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Trent Nessler
Trent Nessler
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With 20 years clinical experience, Dr. Nessler challenges himself to be a thought leader in sports medicine, injury prevention and movement dysfunction. With 18 years’ experience in management of outpatient physical therapy and athletic training programs, he constantly challenges conventional wisdom to think outside the box in developing applications utilizing evidence based practice integrated with the latest technology in order to address an epidemic problem of non-contact injuries in youth athletics.

Through years of clinical research and practical clinical applications, Dr. Nessler has developed a comprehensive methodology on how to assess the lower kinetic chain in athletes that not only reduces injury rates but also improves athletic performance. In 2014, he blended this knowledge with the Xbox One to develop a fully automated movement assessment that could be used in pre-participation athletic physicals and military settings.

Today, Dr. Nessler has leveraged wearable sensor technology (DorsaVi) to develop a comprehensive athletic biomechanical analysis (ViPerform AMI) that can be used to assess risk for non-contact LKC injuries and performance opportunities. With over 1000 data points of movement related data, teams, coaches and athletes can easily assess where opportunities exist for performance enhancement and injury risk reduction.

Along with the ViPerform AMI and ACL Play It Safe, Dr. Nessler looks to continue this development of ways to apply the latest technology and biomechanical sciences to allow for scalable solutions to have profound impact on the non-contact injury epidemic impacting our kids today.

National Director of Sports Innovation

As the nation's leading and largest outpatient rehabilitation provider, Physiotherapy Associates/Select Medical also provides one of the largest, most comprehensive and innovative sports medicine programs in the US. With over 20 years clinical experience in sports medicine and as a recognized leader in movement assessment, Trent joins the team as the National Director of Sports Medicine Innovation.