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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 27 April 2021

I Dreamed I Was Human with Carolyn Gervais

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Reincarnation – it’s one of the most talked about subjects in the realm of metaphysical-spirituality. many of us have seen ourselves, in other bodies, in other lifetimes.

We see these experiences as meaningful glimpses into the true nature of who we are as souls.  But is it really important to know who we have been in other lifetimes?  And could these pieces of the puzzle we call “past lives” actually be hindering our growth as souls in human form? 

Be prepared to hear an explanation of past lives that may turn your views about reincarnation upside down.

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Carolyn Gervais
Author, Talk Show Host, Speaker and Spiritual Counselor

Carolyn Gervais - I have been a student of "metaphysical-spirituality" for over 30 years.  As a young child my yearning to understand why we were here on Earth, was and still is a constant.  As a child, when I looked into the eyes of someone, whether I knew them or not... I could see their innocence, feel their love and their anger; their joy and their sadness.

A strong yearning to understand why became such a need, that I would continuously drive the adults in my life crazy with questions as to why God made people and put them here on Earth.  I was told that God didn't want us to know the answers to such questions, but some part of me knew, even at the age of eight... that answer was not acceptable.  I was bound and determined that I would ask God all my questions until he answered them.

What I found out is that the answers keep expanding as we grow in awareness.  With that expansion, the questions become deeper, more intricate and more abstract, as do the answers.  That is what stretches our awareness.

I have spent my life in search of those answers and many more.  My inquiring mind has taken me into many aspects of study and experimentation... areas that pertain to the deeper meaning and purpose of the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Certified in Spiritual Psychology

I am an ordained minister in the teachings of Overlight Spiritual Psychology, which is legally recognized as a minister of spiritual teaching.

Another tool that I can use to serve you in your quest for self-realization is "Overlight Spiritual Psychology".  OSP is a way to guide you to the discovery of a more authentic "you".

Once you understand what your relationships are mirroring back to you and about you... you will be in a better position to heal, forgive and therefore... stop giving away your power.  And regain it.

Intuitive Counselor

What this means is that I'm able to tap into your higher self to bring you information that you may not be aware of on a conscious level.

In this way, you are giving me permission from other levels of your consciousness, to share information that your higher self wants you to have.  This information will allow you to better understand what needs to be transformed or healed.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I graduated from Wesland Institute of Hypnotherapy.  My training included 370 hours total, of which 130 hours were externship... one-on-one training with clients.

I suggest hypnotherapy when I feel it is needed.  Being in an altered state allows a person to speak more freely, without inhibitions... because the conscious mind is subdued and relaxed, allowing memories, experiences and feelings to float to the surface to be recognized and changed.

Holistic Nutritionist

My Masters degree is in the holistic field of nutrition.  What this means is that I work with a person on a body, mind level when giving guidance and advice with alternative health methods.

The health of the body is not totally dependent on just what we give it in the form of nutrients.  Those factors are very important, but the mind and what it believes and perceives plays a big role in the health of our bodies, as well.

I will work with you to give your body what it needs for maximum well-being.  And also with your help we will look at the thoughts and beliefs that sabotage the health of your body.


My book, I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion is rich with personal life experiences and other stories that provide dramatic examples of how the unseen realm is not out there somewhere, but an integral part of us. I recount what it feels like to experience alternate realities while conscious. I also reveal the many ways our minds commit murder to maintain the illusion of being in control; how our perceptions and beliefs hold us hostage and why with all the pain and suffering do we keep putting ourselves in human bodies, reliving physical life again and again and again.

The line between spirituality and science is blurring. Evidence of this? Many scientists are now theorizing that black holes are portals to parallel lives. People are looking for untraditional, non-religious approaches to re-define life and spirituality and are desperately seeking a universal approach to their relationship with the creative force.

I Dreamed I Was Human gives examples of how to break free from a system that compounds the perception that we are separate from everything and everyone, including ourselves.