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Guest Name
Tantra Maat
Guest Occupation
Author, Mystic, Seer and Prophet
Guest Biography

Tantra Maat is a mystic, a seer and a prophet. Her personal and universal mission is to return our minds and our bodies to their Original Design which is the design that we are as the activity of Creation itself. She restores this innate capability at the cellular level, and through neural stimulation, through what is known as Cellular Empathy. Tantra acts as an Agent of Creation helping to restore in others their own unique agency.

Tantra’s memories, not limited to this lifetime, go back ten thousand years. She remembers dreaming herself forward into these times. She knows she was birthed for this present moment of now, hence her role as prophetess – not as one predicting possible futures, but as one who is the living embodiment of the future calling.

Tantra’s mystical nature moves with the Earth. By travelling the world she supports the strengthening of grids that hold higher consciousness. Her affinity is with both Mother Divine and Mother Earth.

Tantra is also a modern day magi. She recognizes and bonds with what is inspirited (filled with spirit) and invites people into that bond through personal and group work.

Tantra is nationally and internationally known for her otherworldly wisdom. She is featured as Francesca in Jalaja Bonheim’s book, Aphrodite’s Daughters: Women’s Sexual Stories and a Journey of the Soul. Tantra has written two books of her own: An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic and The Language of Creation.

She does her work by phone and in person, in the company of her dog Lily.