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Guest Name
Peshang Hama Karim
Peshang Hama Karim
Guest Occupation
Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer
Guest Biography


Peshang Hama Karim is a motivated young man from the high mountains of Kurdistan, in Northern Iraq. His undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering has brought him knowledge and insights about civilizing a nation; particularly meaningful given his birthplace in a troubled region dear to his heart called Halabja. His love of land and its loss of cherished lives there lends him a special sensitivity to adversity and community and the desire to sustainably improve not only his homeland but lands worldwide.

Obtaining his Masters in Environmental Engineering in Warsaw, Peshang has a vision of a greener, safer, gentler world and bringing his sense of responsibility both environmentally and environMentally to the global home and future generations. He carries a personal quote dear to his heart; “I dream to raise social consciousness wherever I am and however I can. From presenting at seminars and media outlets to signing protocols with Authorities in my homeland, I will continue to do this and more because my mission is to save Humanity. To achieve this would be my greatest triumph. And to strive for this triumph would be my greatest achievement.”

Co-Founding and managing environmental organization “Jingedosty” (aka “Eco Friends”) allowed his homeland to enter a new era of social awareness regarding environmental issues. Jingedosty’s many national and international activities led him to participate in several important world-wide events such as the UN Youth Climate Summit and CAP 21 among others. Recently he was selected to participate in & represent the voice of youth in Iraq at the UN’s Climate Conference for Youth in Glasgow (COY16) during the COP26.

Launching his PhD. studies in Environmental Sciences in Warsaw provided Peshang an ideal opportunity to dive into an ocean of knowledge and experience many new scientific achievements in Poland, which he eventually intends to apply in his home country.

His many published articles about Climate Change and meetings with significant Influencers in his native country lend further meaning to his distinction as one of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leaders. Peshang’s love of cultures, communication, and cross-collaboration is a hallmark of his invaluable leadership voice.