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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 17 May 2021

Magic Monday with Jessica Dewberry

Magic Monday with Jessica Dewberry
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Jessica Dewberry

Magic Monday is a weekly talk-radio show dedicated to discussing all things magical, mystical and metaphysical. Hosted by self-trained psychic and visionary, Jessica Dewberry of Msjdew | Intuitive, this show was created to help heal and shift our collective consciousness and includes live, anonymous psychic readings.

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Guest, Kelly Joy Star January 29, 2018
Guest, Helena Ryan January 29, 2018
Guest, Kathryn Lorraine January 15, 2018
Guest, Natalie Ealy January 08, 2018
Jessica Dewberry
Psychic and Visionary

I'm a self-trained psychic and visionary who offers insights and professional services that help heal and shift our collective consciousness.

As a psychic and direct channel to the spirit realm, I empower people all over the world with readings that bring clarity, confirmation and alignment. I not only have the ability to connect to inanimate objects and the living - people, animals and plants - it's also common for a reading to be graced with messages from deceased loved-ones!

My guided messages infuse the spiritual and practical, remove blocks, clear attachments, shift energy, help you align with your true purpose, passions and desires, and unearth your confidence about using the many innate ways you already know to tap into, build and trust your own intuition.

I provide readings for any area of life but especially love offering guidance on soul/life path, career and finances, familial relationships and past lives.