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Healthy Living, March 24, 2013

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Healthy Living - March 24, 2013

Healthy Living

Healthy Living with Swami Pillai and Dr. Divya, banner
Swami Pillai and Dr. Divya

Our show is to inform people how they can lead healthy lives. Our programs tell them about various diseases and conditions affecting the human body. Furthermore, they get information as to what kind of help they can get from Ayurveda in tackling these diseases and conditions.

Ayurveda is good for prevention, rejuvenation and enhancement of beauty. Ayurveda is the oldest but one of the most efficient health care systems prevailing in the world. It is a contribution of ancient India.

We are not against any other system of health care. We wish to have a healthy dialog with different methods of healing and health care. To make the benefits of Ayurveda available to people the world over at affordable cost is a key mission of our program.

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