Magic Monday, January 15, 2018

Magic Monday with Jessica Dewberry
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Magic Monday
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Guest, Kathryn Lorraine

Magic Monday with Jessica Dewberry

Guest, Kathryn Lorraine

Headlined, Magic Monday, January 15, 2018

Magic Monday with Jessica Dewberry
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January 15, 2018

This week's Magic Monday is all about meditation. I'll be exploring different types, the benefits, and how I use them in my spiritual practice. 

Kathryn Lorraine, a women's spiritual empowerment coach, yoga and meditation professional, women's retreat facilitator, and Higher Self expert has practiced meditation and yoga since she was a young child. And she will be joining us to share her wisdom on the topic. Be sure to tune in.

5pm PST on Station 2. 

Guest, Kathryn Lorraine

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Kathryn Lorraine
Kathryn Lorraine
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Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Yoga, Meditation Professional, Women’s Retreat facilitator, Higher Self expert.
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Kathryn is a Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Yoga, Meditation Professional, Women’s Retreat facilitator and Higher Self expert.

A native of NY, Kathryn learned meditation and yoga as a small child, and continued her spiritual quest as she traveled the world obtaining her formal and informal education. Always an entreprenuar and dedicated ambassador for non profits

Her Entrepreneurial and passionate spirit lead to starting her first company while in college at Bond University in Australia. After many successful years in the marketing in non profit segments, Kathryn took the leap into her true purpose as a coach.

Kathryn believes that we are all here to live into our unique purpose, to do so we must align with natural law, listen to our inner guidance, honor our desires and become fearless in the pursuit of what sets us free. This belief comes from direct experience, she was her own first client and now shares the teachings and practices that have brought her a life of purpose, freedom and infinite possibilities.

Her style weaves together esoteric and modern teachings, intuition and somatic experiences. She has trained with powerful teachers all over the world, studying in depth the various forms of meditation and yoga, yogic and tantric philosophy, leadership development, psychology and alternative healing therapies. Her purpose is to awaken and explore the power of the divine feminine.

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Magic Monday

Magic Monday with Jessica Dewberry
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Jessica Dewberry

Magic Monday is a weekly talk-radio show dedicated to discussing all things magical, mystical and metaphysical. Hosted by self-trained psychic and visionary, Jessica Dewberry of Msjdew | Intuitive, this show was created to help heal and shift our collective consciousness and includes live, anonymous psychic readings every 3rd Monday of the month.

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