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Connie Huebner
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Divine Mother Healing:

Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

By Connie Huebner, with Sandra MacKenzie 

Connie Huebner Gives You the Exact Process to Connect with the Feminine Force of Creation for Profound and Rapid Clearing & Transformation 

Connie Huebner was living a normal life as a college student. Until she challenged God to show her that He existed! One warm autumn evening laying in a green field staring up into the night sky, she was suddenly swept into an incredible experience of Oneness with all that existed. Never the same again, she spent the next several years looking for others who lived in that reality, finally experiencing that homecoming in the eyes of a number of awakened teachers of the time, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Ram Dass.

But Connie was not done yet, she wanted a direct conversation with God or as she termed it "seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within." Going deep into the reaches of consciousness, she began to perceive that conversation -- and as she asked questions, answers came. She assigned words to the healing technologies that were imparted and she saw profound changes in herself and others. 

The more she probed, the deeper she went-first through Jesus and the Ascended Masters-and finally after 13 years -- a direct experience of Divine Mother, the feminine force of Creation, the female aspect of God! Awed beyond comprehension, Connie became a leading teacher of Divine Mother's healing and wisdom for humanity.     

For the past 20 years, Connie Huebner has honed, refined, employed and taught the Vibrational Healing Tools that have been introduced to her via Divine Mother. She has seen rapid clearing of emotional and physical blocks, fears, resistances, negative influences, karmic residue, unhealthy emotional ties, and spiritual malaise -- and the resulting transformations that occur from the infusion of Divine Power, Love and Truth. 

Connie introduces people directly to Divine Mother through her energy healings, live teaching programs, self-healing courses, and the Divine Mother Church, which she founded -- and her new book: Divine Mother Healing: Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

At long-last, putting it all on paper, Connie provides a system that allows for anyone seeking healing or spiritual ascension to practice an entire transformative healing session, do shorter versions in the interests of time, select specific tools for individual circumstances, or do mini-sessions to have an instantaneous impact on an unfolding situation. Connie also shows you how to apply these vibrational tools to others in your world. 

Each tool includes such information as how to get started; why, how and when you should use it; when you should seek to feel or visualize while invoking the words associated with that practice, and suggestions on how to increase its effectiveness.

Connie can introduce your listeners to:

  • Why seeking the aid and wisdom of Divine Mother has such profound impact 
  • The concepts of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Nectar -- and their distinctions
  • How to breath into and soften the heart in order to activate these healings
  • What Vibrational Healing Tools work best for specific intentions

And if someone wants to develop a personal relationship with Divine Mother, Connie guides seekers on how they can directly receive her wisdom through Connie's Dialogue with Divine Mother Course. The book is a great starting place. 

If you would like to have Connie Huebner on your show to introduce your audience to Divine Mother and these remarkable Vibrational Healing Tools, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details. Connie is available for interviews starting Oct. 20.

A Powerful Guide for Healing and Spiritual Awakening

"I love Connie Huebner's profound work that was born of her deep connection to Divine Mother. In this spectacular book, Divine Mother Healing, Connie offers tools that can transform any challenge and bring the experience of greater love into your daily life. What a powerful guide for healing and spiritual awakening." ~Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Knowledge to Help You Heal Yourself and Others 

"I hope you have the opportunity to spend time with Connie. She is truly a teacher living her teaching. Who better to write a book than someone who imbibes all of the knowledge they are sharing?! Divine Mother Healing is filled with incredible knowledge to help you not only understand healing but be able to heal others." ~Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times best-selling author, The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches

Powerful Healing Tools to Cleanse and Elevate Your Consciousness 

"If you are willing to spend just a few minutes using these powerful healing tools, you will be profoundly cleansed, elevated in consciousness, and blessed by Spirit. Your life will never be the same." ~Dr. Susan Shumsky, best-selling author, Miracle Prayer, Instant Healing, and 8 other books

Tools for Spiritual Hygiene and Inspiration

"Connie Huebner reminds us that we are spiritual beings on a human journey, in need of spiritual hygiene tools to assist us. This book details those vital tools in accessible format. Divine Mother Healing is an important book arriving in the nick of time, as humanity is challenged to respond to converging global and personal crises. Having studied with Connie, I am personally in deep gratitude to her for this work, which has profoundly helped me to be unstoppable in fulfilling my life purpose."

