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Nancy At Noon, January 13, 2016

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Nancy At Noon
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How to answer uncomfortable questions.

Nancy At Noon with Nancy Murdoch

Irritated Allie wants to isolate herself because wherever she goes, people are making irritating noises, chewing and talking in the library to the point where she is enraged. She asks Nancy how to stop being irritated by people.

Scared Mama tells us how it when when she broke the news to her parents about her pregnancy.

And Angela from Austin wants to know how to answer uncomfortable questions that put her on the spot.

Nancy has helpful answers from which everyone can benefit.

In the second half of the show

Nancy At Noon with Nancy Murdoch

In the second half of the show, Joe wants to clear up his confusion about what to eat and what not to eat, what’s healthy and what’s not. There is so much confusion about foods because there is too much conflicting information, we don’t know what to believe anymore….or what to eat. Nancy has a simple answer that will bring you right back to basics so you will always know what your body needs.

Also, guest Kaitlin Trepanier will talk about the Life Skill of Respect and how it has helped her become the person she is today.

Nancy At Noon

Show Host

You have questions; I have answers. Ask Nancy about all those things they never taught you in school.

Plain and simple: I provide quality answers that give all of my listeners something to chew on. I help people clear away some of their mental clutter so they can connect to their own innate wisdom and hear their own answers. 

Sometimes you just don’t have the knowledge to make informed decisions. So I provide that knowledge through stories and personal experiences so you can understand yourself and others better, in order to have fun relationships, better health and longer lasting happiness. Ask me anything. If I don't have the answer I will bring on an expert guest who does have the answer. 

Also included is a super cool segment on Life Skills - The Things They Never Taught Us In School. Skills that are worthy of developing. Exciting guests and authentic conversations filled with practical and useful information for the fast-paced lives of today’s men and women. Listen to the archive shows and enjoy! 

Stress affects your health. Your health affects your happiness. Your happiness affects your relationships, your health, your job performance, productivity and your passion for life. If even one of these things has been compromised, everything in your life will be out of balance. I help you get your life back on track and headed in the direction YOU want to go, by providing the knowledge, tools and strategies for how to have beautiful relationships, excellent health and happiness that lasts.

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