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Guest Name
Terry Preuss
Guest Occupation
Educator, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
Guest Biography

Terry Preuss, NBCT, is a career educator who has been teaching children and adults from around the globe for over two decades. Presently a middle school teacher, she also conducts motivational, and writing workshops nationally. With a vast and varied teaching history, her insight into the condition of today's youth reveals a struggle and willingness to reach every child and to inspire other educators to do the same.

Her organization, ABC+LOVE (It's About Brotherhood, Compassion +LOVE), is dedicated to sharing the stories of troubled and at-risk youth in an effort to raise awareness and improve the quality of education for all students, globally. Through her proven effectiveness and dedication to students, she has received every accolade possible within the teaching profession: Grant Recipient, Teacher of the Year, Hispanic Teacher of the Year, Highly Qualified Teacher, Mentor Teacher, Lead Teacher, School Based Management Decision Making Cadre Chair, Teacher Consultant, and National Board Certified Teacher. Presently she uses her expertise, knowledge, and experiences to reach a broader audience by writing about, speaking on and advocating for student and parent concerns.

Through her present appointment on her School Board's District Advisory Council (DAC), she intends to initiate positive changes to benefit student, parent, and teacher relations. Her goal is to raise the bar of education creating a reality where student friendly teaching thrives in every classroom and brings about high achievement and high expectations, hand in hand with high self-esteem. She is presently on the Broward Teachers Union Executive Board, and was recently elected Vice President of her local, the 6th Largest Union in America.  Her term begins July 1, 2016

Terry is also a two time literary award winning author, recognized by The Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine for her personal narrative, A Helping Hand, about discovering her mother's aristocratic past in pre-Castro Cuba, and Florida International University's Josephine Friedman Award for Short Fiction for her story, Cat Soup.

Her newest book "Voices in the Hall" is a riveting and compelling account of kids in our school system, as told to the one adult who will listen to them: their teacher. Based on the true lives of real students, these personal, intimate accounts are heart-wrenching, powerful and at times shocking—a veritable cry for help to parents, teachers and society. She uses her work and her passion for writing to engage students of all ages in the reading and writing adventure, achieving notably high standardized writing scores at her own school, and students who discover their voice by putting pen to paper in her workshops nationally.

She is the mother of two teenage sons who live with her and her husband in Florida.