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Sarah Lipton
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Sarah Lipton - Sidibeh, was born in London England. Sara has written three volumes of short stories, three of her stories were broadcast on the radio. Sara has receive an award from 'The Poetry Society' in England for some of her poems. Such as 'Stagnation' that was shortlisted in the National Anthology Poetry competition in 2005, her poem 'Wishful Thinking' was printed in th Great Britain. Sarah was the featured Poet in 'Bareback Lit Magazine' in October 2012. She has also written a play, a children's  book, film scripts and song lyrics. And to top it off she was awarded a commended certificate for her song, ' I Wish' from the United Kingdom competition in 2016 this phenomenal women who has written two educational textbooks. Sarah holds honors of a BA, LLCM, and a FRSA. she is currently completing her first novel please join me for this extraordinary interview March 16, 2021 at 12 Noon here on BBSRadio/Allroads65 with your host Pamela L Henderson....