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Whitley Strieber is the author of Communion, the Key, Warday, the Communion Letters, Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained and over 40 other books. Movies and TV series have been made of many of his works. His website,, presents news from the edge of science and Whitley hosts a long-running podcast called Dreamland.  Whitley Strieber has influenced much in our culture. In the TV series Babylon 5, there is an alien race that is similar to the Greys in his book Communion. This race is named the Streibs after Whitley Strieber. In an episode of The X-Files, "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", the cover of the book From Outer Space is a parody of the cover of Communion.  In the 120th book in The Hardy Boys series, The Case of the Cosmic Kidnapping, the character of "Hodding Wheatley", a Connecticut-based writer who had undergone UFO experiences, is inspired by Strieber, as indicated by the surname of the character "Wheatley". The post-punk dance music group The Mekano Set cite Whitley Strieber's non-fiction work as an influence on their work. They wrote a tribute to Strieber for their 2013 album The Three Thieves (a reference to characters from Strieber's novel The Grays) entitled What is it Whit?

A True Story by Whitley Strieber