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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 26 April 2021

Healthy Living with Dr Divya and Swami Pillai

Talk Show:

Our show is to inform people how they can lead healthy lives. Our programs tell them about various diseases and conditions affecting the human body. Furthermore, they get information as to what kind of help they can get from Ayurveda in tackling these diseases and conditions.

Ayurveda is good for prevention, rejuvenation and enhancement of beauty. Ayurveda is the oldest but one of the most efficient health care systems prevailing in the world. It is a contribution of ancient India.

We are not against any other system of health care. We wish to have a healthy dialog with different methods of healing and health care. To make the benefits of Ayurveda available to people the world over at affordable cost is a key mission of our program.

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Healthy_Living, March 24, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Healthy_Living, March 17, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Healthy_Living, March 6, 2013 Courtesy of BBS Radio

Swami Pillai

Dr. Divya
Radio Talk Show Host, Doctor

I am a doctor with an empathetic attitude. I have an enormous interest in continuing the dialogue with Ayurveda and other medical practices. I have immense pride in taking part in such discussions and debates. As an Ayurveda doctor, I am dedicated to its promotion throughout the world.

I would like to grow with the organization, which will enable me to provide humankind with a quality service. It is my commitment to make the immense benefit of Ayurveda available to the maximum number of people all over the world.

Along with being a doctor, her volunteer experience encompassed participated and organized free medical camps related to low back ache, Pulse Diagnosis, Ayurvedic awareness programs on many diseases including AIDS, Hepatitis, Glaucoma, Diabetes etc.

As an active member of National Student Service (NSS), I took part in and organized various health awareness campaigns. Under the auspices of NSS, I got the opportunity to take classes on Hepatitis B.

As an associate of the Red Ribbon Club, I organized public awareness programs on AIDS.

With great enthusiasm, I took part in ophthalmic diseases and their management and Ayurvedic awareness camps arranged by our college during my internship period.

Proficient in performing Panchakarma and Ayurvedic practice of medicines yielding positive results. Have treated chronic cases like Paralysis, Gouty Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, Psoriasis CJD and Perth’s disease and also diseases like Psoriaticarthitis, Low back ache etc in addition to many other ailments. Besides, along with my colleagues, I have participated in making Ayurvedic medicinal preparations. Gained expertise in preparation of Ayurvedic medicines as per the classical Text, altered into convenient large-scale production. Worked in all departments in outpatient section and in patient sections as a duty doctor, and had a good exposure on various pathological cases.

I have a good knowledge and understanding on Panchakarma, Agni karma, Kshara karma, Leech therapy, Sira vyadha, Sringa Avacharana, Ksheer dhooma, Karnapoorana, Nethra Tarpana, different types of Vasthi and other Keraliya Panchakarma like Uzhichil. Pizhichil , Navarakizhi etc.

Swami Pillai
Radio Talk Show Host, Journalist

A senior academic and Journalist with specialties in history, politics, current affairs, health, disability and social issues. Well developed multi-media skills & experience in Broadcast Journalism. A mature and well-adjusted senior academic with a wide range of interests. Significant achievements in media, both practical and theoretical.

His education includes, but is not limited to, an MA in International History from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK from 1993 – 1995. He also served as Honorary Director at the Kerala Federation for the Blind in London from 1995 –2000.