Guest Name: 
Peggy O'Neill
Guest Occupation: 
Inclusion and Empowerment Strategist, corporate diversity trainer, inspirational speaker and author.
Guest Biography: 
Peggy O'Neill, an Inclusion and Empowerment Strategist — a corporate diversity trainer, inspirational speaker and author. From the soaring height of 3' 8" tall, Peggy has triumphed over a mountain range of challenges.
Over the past 15 years, she's been sharing her story- the trials and triumphs of being a little person- inspiring others to open their minds and hearts to differences, and to overcome their own challenges. She also educates women and people in minorities to find their voice, speak well and walk tall.
Coming from the field of psychotherapy, Peggy draws on the wisdom of her unique life-experiences and life-long training in the areas of empowerment, diversity and awakening.
Throughout her speaking career, Peggy has presented to high-profile companies such as FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, EPA, and many others, as well as inspiring over 100,000 students in anti-bullying practices. She has authored 5 books, and celebrates her daily life in Ojai, CA.
Walking Tall: Overcoming Inner Smallness, No Matter What Size You Are