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The award-winning DARE TO DREAM Podcast is your #1 transformation conversation.

"Dare to Dream" podcast, with host, Debbi Dachinger, offers cutting-edge conversation on metaphysics, quantum creating, channeling, healing, UFO's, paranormal and extraterrestrials. For 16 years Debbi hosts this award-winning podcast.

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Guest, AKURA

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Akura is a psychic medium, conciousness mentor, intuitive artist and starseed, She is here to support you in your awakening process.
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Today I’m speaking with AKURA, a channel medium since childhood. Since childhood she could see various entities, most of all ETs. Akura made her first astral journey when she was 4 years old and through this experience understood that we are not our bodies. Sandra, AKA Akura, grew up in a strict catholic family where "spirituality" was classified as "occultism." At the age of 18 she had a suicide attempt and went through the dark night of the soul. She understood that it is her job to work as a "channel medium." Today Akura helps other starseeds around the world.