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Theo Boyd
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My name is Theo, but that nickname started in the 6th grade. My full name is derived from my grandmothers, Thelma + Elizabeth = Thelizabeth.

After 30 years, I moved back to my hometown in Whitney, Texas. In this photo, I am standing in front of the hospital where I was born 50 years ago to two of the most beautiful people I will ever know.

I’m just a farmgirl that loves to write. Most of all, I love sharing the story of a farmer, his wife, and their life. It’s beautiful. It’s broken. It’s complete. It’s a sweet life with a most tragic end. They lived in extraordinary ways and died in extraordinary ways. But just because some stories don’t have happy endings doesn’t mean the characters don’t live happily ever after.

I write so people can feel what I feel, see what I see, and love what I loved.