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9:10:17 PM (Wed) PDT


Talk Radio Show Program

Nancy At Noon

Nancy At Noon with Nancy Murdoch
Show Host: 
Nancy Murdoch

You have questions; I have answers. Ask Nancy about all those things they never taught you in school.

Plain and simple: I provide quality answers that give all of my listeners something to chew on. I help people clear away some of their mental clutter so they can connect to their own innate wisdom and hear their own answers. 

Sometimes you just don’t have the knowledge to make informed decisions. So I provide that knowledge through stories and personal experiences so you can understand yourself and others better, in order to have fun relationships, better health and longer lasting happiness. Ask me anything. If I don't have the answer I will bring on an expert guest who does have the answer. 

Also included is a super cool segment on Life Skills - The Things They Never Taught Us In School. Skills that are worthy of developing. Exciting guests and authentic conversations filled with practical and useful information for the fast-paced lives of today’s men and women. Listen to the archive shows and enjoy! 

Stress affects your health. Your health affects your happiness. Your happiness affects your relationships, your health, your job performance, productivity and your passion for life. If even one of these things has been compromised, everything in your life will be out of balance. I help you get your life back on track and headed in the direction YOU want to go, by providing the knowledge, tools and strategies for how to have beautiful relationships, excellent health and happiness that lasts.

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Nancy At Noon, January 25, 2016 Fix Him or Ditch Him!
Nancy At Noon, January 13, 2016 How to answer uncomfortable questions.
Nancy At Noon, December 30, 2015 with Nancy Murdoch

Featured Guests

Guest, Sean Bennett December 30, 2015

Talk Show Program Host

Nancy Murdoch
Nancy Murdoch
Ontario - Canada Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Nancy Murdoch, Nancy At Noon, Nancy's Blog, Nancy's Awesome Art B & B
HeartMath Coach, Stress Specialist, Ayurveda Culinary Arts Teacher, Certified Reflexologiest, Therapeutic Touch Certification, Reiki II Certified, Aromoatherapy Message Certified, Fine Artist, Speaker, Author, Talk Show Host

I'm a self-proclaimed fire-walking hippie artist who lives in a house with a crooked fence because life is infinitely more interesting when it’s slightly askew.

My Mission:

My formal training in film making, TV, radio and media arts and healing arts provided the foundation for me to help individuals for over three decades, gain clarity, spiritual awareness and emotional balance. I am a positive catalyst who recognizes the potential of wellness, creativity and success in everyone.

  • Licensed HeartMath Coach & Stress Specialist: HeartMath Institute, Boulder CA

  • Ayurveda Culinary Arts Teacher: Art of Living Organization, Canada

  • Certified Reflexologist: Reflexology Association of Canada

  • Aromatherapy Massage Certification: Mississauga School of Aromatherapy & Canadian Holistic Therapist Training School

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree: University of Windsor

  • Teaching & Training Adults Certification Georgian College, Owen Sound

  • Liberal Arts Degree:Oakland Community College, Michigan

  • Associates Degree: Oakland Community College, Michigan

  • Post Graduate Degree Summer Intensive, Computer Animation: Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario

  • Touch For Health Certification

  • Reiki Level II Certification

  • Therapeutic Touch Certification

  • Published Author

The Books I Wrote:

My case studies in helping men with relationships led me to write and publish 3 books about self-empowerment, love and happiness.

  • To All the Men Who Made me Cry … Thank You!

  • It’s Mostly About Sex and the Pleasures of Pleasing a Woman

  • 24 Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Self-Esteem

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