articles.

Jennifer leverages new information about biology, physics, and neuroscience to:

• Show you how to move from simply surviving every day to flourishing

• Remove the veil over how to live in the miracle zone

• Show you how to move from frustrated and overwhelmed to deeply fulfilled and abundant.

Connect with Jennifer here:

Jennifer Hough (Personal) Facebook page

The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough FB page

The Wide Awakening Playground FB Page