Guest, Patricia Morgan

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Patricia Morgan
Patricia Morgan
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Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader
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Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader

With a Masters degree in Psychology, Patricia Morgan works with individuals and organizations who want to build everyday resilience at work and home. She helps them lighten their load, brighten their outlook, and strengthen their personal and workplace resilience. Patricia is the author of hundreds of articles and ten books, one of which was made into a CBC documentary. She is the recipient of the Woman of Vision award from Global TV and YWCA . . .  Patricia is a past president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary Chapter, and awarded the Spirit of CAPS for her contribution to the Canadian speaking industry. Patricia has been described as a certified counselor, author, mother to three, grandmother to five, and happily married . . . most days.

Patricia Morgan is a well-known and respected Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader who has authored hundreds of blog posts and articles; and published eight books. Her latest book is From Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work.

Her inspirations, stories, and solutions are developed from solid research and extensive training in the field of Humanistic Psychology, Positive Psychology, and resiliency. Also, of value are her experiences as a therapist, group facilitator, agency director, and family and community member.

At the age of 53, Patricia was asked to speak at Calgary’s first Women and Wellness conference. Out of 310 women in attendance, 210 attended her breakout session. Women cried. Women laughed. At the end, they all stood clapping. One threw herself into the aisle yelling, “Let’s sing to her! And they sang “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.

These women told me their morale was lifted while gaining self-improvement strategies. She says she felt stunned and thought, “Wow! You can turn on this many people’s light bulbs on at once!”   It was on that stage when she realized her passion and her experiences could make a significant impact. She has been speaking ever since, sharing herself and her stories, reducing stress and increasing joy, one laugh at a time.

Her research and insights on resiliency have benefited many individuals and organizations such as Shell Canada Ltd, Husky Oil, City of Calgary, and Mastercard; provincial and federal governments; education and health associations; non-profit agencies; and communities such as Slave Lake, after the 2011 fires, and Okotoks after the 2013 flooding.

Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work