~Victoria Hanchin, LCSW, Wholistic Psychotherapist and author, The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth

Heal Deep-Seated Trauma and Prevent Everyday Stresses 

"I have used these tools for everything from healing deep-seated trauma to preventing everyday stresses from taking hold - a total 'do-it-yourself', empowering book." ~Gillian Peirce, co-author of Teaching Transcendental Meditation in a Psychiatric Setting


Connie Huebner is a leading spiritual luminary of these times. She’s the founder of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing, and Divine Mother Church. She communicates with Mother God and brings profound Divine messages of healing and knowledge for many people.

Connie is unique among spiritual teachers in that she not only receives Divine messages, but teaches others to receive them as well. She can teach anyone to receive their own answers to life’s questions from Jesus, Mother Mary, the Ascended Master Babaji, or any Divine Being.

Connie has written a book, Divine Mother Healing, which contains a series of Healing Tools that people can use to heal themselves and their loved ones. They are effective even if the words are just read out loud or repeated silently. Using these Tools automatically connects you to the healing power of Divine Mother.

Connie’s spiritual journey began when she was a 21-year-old college student. She was lying on the grass gazing up at the sky on a gorgeous autumn day thinking about all the stars and constellations that were hidden in the blue. Suddenly, without warning, she expanded through the sky and the clouds, past the planets and galaxies into empty space, where she experienced her Oneness with all of it. It was a profound Unity experience that has never left her.

The rest of her life has been dedicated to going deeper into that experience and all its ramifications. Over time, a profound yearning developed within her to communicate with the Divine. She wanted to talk to God. Connie began a quest, which she called her search for the “Kingdom of Heaven.” “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you,” was a statement she had heard many times from different spiritual sources. Trusting in those words, she started a deep research into her own inner self. As she looked deeply and honestly within, Divine Qualities revealed themselves to her.

First, Divine Light appeared, then the nurturing quality of Divine Love. More Divine qualities emerged. She discovered that these qualities were being given to her to heal the personal issues that were blocking her ability to receive communication from the Divine Presence.

Connie was being shown exactly what she needed to do to connect to the “Kingdom of Heaven.” As she continued to explore with Divine Light and Divine Love, they emerged as practical methods for both healing and awakening the Divine relationship. She felt so enlivened, empowered, and cleansed that she started investigating how to use them not only for herself, but also for others.

Spending so much time on her inner focus, Connie started to get messages from Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and others. They were encouraging her to share what she was learning and teach people how to wake up the Divine Connection that was available in everyone.

Placing a very simple ad in the local paper, just the words, Prayer assistance, and her phone number, she very quickly received so much interest, that she had to create a business.

As more and more people presented a wide variety of problems and challenges, Connie continued to receive knowledge from within about how to release the negative energies that kept people in pain and suffering. She was shown how to release them by using the simple commands, “Break” and “Go into the Light,” adding more to her Healing Tool Kit.

As time went on, more Tools were revealed – for example, a way to release karmic ties binding people to energies from their past, and a Tool to help people keep their auras cleansed of invasive energies, and impervious to negative influences in their environment. She began to see clearly the desperate need for all people to love themselves, and developed the “Self-Love Exercise” -- a very powerful transformative healing method.

Having spent many hours diving within as she searched for the Kingdom of Heaven, Connie was accustomed to experiencing the powerful flows of Light that emerge from the unbounded Source. One time as she was enjoying a particularly gorgeous display of Light, she asked, “Who are you?” immediately the Light answered, “I am the Divine Mother, I am birthing the universe.” Then She started to demonstrate her creative abilities to Connie. Awed and overwhelmed, Connie aligned with Divine Mother who opened the doors to the “Kingdom of Heaven” she had so diligently been seeking. Connie now brings Divine Mother’s Knowledge, Wisdom and Love to people worldwide.

Over the years, Connie has developed a deep and powerful personal relationship with Divine Mother. She converses with Divine Mother all the time. She says that it is the most powerful, passionate, and loving experience she has ever known. It is this relationship with Divine Mother and the access through Her to healing and Divine Knowledge that Connie wants to bring to as many people as possible.

Connie now lives in Fairfield, Iowa with her husband. They have two adult children. She grew up in Michigan, and completed a BA degree in Political Science, and an MA in Research in Consciousness. Since 1999, she has been teaching people to heal themselves and to receive guidance from the Divine.

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