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Michael Ellegion
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In Celeste's and my new Non Fiction book,, we share our personal experience of having a Multi Dimensional Unconditional Romantic Relationship, with her being around me 24/7 on the 5D etheric level.  It is truly a most unique, Mind blowing and Transformational journey that I experienced when I was first reunited with Celeste, an Immortal Intergalactic Goddess and Space Lady, who is also my own Divine Other Half.  I share the many Awesome Blessings, Wonderful Miracles and Powerful Synchronicities that occurred because of this, and how this literally energetically impacted the Time Space Continuum, which also set the stage for many other Twin Flame couples to now meet.  Yes, the whole concept of Dating and Romance is truly no longer limited to just planet Earth! 

UFO Researcher Contactee and Author

UFO Researcher, Contactee and Channel.  Published my first book, Prepare For The Landings, Are You Ready?!, in 2010, which describes my first two contacts, of being physically taken aboard Higher Dimensional Merkabah Light Ships, and the many Communications I have received from Higher Extraterrestrial Light Beings.  I was first Activated and trained as a Channel through the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling, as a young child.  After the cabal deep state killed me in 1979, I was resurrected by Intergalactic Light Forces, with my DNA upgraded to do my Transformational Channeled Readings for fellow Light Workers, Star Seeds, Volunteers in Earth embodiment.  Met members of Q intel. back in 1980's during my public lectures.  Check out the NASA Star People Characteristics List at Celeste's and my website,, to see how many of these Traits you also happen to have!

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