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Guest, Reaux Fareal

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Reaux Fareal
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Author, Singer, Film Director, Activist, Motivational Speaker
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Reaux Fareal is a 2x National Spoken Word Winner, a published author, a singer with more than 500k streams, a Film Director with a film on Amazon Prime, an Activist, and Motivational Speaker in New Orleans, LA.

A Louisiana native and resident, Reaux Fareal, is multi-talented with a professional career beginning at age 7.

He began writing Kid’s Korner in the Monroe Free Press and earned $10 per week for his published articles sharing a kid’s perspective on social events and politics. By 13, he had become so popular in North Louisiana that he emerged into radio, becoming the youngest employed radio personality in Louisiana history.

Since his childhood, Reaux has been a public figure in the Louisiana/Texas region. In 2001, He founded Amps Magazine and franchised it in 7 other cities before selling it. He was a founding partner of the Congo TV Network in 2017.

He has recorded more than 10 Spoken Word Albums, 2 Spiritual Albums, and 4 R&B projects.

Reaux played a role on the HBO series, Treme, and he has also been featured on Fox Sports, MTV, TBN, and Congo TV Network. He wrote, directed, and starred in Get The Ring, now playing on Amazon Prime.

As an Author, most of his books are published under his birth name (Ro Wright). Even though he has self published five books, it's the fifth book that received the greatest notoriety. The People Next Door, a fictional novel won him Fiction Book of the Year at the annual ULM Book Club at University of Louisiana at Monroe. The book has also been featured at Dillard University, more than 10 high schools, and numerous churches around the country.

In 2008, Reaux recognized the effects of Vitiligo on his skin. Like many who are afflicted with the unusual skin condition, he threw himself into a long depression. The spots varied on his body, and they were never consistent. They’d appear and disappear at random times. It made Reaux learn more about the Vitiligo community and he has actually spoken in many forums about ‘Living With Vitiligo’.

Growing up in the South as a “PK”, he was introduced to religion at an early age. He was a Louisiana State Leader in the Baptist Youth Encampment, which housed more than 2k kids on the campus of Southern University every Summer. Becoming interested in how ministry could be a tool to reach youth through Hip Hop, he went to a small seminary led by the Dr. Larry Hood. Reaux quickly learned religion could not hold his attention, but it led him to becoming more Spiritual than he had ever been in his life. He led two outreach ministries, one in Shreveport and in New Orleans, hoping to empower the difference between Religion and Spirituality before ultimately resigning from ministry altogether.

“I feel I am more effective using my gifts to bridge racial gaps, empowering others through my books, and connecting people through my music and many creative abilities.”

Reaux’s Parlay Company makes clothing for his staple brand, Parlay. His son, Cadence, is being groomed to manage The Parlay Clothing Co. However, Parlay is more credible for its charitable efforts through the Parlay Foundation. The group organized a social media campaign during Covid to provide financial aid for HBCU students. “I Got 5 On It Fridays” challenged people to donate $5 every Friday to help HBCU students. The Parlay Foundation was able to help over 50 students pay off tuition debt, raising more than $25k in its first year. Reaux, who attended Southern University in Baton Rouge while in college, is an outspoken advocate for Historically Black Collages and Universities.

Born Roosevelt Wright (Ro Wright), he uses Reaux Fareal as his moniker because it connects him to his Louisiana roots and reminds him to always be himself… unapologetically.

Reaux has publicly stated his greatest honor is being the father of three sons. Cadence, Ethan, and Caleb, the Godson that he always claims as his own.



Reaux Fareal is a 2x National Spoken Word Winner, a published author, a singer with more than 500k streams, a Film Director with a film on Amazon Prime, an Activist, and Motivational Speaker in New Orleans, LA.