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Nancy At Noon, January 25, 2016

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Nancy At Noon
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Fix Him or Ditch Him!

What do you tell a friend, a lover or a family member who comes into your space and dumps their negativity on you? How much are you going to put up with before enough becomes too much? Do you fix him or ditch him?

  • When is it time to say good-bye
  • How much suffering should we put up with in the name of 'love'?
  • is it compassion, love and caring or guilt and fear that keeps him near?
  • Is he really a friend?
  • Is the decision to keep him around a self-love based decision or do we feel obligated

Also in this episode, How can believing in God make my life easier? Anthony is seeking God and wants proof that he exists.

  • Can we discover God through flow charts and graphs?
  • Can I 'think' God into existence with left brain logic?

I’ve got some interesting answers for both of these questions.

In Episode 06, following immediately after 05 today, Alison Kero is going to give us super simple secrets for organizing our home and our life! Alison is an organizational expert and a woman who knows what she is talking about.

Send your questions to and maybe I will answer them live on air!  If you need answers now or help moving through some obstacles in your life, I provide a private email consultation service. Contact me at the same email address.

I'd love to connect with you on my facebook page: Connect here and post your questions.

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Nancy At Noon

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You have questions; I have answers. Ask Nancy about all those things they never taught you in school.

Plain and simple: I provide quality answers that give all of my listeners something to chew on. I help people clear away some of their mental clutter so they can connect to their own innate wisdom and hear their own answers. 

Sometimes you just don’t have the knowledge to make informed decisions. So I provide that knowledge through stories and personal experiences so you can understand yourself and others better, in order to have fun relationships, better health and longer lasting happiness. Ask me anything. If I don't have the answer I will bring on an expert guest who does have the answer. 

Also included is a super cool segment on Life Skills - The Things They Never Taught Us In School. Skills that are worthy of developing. Exciting guests and authentic conversations filled with practical and useful information for the fast-paced lives of today’s men and women. Listen to the archive shows and enjoy! 

Stress affects your health. Your health affects your happiness. Your happiness affects your relationships, your health, your job performance, productivity and your passion for life. If even one of these things has been compromised, everything in your life will be out of balance. I help you get your life back on track and headed in the direction YOU want to go, by providing the knowledge, tools and strategies for how to have beautiful relationships, excellent health and happiness that lasts.

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